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Elder Scrolls: Flag of the Mede Empire

Flag of the Fourth Era Cyrodilic Empire, ruled by Titus Mede II of the Mede Dynasty.

World Map of Nirn:
The Elder Scrolls: World Map of Nirn by okiir 

Flags of the Fourth Era:
Elder Scrolls: Flag of the Mede Empire by okiir  Elder Scrolls: The Third Aldmeri Dominion by okiir  Elder Scrolls: Kingdom of Hammerfell by okiir 
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This is actually really well done. I'm always amazed by your work.

Are you looking at doing one for Black Marsh under the An-Xileel and Morrowind which is sorta kinda basically independent, or are you still considering it Imperial?
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AAAAAGH! I'm so glad to see you come back to Elder Scrolls. Always love your work, and this is no disappointment.
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Thanks a lot!
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It's a little beaten, but not down by a long shot! The Empire shall rise again!
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Wonderful piece. Keep up the creativity. Also, do take a look at my art and lemme know what you think of it. Would love to get your opinion.
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Wow, those drawings are incredible
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"What the Stormcloaks like to forget is, that it's the Empire keeping the Dominion out of Skyrim."
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That's awesome. And I see you're a Skyrim fan too
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