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Daycare Switcheroo

Little Sierra gets mistaken for the little kids in the daycare! Not sure, but I don't think anyone is going to believe her story.
If you like this sketch, come back and vote for it in the poll = April 23-29, 2020

The first sketch request for the "Corona Quarantine" Sketch Request Contest happening now!
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April Sketch Request Contest Fundraiser by okayokayokok
(this is a single character, colored sketch)
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being 1 of the kids in daycare sounds like a nice way to live my life

rowdawg69's avatar

I would have NO problem with being in her place

paddedweeb's avatar
They know she isnt the kid , but after she was fed laxitive candy she might as well be

Is there a story on this?? Love these sort of stories!!!!

SparkleDust1's avatar
The best story about daycare workers.  Yay!
Scarecrow-Joe's avatar
Seems she always has trouble convincing people she's older than they think she is :P
Hadalis's avatar
We all need to be interested! It's a superb story, Sierra, and definitely one of your best! 
tinypet03's avatar
would be nice to be sent to daycare every day :)
JSDoom83's avatar
Definitely would like to see this
SmashleyAshley's avatar
I'm definitely writing a story for this. Let's see if you take it when the contest comes around next month. 
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Hi! ^-^ Just so you know, I, as the person who commissioned this picture, do intend to write a story based on it. Obviously, it's a pretty big concept, and far from original, really, with lots of room for different ideas, but if you stick too close to the picture, it might wind up being a little too similar.
SmashleyAshley's avatar
Most diaper stories are similar. Point being this; I'll be writing about a blond who ends up in daycare, you'll be writing about your OC. We will see if either of our stories get picked.
SpankingToons's avatar
I'd love to see this one turned into a comic :)
Ambrose65's avatar
So cute!

An amazing idea.
Hadalis's avatar
Is this your first rendition of :iconlilmissierra:? If so - bravo! