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The Note
Jim loosened his tie in a careless motion and hung it on the coat rack beside the door.  As he slipped off his shoes he could tell from the utter silence that Mark wasn't around - probably out with some non-mutual friends.  In all honesty, an empty apartment was fine by him this afternoon.  He really didn't want his housemate to catch him sulking with that introspective look in his eye again.  He always asked questions that Jim wasn't comfortable answering.
Finding himself in the unlit living room, Jim promptly fell backwards onto their couch, sinking into it with exhaustion more mental than physical.  He sat there a time, staring lazily, blankly, at the television even though it was off, realizing in some far away fashion that he was only putting off the inevitable.  He was like a rabbit running from a fox as omnipresent as God.  Sooner or later the dreaded thoughts would creep up out of his cerebral cortex and infe
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Casino Night
His hand paused an inch from the door handle of the Toyota Corolla, and hung there, quivering.  He knew what he should do.  He should open the door, buckle up, and get the hell out of here.  Maybe with the morning light this will all prove to have been a bad dream-- a horrendous nightmare.  But his heart pounding a rapid rhythm in his chest, the blood rushing to his head, the dizziness he felt even as he stood still, they could not be reasoned away as mere illusions.  Jim inhaled thoughtfully through his nostrils (for he needed oxygen before the faintness overtook him) and tried to calm his aching heart.  He could end this night now.  He wanted to run away so badly, but... the regrets.  He knew the risk he was taking, but had it been worth it?  When she refused to talk to him on Monday, when she married Roy and they were more distant than ever, would the admittance have been worth a damn thing?
:iconokibi-kris:Okibi-Kris 5 1
Untitled Song
Just because you can reach out
And touch what you long for
Doesn't mean you'll reach that route
Any quicker
And these surrounding faces
Keep encouraging
Is it that they won't allow me
To realize my tragic fate?
I miss everything I can see
I guess my apathy
Came a little too late
This downpour is so harsh
You can't even see that I'm crying
Someone in me
Has lost hope and is dying
A hypocrite to myself
Stabbed but stumbling on
Love won't go away at a whim
So I won't get around this supposed sin
Nothing is certain until the next day
When it merely becomes a fragment again
And my pure words come so easily in the night
Only to be drowned when the rays hit it
I miss you so much
Please don't tell me there's no hope
'Cause I might begin to believe you
Though these lies are breaking my heart
Can't you realize you're
Slowly shredding me apart?
Things will get better
Things will get better
At least you can tell yourself that
Until the next blow comes around
Damn, I hate seeing myself crying
I'd r
:iconokibi-kris:Okibi-Kris 1 1
A patch of soft, onyx fur lies among
the tapestry of black silk cast by scrawny, young trees
Even in the bleak, solicitous breeze
nothing seems to stir the limp body
His eyes, full of a shadowed ocean
and a fleck of sparkling emerald
wish to see no reason
Both the calm waves and tainted sunset are settled on a silent valley
The perfect grove that encircles it contains
everything that means anything to this soul
Muted, golden stars watch over the concealed form
and speak gently.. carefully.. of the future;
praying that he look forward to pointless hours
that will numb his mind, so no more pain will be felt..
But little comfort is provided
They only seem like tears that haven't fallen yet
And soon, the wolf believes,
they'll burn out completely
So instead of listening to a painful harmony of light
his pensive gaze turns to his valley, his home, his soul
The solitude felt here was always a blessing
as if it were brought by some omnipotent being
But the solitude isn't that anymore
It's pur
:iconokibi-kris:Okibi-Kris 1 0
Drip, drip, drip
Can you hear my sanity draining?
Tear by tear, scar by scar
But it doesn't hurt
(All the time)
There are moments when you smile with acid
Speak with venom tongue
And I know I'll do this forever
Even if it kills me
Or you pull the trigger
That's the killer joke, right?
You crafted me,
Every button and bell
How can you be repulsed
By what you so lovingly created?
(I know you don't
Even when there's pain
You don't mean to do it
Not to me)
Maybe I see something that isn't there
No, just beyond skin deep
But anyone can be loved
Once you find the right match
To toss on their gasoline
I'll make you love me
Even if we go down together
Sipping the wine of life
Before we choke on the glass
Because in their suffering I see you glad
In their screams I hear you laugh
And you're what matters, puddin'
So I'll relish in this quasi-love
This romance masquerade
I'll remember the embrace
When I'm thrown aside
I'll be yours
When you wish me dead
Curse my name
Just don't leave
I need to kn
:iconokibi-kris:Okibi-Kris 2 3
When Harry Met Sally, or Not
Petite leathery nose to the ground.  Apricot fur darkened by sweat.  Dark tails twitching anticipatively.  Chocolate eyes hardened in concentration.  This was the sight Lance had been subjected to for the past twenty minutes as his Vulpix roamed the woodland outside of Violet City in pursuit of an unknown prize.  Or at least it was unknown to the boy.  Whatever it was, his furry companion was determined to track it down, and the trainer trusted his Pokemon enough to let him be, as this was the same creature who had won the novice a Persian and located an elusive Eevee.  
At least for another ten minutes.
"Connor, what was it?" he asked, not for the first time.  As anticipated, the Vulpix slowed his pace for a moment to register the question, then kept pushing forward, nose to ground, not bothering to look up.  The scent trail somehow led Connor under a tangle of brush, leaving Lance to find
:iconokibi-kris:Okibi-Kris 3 4
In an oak wood nestled against the mountainside, the twilight is trying to assert its dominance against the ambient fog, but upon melding with the mist, the light chooses love over victory, as they spin there, entwined, illuminating the air with the light blue glow of a cascading fall.  No living thing is present to witness the eerie (spectacular) joining, as the eternally sleeping forms beneath the forest debris were too preoccupied pushing up daisies. The only witnesses are the fallen leaves as they pitter-patter closer with the west wind's aid. A number of gypsy moths flutter inside the smoky veil, oblivious to all but the birches calling their name outside the realm of haze.  They head for the cool, inviting darkness of the forest beyond, where moss hangs from the oaks' limbs like the tattered gown of a maiden. But fog is beginning to rear its gossamer head over the slope, closing in on the very heart of the land like a ghostly calvary, and causing the shreds of
:iconokibi-kris:Okibi-Kris 1 1
Just a Dream
There were no obscenities convoluting Cor's mind as he followed Shep's retreat with a scowl. Or perhaps there were, but they came too fast, running together until it all leveled out to an angry hum which was sure to leave him with a migraine in the morning. Once the other man had disappeared amongst the trees, all of his attention switched to the huddled form on the ground. He quickly covered the meters between them before collapsing on his knees beside his feathery dæmon, looking the victim over with eyes flooded in concern.
"Paige..? Paige, are you okay?" he whispered in a low tone, his vocal chords still overwhelmed with fury yet choking on hurt - wounded at the very idea of anyone laying a hand on someone so sweet. That, and how he wasn't able to stop it. In his eyes everything about the woman deserved nothing less than the highest form of endearment: from her slight frame, to the untamed descent of her hair, but most of all the depths of those irises, and how they gazed back
:iconokibi-kris:Okibi-Kris 0 2
The Druggie
The Druggie
Sizzle. Plop. A few more chunks of ash leapt from Cor's cigarette like a suicidal lover. He pulled the rolled tobacco from his mouth and flicked off the excess, blowing out the smoke on an unappreciative pilgrim ahead of him in line. A slight twinge of guilt ran through his limbs whenever someone faked a cough or waved a hand before their nose, but his desire for the nicotine won over the craving for approval. Throughout the day (it was now noon), most of the men and women had only turned Cor's way with a look of disgust or annoyance on their face, but if they had taken the time to do more, this is what they would have seen: hair like a damp raven atop his head, complexion pale as eggshells in comparison to the feathery beast, and the puny stature customary of a liberal arts major.
In the windy streets of Brooklyn this young man was accustomed to donning a windbreaker at all times, but for the dry hilltops of Asia a simple gray shirt and jeans sufficed. Ironically hi
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K9ChemicalChaos Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2017  Professional Artist
Thank you so much for making your dæmon page, it helped me discover and articulate Bee, my own dæmon.
Shei may just become my best friend

