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Mistress Ariannas Wishing Stones 3/3

Comic page 1 of 3 Art by Okayokayokok, commissioned by the famous :iconthrandrall: thrandrall

check out his art blog… for more.

Page 1: Mistress Ariannas Wishing Stones 1/3
Page 2: Mistress Ariannas Wishing Stones 2/3
Page 3: Mistress Ariannas Wishing Stones 3/3
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Demoless's avatar
Now I’m eagered to find that stone, or order it at least >u>
Nightmarecake4268's avatar
~Those wishing stones, will be the death of us.~
ChalkArtist1216's avatar
I'll gamble a stamp for Arianna's Wishing Stones... then maybe I will become "Hero of the Diner"! :strong:
One of my DeviantArt faves.
WhereAmINow22's avatar
Becareful what you wish for. lol.... There is always a loophole, or something you never think of :)
Anthroalicorntf's avatar
ojalá existiera algo así.
use google traductor to traduce. 
I could use a sequel to this grand tale.  Well written as always.  You have a genius mind.
MasterofMuffin's avatar
I love how she leaves the doors open so the patrons can see her squatting over a bucket, eggs presumable coming out of her cooch.
weird but efficient lol
Schnellbahn's avatar
Please, give me this this wishing stone ;-) I love this transformation
Luckystarpony85's avatar
Why is there a link to this page at this page?
okayokayokok's avatar
I was seeing if I could create a wormhole.
TheSuitedMan's avatar
rhenry76's avatar
did she shit it out
Xandyballz's avatar
This reminds me a juvenile American joke. Something about a chicken butt?
Icebird1917's avatar
Oh, my god, she is humor
Pooping eggs?????
Kazumy's avatar
i would love to order a few please.. the results are incredible
Joshman88's avatar
You know, she has a set of six...but the comic only has her making only four...liquids.  I think it begs the question, what are the final two flavors hmm?
ChozenForLife's avatar
I think those are normal titties that produce milk. The others that grew are the different liquid ones.
Sonicrailin's avatar
Wish magic offers such interesting fun!
8reaper1's avatar
hard working types always adapted to the cards that they have been dealt
trashcan01's avatar
Fantastic comic!
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