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Tales from the Crib Keeper comic

By okayokayokok
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From Okayokayokok: Tales from the Crib Keeper
...a digital, 21 page and cover comic consisting of 3 stories:
Freaky Cryday- (8 pages) A scientist experiments with mind switches. Mental regression, Age regression
Baby Mom- (6 pages)  A daughter has fun with her mom until it goes too far. Mental regression, diaper tf, age progression
Stranger Park Ranger- (8 pages) A mother becomes victim to her own time-saving shortcuts. Age regression, diaper expansion

As a BONUS, you will also get a package of 7 photo-manipulations in the email with your download link.

To download/buy this $8.75 comic, use this link: www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?…

Also available through Gumroad: gum.co/FGiOS

Amazon (interactive on a kindle-very cool!): www.amazon.com/dp/B082QW5ZDZ

Tales from the Crib Keeper preview page go here to see a general sampling of art from the comic
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I bought this a while ago and I’ve yet to get an email link

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It’s been awhile, so I got issue #1 back out. I forgot how good it is! Might be my favorite of the “TFTCK” series. Great issue!

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ofc u have to buy it....
I know it's random but what does ofc mean
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I just bought this. How long does it normally take the email with the link to come through?
diaperdan28's avatar
I bought the comic a few hours ago and I haven't gotten an email.
okayokayokok's avatar
do you have it now?
preggodiaperlove's avatar
I have the same problem
okayokayokok's avatar
do you have the email now
diaperdan28's avatar
I do, thanks. :3
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I purchased this about 30minutes ago and no link came through
okayokayokok's avatar
have you gotten it now?
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smithtravis's avatar
i just bought this how long till i get it?
okayokayokok's avatar
i had just gotten back from lunch and sent it out after you asked that question, so you should have it now, but let me know if there's anything else you need.
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How long does it take to get the download link ?
okayokayokok's avatar
I think i just now sent it out to you. (just got back from lunch)
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Enjoyable on all counts.  Well worth the money to see you do some longer stories vs the 3 pagers you post for free.   Freaky Cryday was probably the most interesting one.   I really like your art-style, particularly your facework.  Your characters have some great expressions! 

Do you ever do any non-fetish stuff? 
okayokayokok's avatar
Thanks! I think the more comics I'm able to do, the more the art's able to improve and faces are probably my fav thing to draw. I don't have the time to do non-fetish stuff anymore, but before I got into doing it, I did a lot of 'realworld' art. My senior art show was so packed with paintings that is was like wallpaper. I have a few non fetish comic scripts I hope to get around to someday. far off in the future.
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Hi! I have the comic and I have just one question; In this picture who is the mother, who is the baby, and who is the nurse?
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