Sanderson Step Sisters - They're Here!

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The Sanderson Step Sisters: issue 1 is finally complete!  For anyone who hasn't dropped by my page lately, it's a digital comic - 13 pages in full color plus the cover.  It begins with 2 step-sisters, Meg and Jess, being joined by a new, 3rd step sister, Astrid.

Those of you who have been following me for a long time, may have noticed the lines I dropped about working on a script for this Project over a year ago.  At one point, I pre- released a cover which I soon retracted as I continued to develop the characters and story. This has been a long time coming, and I hope that you can agree.  I've put a lot of thought into the characters, their relationships to each other, and how they change as their world changes into something bizarre.  (A kind of bizarre that has never been shown- even by okayokayokok!)

Action in the story will pull from every theme in the okayokayokok gallery, plus some.  So, if you like ok's gallery, you'll really like this comic.  The artwork in this comic (IMO) is among some of my best.

About 97% of the work in my gallery has been commissions.  (btw thanks! to all you who have commissioned me!) This is the first non-commissioned comic I've done, which means it's all original, and it's all up to my standards.  A lot of times, friends on DA have asked me what I would draw if I wasn't drawing what someone else asked me to draw... this comic is the answer. :-D

Issue 1 on sale now for $6.00 here:…
for issue 2 (beneath the dinner table) go to bottom

Beginning in May, I'll begin showing peeks at each page, but I want to give those really interested in the comic the joy of being surprised.

After purchase, the comic will be emailed to you.
Feel free to note me on DA if there are any ?'s or comments you have.
To Get ISSUE 2, go to the journal here:

© 2012 - 2021 okayokayokok
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Patrick171's avatar
I paid for all 3 Sanderson Step Sisters comics. How long until I get them?
okayokayokok's avatar
I sent you a note to figure out what to do- where to send.
impact67's avatar
I can't wait for the second issue, I wonder what the tf's will be?!
okayokayokok's avatar
I should finish the cover and first page this weekend!
There will be boob exp, body exp- "blueberry like", weight gain and a wetting
NMe84's avatar
No more animal transformations? Shame, guess I'm looking forward to issue 3 then. :D
impact67's avatar
Oh sweet, I hope there's regression to infancy or toddlerhood in one of the up comic comics :p
sashima's avatar
It's a lovely comic! I enjoy the interaction between characters as well as the art used to make it! Thank you very much for the comic!

Though I didn't get pages 1-4

hope to receive them soon, I responded to one of your emails.
okayokayokok's avatar
Thanks! Yeah, 3 or 4 people have had one of their emails get filtered out so if it's not in your junkmail, i'm happy to re-send.
sashima's avatar
thanks, I got it I love the comic thanks ^^
urbandisease's avatar
Just purchased this, looks awesome, how long til it's emailed out?
okayokayokok's avatar
thanks I hope you love it! You should have it, so note me if you still don't have it.
domiboy8's avatar
how much animal tf related content will this issue have in it ? :)
okayokayokok's avatar
this first one? It has some tf starting and it has the end result. And those are between two different people/animals lol. Sorry to be vague but don't want to give spoilers out. If you want, you can note me!
JimRipper's avatar
Awesome comic I can't wait for the next one! great job
okayokayokok's avatar
Thanks man! Plan for same time next month for issue #2.
lonewarrior20's avatar
acidently bought it twice. then again i couldn't down load it the first time or 2nd.
lonewarrior20's avatar
read the part where you'll email it to me. i'm dumb at times.
okayokayokok's avatar
lol no, it's cool you should have the refund and comic now. :)
NMe84's avatar
I liked it, I like it a lot. Awesome art, and great to see some animal TF action. :D

As for the horizontal layout: I like it. The resolution these pics are in favour so much from the horizontal layout that I'd hate to see it back to a full comic page layout like the blueberry comic.

Can't wait for the next part!
okayokayokok's avatar
Great! We'll definitely see some more of that tf action.

Yeah, the horizontal layout is to fit the media, which is a computer screen. I don't see any publisher allowing it to get published, so digital it will remain. Once, I did a commission- and once I was done, the commissioner realized he wanted it to be landscape instead of portrait to better fit onto a monitor. It was a little too late to oblige, but it was definitely the thought behind this comic's layout.
KillX's avatar
I hope in the next part will be animal tf related stuff again :>
and maybe a bit more than this time ? ^^
okayokayokok's avatar
yeah, there's more where that came from! Because the story is that the changes were permanent, I couldn't do too much in that scene.
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I thought the Blooberry donation extended comic was original as well...or not? Any chance we'll see any updates on the beach comic?

As far as this one - worked really well. Wouldn't have minded seeing some more stuff in the mouse-cage - particularly with the other character in there. Not bad for a first piece - I know how much trouble it is trying to build characterization, etc while still wanting to show stuff - in a limited amount of space.

The horizontal format was definitely different - not sure if you may be limiting your future composition options by staying in that page size - depends if you want to do full length pics, etc I guess.
okayokayokok's avatar
Oh yeah, the blooberry one was original (with some input from choupper, bugband, and donors). It was just different because it was it was "paid as it went" kinda thing and most of the time I started on the page not knowing what would happen on the next page.
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