They're Baaack! Sanderson Step Sisters

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That's right! The Sanderson Step Sisters are back for another crazy issue of fetish- fun. Issue #2 "Beneath The Dinner Table" is $6.00 and can be purchased by following this link to the pay pal payment page:… <-BUY IT

"Issue 2" introduces 3 more characters, and it includes Boob exp, body exp, blueBErry, weight gain, wetting, and some minor animal tf. The issue also sets up more exciting story to come in issue 3 which will come around mid July (or sooner).
Like issue 1, #2 is in color and it's in the same format. This is 13 page (14 w cover) full color digital comic.

(Like before)
Action in the story will pull from every theme in the okayokayokok gallery, plus some.  So, if you like ok's gallery, you'll really like this comic.  The artwork in this comic is among some of my best.

About 97% of the work in my gallery has been commissions.  (btw thanks! to all you who have commissioned me!) This is the second non-commissioned comic I've done, which means it's all original, and it's all up to my standards.  A lot of times, friends on DA have asked me what I would draw if I wasn't drawing what someone else asked me to draw... this comic is the answer. :-D
NOTE me with questions or problems and I'll get back to you within 24hrs.

to get Issue #1 you can find the link here:…

© 2012 - 2020 okayokayokok
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I bought this one then he email you sent me got deleted
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oh no, just note me with your email and i can re-send it.
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Love it!! i really like the WG on the mom and i hope there's more animal TF in the next issue
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Just bought it because the preview page is REALLY speaking to me ! One thing thought, you're sending it by mail or you send a download link to get it ?
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It will be send by mail
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yep, unless it's between 4am - 11am eastern time, you should get it within 10 minutes after purchase. I leave my DA page up when I'm at the computer drawing so if you're "watching" me and you see that green button lit up by my name, you can know you'll get it quickly. 8 hrs is the max length you should wait, if longer please note me!
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really nice =)

but I hope there will be more animal tf stuff in the next issues :>
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amazing! loving the incontinence :)) i hope there are going to many new issues
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If I have any complaint, it's that it ends. I want it to keep going. I love this story so much. Astrid is a feisty character, and I actually like the addition of her dad.
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Awesome just bought it! Can't wait to check it out!
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