Tales 6 contest judging

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Hey, maybe you can help me work through this. Man, tough contest to judge lots of good ideas from everyone who entered!

I've narrowed it down to 8 ideas.
The categories are:
1-Sissy/Adult Baby /domination  (single man or husband and wife)
2- male AR/ domination/embarrassment
3- diaper tf with AB
4- female AR or fattening female AR
5- FAB male and female (fattening adult baby)
6- diapered embarrassment
7- shrunken, babied by adult baby
8- female AR's with an unbirth

You can help me out by commenting which categories interest you the most.

I'll have to further narrow it down to 2 story ideas... maybe 3? Such a challenge! For issue 6 I am hoping to present you with stories that are unlike previous stories and feel very new to the series.
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not sure if I ever posted but 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 and 6 please
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Definitely 6
I like 4
And I guess 3 or 7
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4, 6, and definitely 8
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babied by adult baby, diaper tf with AB, shrunken, female AR's with an unbirth
those are my votes in order of number one to number three
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6 for sure
3 maybe
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#8 here, since unbirth is my thing.
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1 (sissy) and 6. You haven't done many sissy stories so that could be really good!
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1 and 6. They work together and are often the same really.
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1-would like to see the husband and wife be dominated.
5-Not a lot of art involving this category.
7-Sounds interesting.
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6- diapered embarrassment
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4, 4 and 4. 

And maybe 6.
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