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Love Ya Like A Sister 1.0.7

By Okazaki-san
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It is REQUIRED to use the latest version of Rainmeter.

Skin Info:
Based on Three skins. Titled after Kimberly Geswein's lovely font "Love Ya Like A Sister".

Lines3 by *Raslyver
Kauma by ~White-Baron
Simplesentencethree by ~White-Baron

Also has referenced design from Cordial by ~shademee (for the clock)

Changelog: - Check bottom of page for status of meters

2.0.0 {TBA}
Complete code overhaul

1.0.7 (Valentine's Day 2012)
-Code rearrangements and works.
-Simple [NowPlaying] Meter added.

-Simple [Date] to the one shown in preview
-Removed "Do you feel smarter?" from Sentence [WotD] meter.

-Changed quote source
-Repaired [Bin] [Date] alignment.

-Fixed erroneous line in the [WotD] meter.
-Changed default alignment to Center

-Undergoing checks and fixes
-Created [Word(s) of the Day] meter
-Fixed erroneous phrases in the [Date] and [Weather] skin
-Preview change ;O)

-Final Release date
-Created [User Info], [Bin], and [Sun] as well as [Quotes]
-Pushed [Music] to a later release.
-Dropped [RSS] (if anyone wants to make one for me, please do.)

-Created [Sentence] portion of Skin (Still missing a few meters)
-Small additions to the code of all meters

0.5.1 (1.0.1 Simple)
-Slight change in code for easier customization
-Removed all H/W in strings and replaced with DynamicWindowSize value in [Rainmeter]
-Created [Bin]
-Kept the title string in the rmskin for user shared previews.

0.5.0 (1.0.0 Simple)
-Completed Simple
-Created [HDD] Meters (All of which are in preview)
-Created [Weather]
-Created [System AIO]
-Created [User Info] (Includes variant with user picture)
-Created [Battery]
-BRB String for miscellaneous purposes ;)
-Small changes to skin codes

-Created [Network] meter (still completing other versions)

Notes: It was a real pain to figure out the bar for the total bandwidth used. (NetInTotal+NetOutTotal)/1048576 with Min/MaxValue with IfAboveValue/Action finally settled out.

-Minor changes to [Date] and [UpTime]
-Changed/Added 2,3,4 core support for [CPU] meter
-Created RAM meter (Percentual and Decimal)

-Added Date meter
-Added UpTime meter
-Added (v01) CPU meter

-Completed first meter [Time]
-Initial release

Meter Progress - Reiterated from Simple Sentence. Concept and realized by ~White-Baron

CPU/RAM || Done!
Network || Done!
HDD || Done!
Quotes || Done!
Time || Done!
Date || Done!
Uptime || Done!
Sun || Done!
User Info || Done!
Weather || Done!
WotD || Done

==Future Additions==

Music (Foobar2k/Winamp) [I'll leave iTunes to any willing to do it for me :) Actually wait....I'll let anyone do the nowplaying meter for me :)]

Simple - Stage CLEAR!
CPU || Done!
RAM || Done!
HDD || Done!
Network || Done!
Power || Done!
Time || Done!
Date || Done!
Uptime || Done!
User Info || Done
Weather || Done
© 2011 - 2021 Okazaki-san
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okay i have a question about the weather, i cannot get the skin to read Fahrenheit no matter what i try how would i get it to read Fahrenheit instead of Celsius?
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Well made! I like it alot ^.^
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HI, love the quotes of the day..was wondering how do i edit it to show the proverbs of the day instead from the website that it is linked to.
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Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
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How can I find the wallpaper?
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Nice work THANKS!!!!
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Ill like it very much
ill use it on my Desktop see Screenshot --Windows--named Deskwall
i have light modded for my Specifications.

Thanks for the beautiful Work !!!
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Link or name of the wallpaper and the girl?
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Oh, the picture! Here you go.
ItFollowedUs's avatar
The name of the girl in the picture is Satori Komeiji from Touhou Project, by Team Shanghai Alice.
I can't find the picture, sadly...
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Skewed face. D: Good text placement though, and not too bright.
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