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Pregnancy Park pg1

By okayokayokok
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page 1 of 3- comic commissioned by bprofessional

pg 2:
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I like how they get some big boobs that are ready to lactate

DarkyLonewolf's avatar

You know, the supposed "bitches" do have a point. All fetishes aside, breastfeeding in public is kinda gross.

So methinks your comic hit the glaring Strawman Has a Point trope. Other than that, however, it's still well-done.

Autnagrag's avatar
No, it's not, and besides what do you want her to do? Babies are not really patient, and I largely prefer a happy baby that nurses his mommy than a wailing baby near me XD
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0AllyAsh0Hobbyist General Artist
A mother is like a female lion, ALWAYS ready to protect her cubs
Psychologist-Roachy's avatar
Two pretty mean girls make fun of a nursing woman
this can only end a certain way...
TheMadPuppetOfYato's avatar
TheMadPuppetOfYatoHobbyist General Artist
When you cant see it because your under 18 Amd you cant Download it

nanashi89's avatar
Define "bloated."

If you mean huge knockers, ass, a soft jiggly midriff that men want to grab like it was a 3rd boob...

Then I imagine there quite a few women who would LOVE to be a bloated MILF.
Hausika's avatar
i love this too :-) <33333
DraketheNintendofan's avatar
DraketheNintendofanHobbyist General Artist

Pretty sure that this needs a mature content filter, m8.
Tragould's avatar
TragouldHobbyist Filmographer
it wasn't her place to punish!
8reaper1's avatar
love it
perfect page 1
reaperkaitomon's avatar
reaperkaitomonHobbyist Artist
I wish I was the baby
groblek's avatar
Ooh, nice!
BigGirlsLove's avatar
BigGirlsLoveHobbyist Digital Artist
I want to see the rest so bad!!!
Dovahderpy's avatar
...... Wait is this the same woman from the race!
BigGirlsLove's avatar
BigGirlsLoveHobbyist Digital Artist
Yes its supposed to
Wiseman288's avatar
Girls, I think those stains are gonna be the least of your problems >: )
BraveryTheHusky's avatar
BraveryTheHuskyHobbyist Writer
I'm gonna enjoy this. lol
ALittletoo-Rocky1986's avatar
yes! lovely scenario 
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