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Elder Scrolls: Kingdom of Hammerfell

My own concept for a flag of the independent nation of Hammerfell (Fourth Era).

World Map of Nirn:
The Elder Scrolls: World Map of Nirn by okiir 

Flags of the Fourth Era:
Elder Scrolls: Flag of the Mede Empire by okiir  Elder Scrolls: The Third Aldmeri Dominion by okiir  Elder Scrolls: Kingdom of Hammerfell by okiir 


(The Great War and Hammerfell's independence)
"...Imperial fortunes took a turn for the better in Hammerfell two years later, when a Forebear army from Sentinel broke the siege of the Crown city of Hegathe, leading to the reconciliation of the two factions. After the Empire's hard-won victory in the Battle of the Red Ring in 4E 175, the Empire and Dominion signed the White-Gold Concordat and ended the war. Outraged that the terms of the treaty called for a large portion of southern Hammerfell to be turned over to the Dominion, however, the Redguards soundly rejected it. Titus II was forced to officially renounce Hammerfell as an Imperial province to preserve the peace, and fighting between the Aldmeri and Redguards continued. In 4E 180, the exhausted Dominion agreed to the Second Treaty of Stros M'Kai and finally withdrew from the region, leaving Hammerfell an independent albeit devastated nation."
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Hey Okiir, can I use these Elder Scrolls flags for a mod in Skyrim? I'll give full credits to you

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Finally, someone that knows how to create awesome flags!

Also what software do you use?
Great work. The Black Marsh are independant too during the Fourth Era. Will make a banner for the An-Xileel ? :D
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Wonderful colors!
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Nice piece, I like the colors and the symbols seem to make sense for what you're trying to portray. Great work!
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