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SSS 9 The Swamp Princess preview page

By okayokayokok
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Issue 9: The Swamp Princess is now available for download! Thank you for your continued support for this series. Is this the weirdest comic ever? Maybe.... 

If you couldn't guess it, in this issue, the story pushes forward as Jilda is introduced to the Swamp Princess whose mind has been slowly twisted by the darkness of isolation and power. Meanwhile, the step-sisters are left to fend for themselves among the dangers of this magical swamp at night...

This issue is '14 pages + cover' and is $7.69 through paypal.
There is a lot inside this issue, so here goes the listing... Inside, you'll see: watermelon tf, slime tf, feet hands, udders, milking, incomplete animal tf, grub/worm girls and tf, blueberry, inflation, pot belly, vore, vagmouth, vagface, Jess still in schoolgirl outfit, girls covered in mud, and bbw.

The buy link:…
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© 2014 - 2021 okayokayokok
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I love this series I can't wait for issue 10. I was so looking forward to the blond girl getting turned all the way into an animal because the big dragon guy thought she was turned human and was going to "help" her. Maybe next time, >.<
zombyre's avatar
This must have been a serious load off your mind to have gotten this done with all that hospital drama.

I hope you don't feel that you are stuffing a whole lot into a single comic, remember; to see the characters trying to adapt to new situations is just as much fun as seeing them transform.
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I paid for the comic through paypal. Should I have been auto directed to a link or be getting some sort of link via email? Thanks!
TheCrazyGuy's avatar
Nevermind! All set, just got the email. Looking forward to more ^_^
blakeythegreat's avatar
Wow this issue was really great the wait for part 10 will be even worse now.
okayokayokok's avatar
I know! I'm sorry about that cliffhanger! But i'll be doing sketches to prepare, so maybe I'll post some to make the wait more bearable...
Gangstaballa1's avatar
The girl in the diaper is cute
Wierdost's avatar
Loved this issue, so much going on, it was superb! Loving the Swamp Princess as well, I'm sure she'll put our "heroes" through their paces.
okayokayokok's avatar
oh yes, she is a wild card for better or worse.
Wierdost's avatar
Indeed! Say, is there much of a chance of seeing more vore in the next issue? Those final pages in the Swamp Princess' lair were delectable. 
jlove19's avatar
Another awesome issue. I'd love to see a centaur or cowtaur tf in the next issue since you've had almost everything else you can think of in the series
okayokayokok's avatar
thanks, a lot of work went into this issue! cowtaur seems like it would be fun!
jlove19's avatar
u can tell from looking at the 1st issue to this one. and cowtaur the about the only thing I can think of that I haven't seen in the series lol
darkdonny's avatar
I always pre-order, so I get the long tease, which in this case teases me even more with the ending. You rascal. 

Can't wait for whatever comes next. 
okayokayokok's avatar
lol I wanted to be able to start off issue 10 with a bang. I'm going to do a blueberry comic before issue 10, so there's a good amount of time for ideas and imagery to stew in my head.  I'm not sure if the story will move over to the Scamuds and their captives in issue 10 or 11, so I got some decisions to make. I want to do another "asking for requests" too.
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