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Wendy Wonka and the Chocolate Fetish Factory #2

By okayokayokok
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Here is a good look into what this issue holds.
To download this 17 page comic, use this paypal link: www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?…

To buy BOTH issues #1 and #2: www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?…
Thanks for your support and making this series possible!

The cover with more info: Wendy Wonka issue 2 by okayokayokok
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will there be an Issue 3 coming soon?
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yes, next month! 2 more issues to the series.
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hi, i bought this but it wouldn't allow me to download it into the dropbox.
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you should have a working link now, you can note or email me if im wrong
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Hey. I seem to be having problems with the download site... I get an Error 404 every time I try to access it. Anyone else experience any problems?
okayokayokok's avatar
yeah all my public links have changed :( if you need the link again, email or note me with your email
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im having the same problem have u been able to fix it.
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I wish gene wilder's willy wonka could appear and said to Wendy what the hell why do you do this? which it turns out she's his daughter 
and Charlie is tied up somewhere for Wendy.
wilder wonka could have saved Charlie and stop keeping her from making it he did before.
what do you think of my plot for a sequel?
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Love the look of this. I've bought a copy and am still waiting for a link. What's the turn around on this?
ConnorMcleish4151's avatar
Hey with the comics do yup get sent a download link or the images
okayokayokok's avatar
a download link is emailed to you
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Your series keeps getting better and better!  Loving the artwork, and the storyline is superb!
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I want it but I can't bye it. I hate this
nightshade010101's avatar
I have never purchased anything like this before. 
The previews did not let me down. 
Quality work, actually has a story, images that deliver in the best ways. 

Totally worth $8
okayokayokok's avatar
the leap of faith! If you enjoyed this one, the next two issues won't dissappoint. Thanks! 
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Wow those are some crazy lips!!!
Chaos-Daemon's avatar
Is that body inflation in the bottom left hand corner?
okayokayokok's avatar
i called it body expansion since its not air inflating her
Zombie-Spartan's avatar
I'm going to have to buy this :)
TheRollingWrath888's avatar
sounds interesting...
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