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Boo! Halloween is here! Have you been catching up on any scary movies? This might be the most opportune Halloween ever to stay in, crash onto the couch with popcorn and a few scary flicks! This is my journal to share my finds and... maybe get some suggestions from you?

This year, I've been busy with preparing for a big house move, so my streaming movie list isn't as well- developed as it usually is. I'm looking for any one's help in picking out the gems available on streaming platforms right now- leave a comment with the one you've enjoyed. HBO Max and Netflix seem to have their line-ups in good standing for Halloween this year!

HBO Max: Invisible man, Ready or Not, The Thing, Signs, The Blob, Critters 2, Leprechaun, Us, It chapter 2, Alien and Jaws anthology, Piranha, The Ruins, Gremlins 2, Eraserhead, Jeepers Creepers, The Others

Netflix: The Witches, 1922, Poltergeist, The Invitation, Silence of the Lambs, The Perfection, Pan's Labyrinth, Addam's Family, Scream, Don't be Afraid of the Dark, Sleepy Hollow, Anaconda, Autopsy of Jane Doe

Amazon Prime: Child's Play, Fright Night, Hereditary, Midsommar, Addam's Family (classic), Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Wishmaster*, Exorcist 3

Hulu: Cabin in the Woods, Children of the Corn, Oculus, Brightburn, Purge, Blade, Interview with a Vampire, Body at Brighton Rock, Bad Hair*

Recommended movies that are not streaming unless you rent:

...? got any suggestions?

US sites - Oct 2020 (Bold movies I thought were def. recommend-worthy.)

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if you can find it, Trick r Treat(2007) is a great Halloween movie and terribly underrated. If you like Creepshow, you'll like this one.

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Friday the 13th Total Classic !

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Rose Red by Stephen King is an amazing haunted house movie
okayokayokok's avatar

i need to see that one- is it 'new'?

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It was released in 2002 it's more of a mini series then a move since it goes for around 4 houra but it has some amazing characters and the haunted mansion is so well done.
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The insidious series is great, not sure what they're on off the top of my head, and paranormal activity is good too(if not a bit confusing) sinister has a similar style too

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Xfinity just say free horror movies and BAM all the classics!

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AMC has an entire collection of horror. Best out there

okayokayokok's avatar

oo sounds good, how do you watch amc? cable hookup?

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"The Herd" 2014 a short horror movie in protest to cow farming where women are treated like cows (artificially impregnated, then birthed, and then milked and treated by hgh to increase milk production) sounds like a comic you would make but not this dark. Available on YouTube

okayokayokok's avatar

oh wow that sounds horrific! There's an 8bit lorn music video that makes me think of where the cows get revenge on man

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DOLLS is a good one, puppet masters, evil dead, goblins2, pumpkin head.

okayokayokok's avatar

oo Dolls is included with Prime. I wonder if it is the same one? I watched Evil Dead on Netflix i think last week- the effects are classic! Goblins 2? I will put it on my list to watch. I am just seeing gremlins 2 for the first time

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Cool and awesome

killer clowns from outer space and the original fog

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre (you gotta respect the classics dude), As above so below (you gotta embrace the new too dude), conjuring, brightburn, insidious part 1 and part 2, nightmare on elm street 2010, or Freddy vs Jason. then again that’s just me

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Roku: children of the Corn, Scream 4, hellraiser, hellbound, motel Hell
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Exorcist 3 is a criminally underrated movie, definitely worth checking out if you haven't seen it before. I'm pretty sure it's on amazon prime, although I haven't checked in a while.

okayokayokok's avatar

I see it is on Prime, so i'll give it a try!

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So true! It is my favorite of the 3! I saw it on Prime just recently, I think it is still there.
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i cannot think of any you didn’t already cover.

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