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The Elder Scrolls VI: Redfall - Box Art

When The Elder Scrolls IV was announced at E3 2018, there were a lot of speculation that the landscape shown in the teaser was Hammerfell, land of the Redguard.
This was strengthened when Bethesda trademarked the name "Redfall".

Console version:…

The logo is from my 4th Era Flag of Hammerfell…

The symbol displays the two moons of Nirn, Masser and Secunda, where Secunda also doubles as the eye of Ruptga or Tall Papa, the patreon god of the Redguard pantheon. And the circles, or beads, represent the other gods of the Redguard pantheon.

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I get giddy just thinking about a Hammerfell main series Elder Scrolls game <3

Fantastic design for a possible cover!!!

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Remember that among the Redguard culture there used to be an order of warriors called *Sword Singers* wich the most powerful of them were called Ansei whom were able to wield swords literally forged with the energy of their own souls known as Shajay. It could be amazing that TES VI in case of being set at Hammerfell we can play as one of those Ansei.
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There's no guarantee that redfall will be the next game, and there's no guarantee that it will be used, it's been trademarked just in case, it could even be a planned dlc for starfield. they renewed redguard i think 3 times before they gave up on the game, so this will run out and have to be renewed before tes 6 is out. it isn't definitely tes 6
I like the rattlesnake pattern on the cover.
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It would be a great design for the next Elder Scrolls 
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Redfall is not related to Elder Scrolls. I have it on extremely good authority.
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no you don't, its as likely to be the next TES as much as it isn't. nobody but bethesda and zenimax knows
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(I know Kirkbride but okay)
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he has nothing to do with tes anymore other than his god awful c0da
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He actually has contributed to every game since Redguard, Skyrim and ESO included, and still has friends at Zenimax and Bethesda.

Can you explain why C0DA is bad?
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false, he left after oblivion thank god, his work was good at first but it was slipping. him having friends at bethesda is irrelevant, bethesda don't even know for definite what the name of the next game will be, its in pre-development. redfall is the most likely candidate since they spent the money to copyright it.
i shouldn't have to explain why its an abomination, it's glorified fanfiction and trivialises canon lore. Landfall being the worst atrocity hes written. This isn't specific to kirkbride but you know that canonically only a few argonians entered oblivion gates, not legions of them, and the hist never called them to return to black marsh. It's the result of so called C0DA that people think this shit. so much of the lore on places like the uesp and the wikia are just canonically untrue because of C0DA.
if you right C0DA please stop, or just call it fanfiction, you're fucking the lore over
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He still works on a freelance basis, and has contributed content to Skyrim and ESO. Ever listened to Heimskr's speech? That's "The Many-Headed Talos," son.

You still think there's "canon" in a fictional world that relies on the Unreliable Narrator and actively encourages fans to make up their own minds? You still think there's "canon" in a world with a built-in catch-all for all possible eventualities in dragonbreaks? Either get with the program or get gone. You are not the arbiter for what is "true" in an abstract fictional world, which is objectively false anyway.

Lore is what you make it. You don't have to accept anything you don't want to, but you do need to respect that other people enjoy and accept OOG sources in their own personal interpretations of the lore. I've only written one c0da, because a c0da is a specific thing, just like a sonnet is different from other poetry. Musically, a coda is the end of a song. C0das deal with the end of Tamriel or the Aurbis or the story. Yes, I've written other fanfiction as well. And they are true as far as I aand others who enjoy my work are concerned, and you have no say in that. And neither does Bethesda, for that matter. Their headcanon is not somehow better or worse than anyone else's, nor is it "more true" in a fictional world, either.
honestly if this site had a like meter i would give the white guar a thousand likes. i think the reason why i love the elder scrolls franchise and RPGS in general to death is because it lets you develop head canons and personal stories. once again great reply White guar 
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Typical response from one of you people lmfao
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As long as I don't have to go online to play it.  ESO was a major disappoint for me.  Luckily there is an incredible fan base that keeps cranking out the mods.  Skyrim 4evah!!!!!
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Maybe instead of Hammerfell Redfall resembles Masser (red moon) falling down to Nirn
Elder Scrolls 6: Dagon's Mask 
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A hypothetical teaser to an unreleased Fantasy RPG.
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