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FALLOUT: United States of America Collection
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Published: June 19, 2015
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Pre-War United States of America Wallpaper Collection, including the U.S. flag, the flags for the 13 Commonwealths, and the flag of the U.S. Annexed Canada (from the Fallout universe).

(Press "Download" to download the entire collection)

"Prior to the Great War in 2077, the United States of the Fallout universe had an intermediate level of government between the 50 states and the federal government. The nation was divided into 13 commonwealths sometime after World War II ended in 1945."


(In anticipation for Fallout 4)

Fallout Flag Series:
Flag of the Brotherhood of Steel
Flag of the United States of America
Flag of the New California Republic
Flag of the Enclave
Flag of the Texas Brotherhood
Flag of the European Commonwealth
Vault-Tec Commercial Flag
Vault 111
Flag of the Followers of the Apocalypse
Flag of the Brotherhood Outcasts
Flag of the NCR Rangers
Flag of the Texas Commonwealth
Flag of the Four States Commonwealth
Flag of the Northwest Commonwealth
Flag of the Gulf Commonwealth
Flag of the East Central Commonwealth
Flag of the Plains Commonwealth
Flag of the New England Commonwealth
Flag of the Columbia Commonwealth
Flag of the Northern Commonwealth
Flag of the Southeast Commonwealth
Flag of the Southwest Commonwealth
Flag of the Great Midwest Commonwealth
Flag of the Eastern Commonwealth
Flag of the U.S. Annexed Canada
Map of Pre-War America
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Comments (36)
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Would you give permission for a modder to use these in a mod to add them to Fallout 4?
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dksponge13|Hobbyist Digital Artist
So wait...in Fallout, each area of the US is split into a nation of its own?
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DonDonP1's avatar
DonDonP1|Student General Artist
Hello. Born in the Plains Commonwealth, raised in the Texas Commnwealth between 1989 and 1998, and currently residing in the Northwest Commonwealth for two decades now. Nicely done.
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kokoda39's avatar
wasn't Mexico annexed as well?
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Gojifan1996's avatar
Gojifan1996|Hobbyist General Artist
No they were puppeted unlike Canada that was militarily annexed.
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heavens-champion's avatar
I head to go through the Fallout Wiki to see which Commonwealth Georgia is in. Turns out it's in the Southeast Commonwealth.
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Jammer2125's avatar
Never got why Ar was given to Tx
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Metallist-99's avatar
Metallist-99|Student Digital Artist
Nice flags! Can I take these flags in the world currently?
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KnightofLiberty's avatar
Born and raised in the Columbia Commonwealth, home of the capital of the United States, Washington. Excellent work on the flags, nice detail.
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Antidotethelizard's avatar
Antidotethelizard|Student Traditional Artist
dont get mad but which one is the one for the area of minnesota?
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El-Jorro's avatar
I love Fallout
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TheAnalogueKid's avatar
TheAnalogueKid|Hobbyist Filmographer
I'm fixing to begin working on a screenplay for a Fallout fan-film set in East Central. I came across this just now and I'm really impressed! Would you be alright with me using one (or possibly more) of your flags for my film? Obviously I'm more than obliged to give you full credit. Feel free to PM me any time!
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okiir's avatar
okiir|Hobbyist Digital Artist
No problem :)
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SnipeSmash's avatar
Nice flags, They really look like what the game developers would have made for the backstory. BTW I have a fan-concept for a new Fallout game: snipesmash.deviantart.com/art/… I doubt the developers would make it but everyone need something to keep them busy right?
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RizBrony's avatar
I wish I could have this on my wall...
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Ezio4uditore's avatar
Born and raised in the Texas Commonwealth.
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Beastboss's avatar
Beastboss|Hobbyist Photographer
South West woot woot!
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AZexiler|Hobbyist General Artist
Born and raise in the four state commonwealth
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Love, love, love the Four States Commonwealth; having grown up in Arizona, I thought that was pretty sharp.
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LauncesMechanist705's avatar
Hah! Gulf Commonwealth, born and Proud! I'm from Louisiana, btw.


Dang. Even as a Commonwealth, Texas gets to do its own thing...Oh well, 'Don't Mess With Texas'.
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ChenTheIrken's avatar
Being a resident of South Carolina myself, I can TOTALLY confirm that the Southeast Flag here would be perfectly accurate for such a state commonwealth. XD
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Snykdel|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Don't forget the Minuteman please, beautiful work btw.
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ZilethRyder's avatar
ZilethRyder|Hobbyist Photographer
I Have No Words. This is..... Wow.....
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