 (Bee: hey! What do you mean 'may'?) 

It's weird it's been around for so long. I actually only recently stumbled upon it this year around January. 
Wei hope your still a part of the community (even if it is long dead) and still are with Rookie. 

-Suiki and Bee 
Kat12399 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2014  Hobbyist
Your that person on the daemon page aren't you? TYSM Now I know ALOT about daemons and I even have my own, his name is Ritián he is unsettled, thanks so much! :D
Rainiila Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2013
I love your dæmon page. U know that's all the comments you are getting, but I felt like I was the only one. After reading a couple of pages of The Golden Compass with my dad at the age of 8, I discovered my dæmon, who helps me out, dances around my feet when I'm happy, reminds me not to freak out, and is a great friend. 
And I thought I was the only one to give a name and animal form to a part of my mind like that. Thank you. Really. Thank you.
night-is-my-day Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012  Student General Artist
THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU! I thought I was ALONER! (Well, as alone as you can be with a daemon!)
night-is-my-day Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2012  Student General Artist
Are you the person with the Daemon site? THANK YOU! I've considered myself a sole freak (well, sort of sole- I've got Marrakesh. :) for many, many years now. Thank you for showing me there's others out there too!
Nilus-kami Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeaux! XD I admire your talent and love your dæmon site! I'm new at talking to my dæmon though.... nonetheless I still love your work!!
TalkingToMySoul Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2011  Student General Artist
Jess of Kuno adding you to her watch. =3
YumiTomonoshi Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2011
Token: There is alot of people who have Snow Leopards are Dæmons..
Me: Yeah.. so it seems O.o
Token: Are we different because I'm a youn Snow Leopard?
Me:guess not.. anyone want to chat bout Dæmons?
EpicPidgeot Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2011  Hobbyist
Thanks so much for creating the daemon page :3 My daemon settled as a mouse :la:
Wolfdrappa95 Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2011  Student General Artist
Hey love your art, and your site, dæmon page. It really helped in figuring out what Ajax would settle as.(snow leopard)
Ajax: What? I heard my name.
Me: Nothing.
Ajax: Are you talking 'bout me?!
Me: No i'm not.
Ajax: Then why'd you say my name!? You really ain't talkin bout me?
Me: NO!
Ajax:...fine, don't freak out or anything.
Me: -.-;
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