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Sex Closet Party

By okayokayokok
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She's got a mouth full of sex candy. She's not feeling too lucky after so many wrong tries, but that doesn't stop her friend from trying to be helpful. It's nice to have such helpful friends!

Continuation of:

Mature Content

Waddling Girls Club by okayokayokok

Starring candy and character from:
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Aw maaaan.... I wish Wendy would turn me Into a fatter girl than this. I'd be her experiment!

Telephone235's avatar

I like how the “guy” character has completely blown up, with huge boobs, a butt the size of 2 cars, and a huge belly that’s hidden by the boobs. If that bra didn’t fit before, it most definitely won’t fit now, and the panties she has seems to be stretched to the utter limit. The friend looks like shes grown as well because her boobs look bigger, and her butt and thighs are huge, and that suit looks tight on her now. Though I like the huge girl the best. If he does get smaller again, I hope he keeps a bit of size on his boobs and butt like the other girl.

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RaunchyBalloonNew Deviant

If that was me, growing to be that size, as a woman. I wouldn't want to be a guy again. IF anything, make me bigger and let the world run a train on me as I grow impossibly large.

FourtySeven's avatar

Pretty sure her friend should just force 'em down her throat at this point. Y'know, to be helpful. Maybe use a hose or funnel or something.

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MevbHobbyist Artist
Too big butt! Either shrink it down or maje the boobs bigger cuz boobs should be bigger than the butt no matter what.
xXDammitX's avatar

Nope, its beautiful as it is

Mevb's avatar
MevbHobbyist Artist
No, it's NOT!
Monarchofpoetry's avatar

I agree with the other guy. the bigger the booty, the better

xXDammitX's avatar

It‘s your problem, dude

So0bekq's avatar

I think these characters are going to be villains in next issue..

Fat-TasticArt's avatar
Fat-TasticArtHobbyist Digital Artist
Situations I wish to be in
booyah344's avatar

Party at the waddle girls

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