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Mythical Mother

By okayokayokok
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A centauress nurses a child in her field during an Autumn afternoon.

Wendy Wonka 2.2 Cowgirls by okayokayokok

The October surge of sketches has begun!
New sketches uploaded every day this month leading up to the two Oct 24-28 (2020) polls where you can vote for your favorite sketches.
All sketch commission slots were filled on Oct 1 but I will re-open on Dec 1. It is a bi-monthly sketch-a-thon. Join on Patreon or DA.

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SilverDragon234's avatar

It never hurts for a centaur woman to provide a snack for human babies. Excellent job!

Kazumy's avatar

This is beautiful and very lovely

ZordSavage's avatar

does she have udders and human breasts? There is a lot going on here lol

Vandrea's avatar

a great drawing. Definitely have to agree with some of the others that this character deserves more attention. It might be nice to see her appear in some capacity in a future comic or something.

Ambrose65's avatar


groblek's avatar

Ooh, a centaures, nice!

hazz099's avatar

Nice but what about her udders does she get milked ? Can you give us a character bio? Does she give birth on behalf of others? Sell milk? Looks like a real fun character

jahall2's avatar

Nice! It seems that centauresses don't breed true, as her baby seems to be wholly human.

Moon-Dust-Eclipse's avatar

The boy could be an adopted son she wishes to care for. But that's left up to the viewer to decide, really.

Bprofessional's avatar

This looks great. Like something out of a Greek legend and the baby grows to be a great hero!

Hysi's avatar

I wonder who the father is :)

babyboy1977's avatar

This would almost fit right into Personalias's "New Narnia" story on his Patreon and DeviantArt pages.

justletmein6's avatar

hey okok i just wanted to let u know that i bought the latest issue of wendy wonka but when i bought it i didn't get it could u please help me

Moon-Dust-Eclipse's avatar

Really is a great piece of art. Lucky kid to have such a powerfully built mother.

Oodussus's avatar

I don’t think horses have four teats, but otherwise another great piece!

solerum16's avatar

Yeah, i'm also doubting about the human torso. Don't think I've seen that on regular horses so far.

Oodussus's avatar

I meant the teats under the horse half

solerum16's avatar

But why do they have teats if they also have breasts?! You think these made up mythological fantasy creatures would be more realistic :d rather than being sexy creatures of imagination!!!

Since you didn't get it the first time, it was sarcasm.

Oodussus's avatar

Ah, ok. Sarcasm doesn’t really translate well over text.

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