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The Elder Scrolls: World Map of Nirn



My take on the world map of Nirn (Elder Scrolls), inspired by old naval maps.

NOTE: I imagined this map to be made by the Imperial Geographical Society of the Mede Empire, about a century before the events of Skyrim. So keep the "unreliable narrator" in mind.

Elder Scrolls Cosmological Map:
The Elder Scrolls: Cosmology by okiir 

Flags of the 
Fourth Era:
Elder Scrolls: Flag of the Mede Empire by okiir  Elder Scrolls: The Third Aldmeri Dominion by okiir  Elder Scrolls: Kingdom of Hammerfell by okiir 


Source: A Pocket Guide to the Empire, 3rd Edition, Chapter: Other Lands

Tamriel: The continent that all the Elder Scrolls games take place on, and the only continent where official maps exist (except for post-catastrophe Yokuda).

Yokuda: The original home of the Redguard. The majority of this continent sank into the sea for unknown reasons during the Fist Era. A map of Yokuda (after the catastrophe) can be seen in The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard (1998).

Akavir: A continent lying to the east of Tamriel. It is the homeland of four races collectively referred to as the "Akaviri," which is composed of the Snow Demons of Kamal, the serpent-men of Tsaesci, the Monkey People of Tang Mo, and the Tiger Dragons of Ka'Po'Tun. Little else is known about the continent.

Atmora: A frozen continent located far to the north of Tamriel, across the Sea of Ghosts. It was home to a race of men known as Atmorans around the Merethic Era. The legendary Ysgramor and his Five Hundred Companions came from this continent.

Pyandonea: Home to the elusive Maormer (Sea Elves), This island-continent is covered mostly in dense rain forest.

Aldmeris: Very little is known of the alleged Elven homeland, and it is often considered to be merely a myth. Its location, environment, politics, religion, and even its current existence are matters of conjecture.

About the size of Atmora:
It's not actually as large as it looks on the map, it's a result of the Mercator projection.
Here you can see an example of how the Mercator projection distort landmasses to the far north and south on a map:

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This is a near perfect map, showing clearly that the modern maps of yokuda are the island remains of the once large continent...

the only thing I think I disagree with is the inclusion of aldmeris, because Aldmeris is actually Tamriel.

Its more or less stated taht Aldmeris is Tamriel, one of the biggest pieces of evidence are that the Ayleids dont have a Mer name, the Altmer split off from them, not the other way around. Ayleid could even (with a bit of squinting) be seen as a derivative of Ehlnofey on some level (ehl-no-fey, ey-leh, promenneny "ey" and "l" sounds)