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Tales from the Crib Keeper 2 cover

By okayokayokok
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This issue is 18 pages and cover. Inside are two stories-
The Birthday Wish: contains AR, male and female character, diapers
Bad Habits *contest story*: contains girls in diapers, AR, and AP.

To download ($8.50) use this link:…
Buy via Gumroad:
Amazon (interactive on a kindle-very cool!)

After purchase, your browser should auto-redirect you to the comic. You will also get an email with DL link and 2 bonuses within 24 hrs of purchase. Typically, 20-30 min after if during business hours.
There are 2 bonuses included- 1 photo manip and 1 video photo manip that you will get in an email after ordering. You might need to check your junk mail folder.

If you have any questions, you can note me!
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© 2015 - 2021 okayokayokok
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I ordered this and it lagged out and wouldn't take me to the DL link. I'll let you know if I don't get the email. I'm really bummed. Not at you.. at Paypal.
DiDark666's avatar
mmm now this is quite enjoyable ♥
Adamthepony's avatar
Wear me all day spank me fill me everyday LOL funny and a lil dark but funny
keano1's avatar
after buying the story i got the dropbox link per e mail but can't open it. Get error (403) notification.
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Ok umm thoughts: I loved the cover page with dialogue.   Make your cover lady a recurring theme of this series.  She is terrifying and delightful all at the same time! 

I really liked Bad Habits, lots of good black comedy.   The line about mom jeans had me dying.  

I'm going back and forth on whether I liked the first one's three stories more or not.   I love that you're making an anthology comic but I like the longer plots in the second issue.   Definitely looking forward to #3 especially since you said you got a lot of good ideas! 
Rich11's avatar
Is there any intent for the mommy to look like Penny Barber?  Because she really does.
ClassicSchmosby87's avatar
Is there another place you have where I can download it because paypal is being a big pain right now and won't let me add funds to my wallet
BraveryTheHusky's avatar
Should i get an email with the link to everything i bought? My browser didn't redirect me to anything after I paid
okayokayokok's avatar
yeah, if you still don't have it you can note me your email address and I'll get on top of it.
BraveryTheHusky's avatar
I got it now. Still have to give it a read. i actually stopped at the bank today just to see about getting this
Paradox1300's avatar
Can we have a link to the story "bad habits" so we can read it, as well?
okayokayokok's avatar
did you get the email with a link to get you to the comic? it's all in one file
Xeritos's avatar
I didn't get directed, do I wait for an e-mail ?
okayokayokok's avatar
yeah, but you should have that email now.
Xeritos's avatar
Thanks got it now!

Just the 2 bonus links don't seem to work. 404 Dropbox error.
okayokayokok's avatar
oh yeah, i had to stop linking the bonus files due to bandwidth problems so they're no longer on the server. If you note me or send me an email, I'm now attaching the files to the email you get.
JonathanDaniels1956's avatar
so how does the second installment  work?  Will be automatically get a link?  Jon
okayokayokok's avatar
The second installment, Bad Habits is uploaded now. What you need to do is take a look at the email that you got with a DL link. If you use that same link again, it gets you to the full, 2 story comic now.
Theregressed's avatar
So hard to wait for the second part!
okayokayokok's avatar
only one more day!
ohyhea's avatar
I haven't received the direct link?
okayokayokok's avatar
what's your email? you can note me or email me it if you'd rather.
ookamiray's avatar
Damn, didn't get redirected, and now I'm waiting for a mail like a shmuck
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