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The Elder Scrolls: World Map of Nirn

My take on the world map of Nirn (Elder Scrolls), inspired by old naval maps.

NOTE: I imagined this map to be made by the Imperial Geographical Society of the Mede Empire, about a century before the events of Skyrim. So keep the "unreliable narrator" in mind.

Elder Scrolls Cosmological Map:
The Elder Scrolls: Cosmology by okiir 

Flags of the 
Fourth Era:
Elder Scrolls: Flag of the Mede Empire by okiir  Elder Scrolls: The Third Aldmeri Dominion by okiir  Elder Scrolls: Kingdom of Hammerfell by okiir 


Source: A Pocket Guide to the Empire, 3rd Edition, Chapter: Other Lands

Tamriel: The continent that all the Elder Scrolls games take place on, and the only continent where official maps exist (except for post-catastrophe Yokuda).

Yokuda: The original home of the Redguard. The majority of this continent sank into the sea for unknown reasons during the Fist Era. A map of Yokuda (after the catastrophe) can be seen in The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard (1998).

Akavir: A continent lying to the east of Tamriel. It is the homeland of four races collectively referred to as the "Akaviri," which is composed of the Snow Demons of Kamal, the serpent-men of Tsaesci, the Monkey People of Tang Mo, and the Tiger Dragons of Ka'Po'Tun. Little else is known about the continent.

Atmora: A frozen continent located far to the north of Tamriel, across the Sea of Ghosts. It was home to a race of men known as Atmorans around the Merethic Era. The legendary Ysgramor and his Five Hundred Companions came from this continent.

Pyandonea: Home to the elusive Maormer (Sea Elves), This island-continent is covered mostly in dense rain forest.

Aldmeris: Very little is known of the alleged Elven homeland, and it is often considered to be merely a myth. Its location, environment, politics, religion, and even its current existence are matters of conjecture.

About the size of Atmora:
It's not actually as large as it looks on the map, it's a result of the Mercator projection.
Here you can see an example of how the Mercator projection distort landmasses to the far north and south on a map:

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I can actually forgive the inclusion of Aldmeris here, as historical maps hap non-existent “continents“ such as Terra Australis all the time. This is a really cool map, my guy! Well done! Really captures Nirn in a way I don’t see often enough.

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I am very sorry, but I must strongly criticize this map.

  1. First of all - this is not a Mercator projection (see 3).

  2. Linear scale - works only at the equator. Every other parallel is shorter, as the top edge of this map measures zero kilometers long. If it works at all in this case because the divider at the equator has a different length than diveder on linear scale.

  3. Compass rose. The geographic coordinate grid suggests equidistant cylindrical projection. On such a mapping, only four directions are preserved (NESW). The rest do not match.

  4. The land at the North Pole is drawn in violation of all rules of cartographic art. The east side should end at exactly the same latitude as the west side.

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The best map of Nirn ever made imo. Good work!

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This one is the most sophisticate Nirn map I ever seen! Fantastic, very beautiful and looks very professional!

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Am I the only one who wants the next Elder Scrolls game to take place on one of these continents?

Is there any way to buy this in a large scale print? I know you used to be able to on DeviantArt, but I don't see the option anymore.

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Whether it's 100% accurate or not, this is beautiful work! Would you mind if I used this in a mod for Skyrim? I'm sprucing up Thalmor-related interiors, and this map would look beautiful hanging on the wall of the Embassy or Headquarters building. 
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I don't care if it's out of proportions or not, it is amazing and I want it on my wall!
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It seems like the Proportions of this map are all out of wack, Pyandonea is about the size of Cyrodill, aldmeris is 3/4 the size of tamriel and Akavir is connected to Atmora, other than that good art :)
Fun fact: Aldmeris isn't an actual continent, but more a concept of spiritual elven unity. Modern Thalmori Altmer mistake it for a physical place that they hail from, which is only half true (all that is confirmed by Kirkbride). Another fun fact: Pyandonea is DEFINITELY way smaller than that, it's probably more the size of Auridon. Also, this is far from the complete map of Nirn, as there is still Lyg and probably many other continents that are on the other side of Nirn

Technically, he put all known continents on there as Lyg is some kind of reflection of tamriel. Whether a failed world or something else. And Kirkbride mainly said that the elder scrolls show no signs of an Aldmeris but there are, while few, some things that can be blind to elder scrolls. For example, if the land is separate from time. This is why dragon breaks do not show up. And with the Elves connection to the Gods and mainly akotosh, it is possible that their homeland was hidden, even from time itself. Either way it is an amazing map and no matter how you think the world of nirn is placed, you can still appreciate this amazing work of art.

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Hey, I handmade a map 🗺 of the fictional world of World of Orbs. I started out small, by mapping out one continent, but then I got to the other seven, and I have to say, I feel like I did well.
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Amazing work! And very handy in fanfiction.
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You forgot lyg :/
I actually seem to recall that Lyg isn't actually on Nirn. 

I think it was the previous version of the world, and got shunted off into Oblivion or Aetherius, maybe?
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We dont really know that, there's so little info that who knows where it is...
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What is the land mass north east of High Rock I know its Atmora but it looks realitivly habitable
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Amazing work! What is that landmass located northwest of the Azurian Sea and Yokuda? 
This is simply stunning. The amount of detail is astounding, and it creates such a vivid image for what Nirn might actually look like. And I love the second compass being centered on the Imperial City.

Out of curiosity, how did you think of how Akavir and Pyandonea might look? Is there anything to indicate them having shapes like this in the lore?
is it possible to put something like this map on a globe?
Did you use a particular map projection?

NASA has an awesome program that lets you switch projections using at input image and the projection from the original (…)
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Is this really Nirn, or did you made up most of the other landscapes.
No, this is really Nirn.
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