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Yes i found out this was a potential MHA character. So im throwing my look into the ring =v=

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Wonder how much she rips

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This is a fantastic pic! :D I love how massive her boobs are and I wish she were a main character! :nod:

Am I the only who thinks of Usopp's Hammer when I see 10 tons?

A character made by one of Horikoshi's staff, she said they could draw a hero with any Quirk and she'd put them in the show. One member drew 10t here and she's basically in the universe and is canon, she just hasn't made an actual appearance yet.

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I didn't know that was how she came to be. Where was this stated?

That I don't quite know, last I heard was Twitter. Hell she's even on the final page of the first manga book IIRC.

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Yeah, I saw the Volume 1 afterword page where she first appeared, and a few tweets by Ryuu Horie where she posted comics featuring her. But none even remotely hinted at how the character and her design came to be.

Guess the member who made her was that kind of horny dork lmao.

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That is what I like to know too.

Did you get this from the ending of the fist book, because it looked like one of the writers or illustrators made a girl who looked like she had ten ton boobs.
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First: Nice and thicc art.

Second: Is this an OC or a official character from My Hero Academia?

Third: if this is an offical character, then how the hell Mr. Kohei got this in the first place? There's no way, I repeat, NO WAY that this would be approved by the executives. I could NOT imagine this "hentai material" character in the official MHA stuff, let alone begin put in the anime version.

She's "technically" official, she isn't in the show or universe of MHA but Horikoshi's team drew her and she rolled with the joke anyways since it made sense as a Quirk lmao.

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Oh. Speaking of which, is her "Quirk" real? Because this stuff seems like it belongs to a hentai, not a shonen related product.

A mix of yes and no, if you think about it Mount Lady has this Quirk but it's not focused around her boobs.

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Well, she has her thicc thighs so, yeah. But still.

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If a giantess is in the show then this can be.

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And the funniest thing about of it, is that there's no info or biography about this character. I still bet she's just for hentai material.

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This looks really damn good, great work on the skin tone!

You drawing this character makes sense, it feels right, and it looks good. All is right with the world.

Shocked this is an MHA character. Seemingly it's a one-page joke hero drawn by an editor (near the end of volume 1), but still they got away with it.

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I'm Gonna Draw her to, she deserves more popularity.

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Who’s this 10t chick that I’ve been seeing on Twitter and why do I want her to smother me so badly?
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Oki didn't design her. The character was designed by one of the assistants of My Hero Academia's creator, Kōhei Horikoshi

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