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The Elder Scrolls: Cosmology

My take on the cosmology of the Elder Scrolls universe. The map includes Aetherius (realm of the gods), Mundus (the mortal realm), and Oblivion (realms of the Daedra).

The map does NOT include all the Daedric planes, only the Deadlands, Apocrypha, Soul Cairn, the Shivering Isles, Quagmire, and Coldharbour.

Map of Nirn:
Elder Scrolls: World Map of Nirn by okiir 

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It looks so peaceful in this depiction… nothing like how it looks now.

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Mundus is the weirdest solar system I've ever seen. The way the planets are organized is unorthodox, to say the least.

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The Elder Scrolls mythology is so beautiful in how it all fits together, it's hard to stay away from imitating it when world-building. I try to look at real-world mythologies but one can only take clues from them (as the creators of TES did, anyway), and they are often rather boring and too strange - probably because real world mythologies are incoherently strung together by centuries of storytelling, while a project like TES was put together on purpose and with design by only a few individuals over a couple of decades.

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so wheres planet skyrim?

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Above planet cyrodiil

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Soul Cairn, Apocrypha, Coldharbour, and the Deadlands are all floating in the oblivion. Where are the shivering isles and the quagmire in relation to the rest of all this?
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All the realms of Oblivion are within this area, just the artist only put the most iconic in this image
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Ah. Okay. I don't know a lot about the elder scrolls world. Thanks for letting me know
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Thank you for making this
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'Bout the only major problem is that the Aurbis is somewhat flat, not spherical, because seen on its side, the Wheel becomes a Tower. That's pretty important too.
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I suspect Vivec was waxing poetic about the Wheel and the Tower, being...well, a poet. :D
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That is sooo retarded
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It's an alien, multi-dimensional, dreamt-of-yet-real cosmology. They built it from the ground up to be confounding to the human brain and as different from what we know as possible while remaining recognizable.
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This definitely puts the Elder Scrolls series into a more sci-fi vibe, with some astrological mysticism sprinkled in
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I Hope Elder Scrolls Will Set On Futuristic Setting With Guns
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so basically fallout but we already have that LOL
I feel like I should point out that you probably should have included Mannimarco/The Revenant in orbit around Arkay, but that's my main beef with it.
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Nice :D

Quagmire Giggity IconVaermina 
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its a very interesting concept, though i always imagined each plain of oblivion occupied the same space but in a different dimension 
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