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Tales from the Crib Keeper 10 CONTEST

By okayokayokok
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It's time for Tales from the Crib Keeper #10 so that means...
DEADLINE: September 22, 2020 (a saturday night)

Simple Rules: (same rules as last time)
1. Send up to THREE story IDEAS via email to Okayokayokok@yahoo.com
2. Use Subject Line: Tales 10 Contest
3. Include your DA name somewhere.
4. Each Idea should be YOUR idea and involve diapers somehow. 
5. Each Idea should be limited to 1-2 Paragraphs.

A One paragraph synopsis is all that is necessary. You can include more but *please* keep it limited to 1-2 paragraphs. Pitch me a story idea, not the story itself. If you already have the story written, you may submit a brief SUMMARY for your already-written story but DO NOT submit the whole story because sadly, I will not have time to read it and it will be passed over. 
You CAN re-submit ideas from past contests. Some ideas from past contests have been so good and so close to being chosen. Feel free to try it again!

The chosen Story Idea will be selected by me (maybe narrowed down with help of a poll)  
I will work with your idea on creating or editing characters and a comic script. The story will be included in issue 10.
You will also receive a free issue of Tales 10 when it's done!

Suggestions & Advice: 
This was a recent poll done to see what the fans hope to see the most in the series:
Age Regression and ABDL are winning, so ideas with those stand a better chance.
Think about location and characters. Try not to squeeze too many events into a story. I'm looking for ideas without a lot of build up - the faster the action starts the better.
Each story will get about 8 pages in the comic.

For some examples of story ideas chosen in the past, see this blog entry entryokokokayokay.blogspot.com/2016…


Caught up on the series? Latest issues are #8 and Halloween Issue:
Tales from the Crib Keeper: Halloween Issue by okayokayokok  Tales from the Crib Keeper 8 cover by okayokayokok  Tales from the Crib Keeper 9 by okayokayokok

Video for process and info about contest:
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Thanks for doing these neat open contests !

vakhoxxx's avatar

Sent mine, Hope to win this time.

IMMAGONNAGET2Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Oh wow we’ve still got A While .i Might put an idea forward later ^^

mossberg82's avatar

Sent mine.

darkdonny's avatar

Submitting my entries from the past for fifth go-around!

johnny09907's avatar

i so cant wait for this to come out.

MerComix's avatar

Entered a couple of my original stories. ^^

hazz099's avatar

Can you show male genitalia? Do you have a limit to how explicit it can be?

shineypooface's avatar

but what of wendy wonka 2.4? :D

Lupin311's avatar

always keep wonka as priority

Mollymawk28's avatar
Mollymawk28Hobbyist Artist

I was with you till all ideas must include diapers. Everyone have fun, I'm sitting this one out.

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Awesome! Finally making it to #10! Can't wait to see how this issue plays out.

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ReinaHW Writer

Sent, fingers crossed.

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A sequel to Drunken Daycare would be lovely!

Alamooo's avatar
I 2nd this. Drunken daycare is by far my favorite so far!
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I'm working on a sequel for it. Hopefully, it'll win.

bloodton's avatar

I'm confused, is the latest Wendy Wonka still being finished? There's the last third still...

jdeviantw's avatar

Hey, okay posted on his Patreon that he’s working on the last 6 pages of the Wonka comic now

bloodton's avatar

Oh, awesome! I don't have him on Patreon but I am pleased by the reassuring news. I thought it was forgotten about haha. Thank you for the update!

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