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Sanderson Step Sisters #5 Cover

By okayokayokok
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The story of the Sanderson Step Sisters continues with issue 5 (out now).

Issue #5 is $6.75, now available here: [link]

Inside, there is Weight Gain, Feeding/stuffing, AR, TG, nursing, AB, Shrinking, and an Amazonian.
In 5, WG is the "biggest" theme. ;-)

Thanks for voting and deciding that this should be the cover! Issue 6 comes in January
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© 2012 - 2021 okayokayokok
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Can I suck the other one? There's plenty of milk to go around.
marcxo's avatar
More excellent Magic action.
BarkelBark's avatar
Holy shit, I got a boner.
FrenchyArs's avatar
What is the best for AR fan?
Sanderson Step Sisters 5
Sanderson Step Sisters 4
Christmas story?

lary6420's avatar
When's the next one coming out!?!?
DustyRhodesAhead's avatar
Hot! I woud like a bit of num, num, as well.
ptmbender's avatar
It's like end if January where is issue 6
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Well I bought this and Volume 4 aaand...well it doesn't have much that peaks my interest. The story is good from what I have seen but the things involved aren't so interesting to me personally. Well I took a bit of a gamble with my expectations but I am supporting the artist at least. I just dont think ill be purchasing SSS in the future though. Good Quality, Interesting Story but even mentioned kinks aren't really spotlighted so much with all that's going on. WG seemed very minute even in this one if your into that sort of thing. I guess I just feel its too cluttered with things going on left and right.
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Stealthflanker's avatar
No little Brother ?
Airum's avatar
Yeeya, you never disappoint! One suggestion I have is for more "power plays" (in lack of a better term). The two nonmagical sisters and hordes of helpless highschoolers seem to be taking the brunt of the TF/humiliation; it'd be great to see Astrid or one of her magical tormentors take a taste of their own medicine (my suggestion is AR, AB or Bimbo medicine ;)).
lary6420's avatar
God I can't wait for issue 6. I need to know what happens to them!!!!!!! Why can't time go faster!?!?
okayokayokok's avatar
I can't wait to DRAW it! I'm really excited for the action we'll see in 6.
lary6420's avatar
I'm on the edge of my couch seat
Shuma-Gorath's avatar
Had a little trouble with the Link after purchasing the Comic. Hiting ya with a note but the Cover looks nice.
Shogin's avatar
just bought but might be something wrong with your link cause I cant seem to download the comic?
okayokayokok's avatar
go ahead and note me with your email
Shogin's avatar
Dont need to, it came in the email haha thanks anyways cool issue I laughed.
DiablosMX's avatar
Is she.. touching? Nevermind. Pre-ordered, and bought issue one! Can't wait!
DiablosMX's avatar
Correction: VOLUME 1 (issues 1-4). :)
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Will there be any mind control in any of the future issues :)?
Gangstaballa1's avatar
very nice job, im so glad this one is the winner
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I really like the expression on Meg's face. Bummed I didn't make it to the live stream. Damn work.

Super Excited for this one since the weight gain of the mom was a favorite bit of mine.
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