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Wendy Wonka and the Chocolate Fetish Factory

By okayokayokok
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The long-awaited comic has arrived at completion!
Issue 1 has belly expansion, two blueberry tf's, and shrinking.
Welcome to the wonderfully wicked world of the Wonkas where accidents are waiting to behind every door.
Wendy Wonka has taken over the factory and to clear her name of any wrong-doing, she's giving a tour to those at her throat and to a handful of patients from the hospital. What will happen with a tour guide as crazy as Wendy and a factory as dangerous as the Wonka's? They're all soon to find out...

I've increased page sizes, put in extra work, collaborated with b_ridge and zombyre, and the result is one awesome new comic! Proud to say this is some of my best art to date and there's a good story to go with it.

Comic is a colored 18 pages (and cover) pdf.
to download for $8.50: www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?…
after purchase, wait for re-direct. You will also get an email ~15-30 minutes later with another way to get it if re-direct didn't work for you.

Through Gumroad: gum.co/zUPoe
Through Amazon (9.99) : www.amazon.com/dp/B01MTBH12C

To Buy BOTH issues #1 and #2 for $15:

If you pre-ordered and need help, note me with your email address or just email me.
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Wheres the Comic for Free?
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i will let you know if i ever release it free to public, but it is a comic I sell.
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I like the two blueberry girls and all that juice

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I like the two blueberry girls and all that juice

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That’s a lot of juice in thoses panties OwO
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Wow, another gender-swap


5 chosen children:

Charlie Bucket - Charlotte Bucket (Female)
Augustus Gloop - Augustinian Gloop (Female)
Violet Beauregarde - Vivo Beauregarde (Male)
Veruca Salt - Venus Salt (Male)
Mike Teavee - Michelle Teavee (Female)
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i was wondering if i could work for you from where im at
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How you intend to do that with her?
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I love how the pies re-enlarge in short bursts, just as they were shrunk. Every 5 seconds she gets hit with another whole pie XD XD XD

But the poor girl now has to digest all of them XD XD They're going to make her get fat from them?
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Have only just been able to purchase P1 & P2. Artwork was great, I loved the shrinking scenes, but there just weren't enough of them! Please do more SW work, when you do, do them, they are always excellent!
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Impressive very impressive indeed about Wendy Wonka how she was & I can say some people can act how they are like the movies from the chocolate factory so I am glad I paid u 4 a comic since ur the first I would think about when I can get another issue from u next time & read it in my tablet with improvision
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Wendy Wonka reminds me of my neighbour lol
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I love this storyline!  You have done such a great job!  Keep up the great work!
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The redirect never works for me after purchases for some reason. I think it did once a while ago but not anytime recently. Any reason why that might be?
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no, sorry I do not know why without knowing more information, and even then I might not be able to know for sure. You can always email me as soon as you purchase. If I'm available, it should be sent soon after.
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Side note, got in an email email and am loving it so far! Can't wait for more. Excellent stuff. Hope we see the pie girl again post digestions :-D
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have not got copy re-direct did not work
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A job well done. How I enjoy your illustrations. Also, I look forward to the next issue.
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Still waiting for my copy
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what's your email? you should have it by now.
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Fantastic poster! Very alluring while still not giving away too much :) The perfect ad :D 
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As someone who's not been a huge fan of some of your other blueberry stuff, this was very nice. Glad I bought it.
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