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Hello, Hello!

As you noticed I kinda vanished of the surface of DA since, at least february 2013 (then went totally silent for months), and "came back" randomly. Long story short, I got very busy and felt guilty for not replying comments and neglecting my watchlist(?). So it was hard to think about coming back because I really don't have much time.
This is why I mostly disable comments, it's not because I don't want reply/feedback, it's because I'd feel really bad to have them pill up and not being able to reply or reply after a really long time.
Also sorry for not doing all the tag or only reply in the journal's comment, but this is really time consuming and I never know who to tag! Sorry!! (But I do enjoy them!!)

Also since I decided to be a (little bit) more active here, there is small list of things you can do with/ask me to do:
-I'm okay for Art trade, but I'll mostly do them with friends!
-If you hod a contest and need more people or someone for the prizes I can help!
That's all i can think about right now! Sorry!!

Please take care of yourselves,
Your self-proclamed super shôjo fudanshi,

PS: ALSO!! If I owe you something (trade/ect...) please, do tell me!! orz
I'm New here today!

I have a scanner now so I can post into DA! I'm not only a watcher now!

Quand je pense que depuis 2004 je reste assise a contempler... maintenant voici l'heure de partager. Je n'ai mon scanner que depuis hier et c'est aujourd'hui que je l'utilise pour la première fois. Je suis contente de pouvoir enfin poster sur DeviantArt.
J'espère avoir le niveau...


Akira ~AD22~
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