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Assassin's Creed: Russian Revolutionary Flag

A high definition (1920 x 1080) wallpaper based on the insignia from 'Assassin's Creed: The Fall'.

Original logo by Ubisoft: [link]

Download the full size wallpaper (1920 x 1080) in the top right corner.

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Imagine Having Assasin Creed Game where the setting is during the Russian Revolution.
masterelite997's avatar
Good job comrade!
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I would like to see a romanian Assassin's Creed flag :)
achaley's avatar
Brilliant comrade, Now begins the fall of the bougesis pigs.
jerrymouse95's avatar
I would play this :D
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If the Assassins supported the Russian Revolution, does that mean the order supports communism? It would make sense since the Templars took over the world through capitalism.
starkiller11240's avatar
well... It could be an infighting thing. or an infiltration thing. Take templars out from inside the government, that sort of thing?
JasonRyder's avatar
Yes, I believe so and I find communism more agreeable with Templar philosophy.
starkiller11240's avatar
Yeah, communism does have some points where it can actually work, at least in my opinion. It's just when people start getting hurt is when i draw the line.
In actual Assassin's Creed canon, the Assassins support the fall of the Russian Empire, even trying to assassinate the Tsar in the 19th century, in order to retrieve a Piece of Eden that the Tsar held onto. When the Russian Revolution came around 1917, the Assassins allied with the Bolsheviks (Vladimir Lenin's brother was an Assassin). However, when Joseph Stalin came into power, he was a puppet of the Templars, and the Assassins poisoned him to make it look like he died of a stroke.

I got this from the two comics, Assassin's Creed: The Fall and The Chain, which take place in 19th and 20th century Russia
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Interesting, good backstory
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This is really great. The Russian revolution would make a great backdrop for all the fighting between the Assassin groups. :)
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This is fantastic!
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must still flag Russian assassins of comics "Fall" of the Cross / Orlov. I'm just a fan of Russian and would like to, and such of the native. like character assassins, the red star and the background of the Soviet red fabric. this work is similar, but slightly the atmosphere. better hammer and sickle or the Russian flag. it's simple my visions ))
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I agree, this resembles the Vietnamese flag more than the Hammer Sickle of Russian Revolution. 
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They wanted murdered the Tsar Nicholas II. Before Stalin.
nazothedark8756's avatar
still that was only a taste of what could be done WE NEED MORE!
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