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Payback is a Witch pg3

By okayokayokok
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Page 3 of 3 (the end) of a comic commission I did for :iconbprofessional:

Page 1: fav.me/db2isu2

Page 2: fav.me/db2m1e8

Another (Wonka) Pregnancy comic: fav.me/daj6533
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Bakari23Hobbyist Digital Artist

This need a sequel


This needs a sequel

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Whew!! The wet spots on them nipples!!🔥

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Wow she’s got a big belly and some nice leaky boobs, I like how she goes straight into labour after being pregnant for a couple of minutes

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NEVER mess with a witch

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Here's an idea for another comic to do: A 15ft tall pregnant mini giantess who has to wear diapers due to her bladder problems.
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Nah. I'm a AB/DL.
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Nope, you’re a fucking sick faggot
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Wait til you see this. 
Diapered Giantess by scapegoat26  
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Thick-FellaHobbyist General Artist

💕luv preg

IMMAGONNAGET2Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ok appreciate the variety of fetishes in your work and I'm not saying there's anything wrong with this but it's just something i dislike it makes me sad
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This is my kink but the story makes me feel bad for the teens xD

IMMAGONNAGET2Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aww ikr! Although looking back on my original comment I can’t believe how disrespectful I was >,,< this is still great. And I get you he draws tons of my fetishes and kinks but it’s hard not to feel bad for the victims... at least for a moment XD
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okayokayokokProfessional Digital Artist
saying you don't like the pregnancy comics?
IMMAGONNAGET2Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh no it's not that I dislike them it's just personally I don't like it as much as let's say the expansion thingy you really got me into that at least a little but I wasn't saying that they were bad or i disliked them at all and even if I did I can appreciate that not only is there nothing wrong with it but other people love it
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can it be my
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I think they learned the lesson  n////n 
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from whom they became pregnant? :D (Big Grin) 
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This part bothers me because I like when women become willing breeders 
Consent and devotion to the reproductive function makes the whole thing sexier
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Do you have comics in this style?  (Payback, Race Day, and A Genie's Day Off) I thought all of them were great but could have been longer.
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okayokayokokProfessional Digital Artist
I keep my commissioned comics limited to 2-4 pages, but the comics I sell are longer. Tales from the Crib Keeper series seems the most like these comics, some of the stories in them are short and some are longer, each story can be anywhere from 3-10 pages and each issue can have 2-4 stories. You can see what each issue has in it in its description and cover page.
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When you think about it, this is absolutely horrible to the babies to be born. I mean, the 'victims' did say they weren't ready to take care of babies, so... either the children will suffer from bad parenting or they will be randomly thrown somewhere for adoption.

Yeah... That kind of 'absolute evil witch' stuff is fine at the surface, but barely scratch it and it's rather terrible under.
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