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Wendy Wonka and the Pregnant Belly

By okayokayokok
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:iconbprofessional: Bprofessional commissioned me to do a 3 page comic about Wendy Wonka and Maria having their own little adventure.

Page 1 of 3.
Page 2: fav.me/daj6rss

I did my best to make this little comic feel like it could have easily fit into the actual series- even though this is more like story from side reels or outtakes.

If you want to give the series a read, here's the link for issue 1: 
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I really love her big boobs

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I have to agree you should read the contract.  But  in this case the result is worth breaking the rules I suppose.
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Love Maria's expressions on this page. She's so adorable.
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this comic is gonna be like striking it rich!
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GravidtronHobbyist General Artist
Heheheheh. NUH UHHHH!
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Make a second series! You have to. I bought everyone of the last one and it was amazing. Do it again. If you want an Idea here is a simple one.

Wendy hires out her services as a faux SCARED STRAIGHT. A bunch of rotten kids are sent to the factory to have their morals tests. A kid who makes out in one piece all fine wins a scholarship. All others are ruined beyond repair and have to either stay in the factory or are returned home helpless and unable to be rotten anymore.  Give it a go...see what happens.
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LeslyeRStudent Artisan Crafter
ela vai  acaba ficando enorme
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Maria is so stupid and so cute glad you have a comic for us poors who can't afford the comics :)
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ttfioaHobbyist Writer
Oh, I am SO in!  Can't wait to see how this plays out!
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Hell yeahhh I hope to see more
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CosmicmoonshineHobbyist Digital Artist
What ever happens, it will be sweet.
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So...questioning the "science" here...she becomes pregnant simply by eating a gummy? Or the gummy makes her body far more receptive to impregnation? 

If the former: hmm....a gummy as the "father"? That could be interesting...and make for an intriguing baby.
If the latter: An Oompa Loompa sex scene? It could happen....

As always...superb art, Okay!
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okayokayokokProfessional Digital Artist
to put it simply, 1 gummi, 1 baby
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Works for me.
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simple enough
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Oh man, I would love more wendy wonka issues.
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and when will be the next
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Behold! An alternate take on what could've happened to our favorite busty lawyer, and a lesson as to why we must always honor the written contract.
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okayokayokokProfessional Digital Artist
and funny enough, it's always in the medical field that they get you with the contracts
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True! Deniability and all that. 
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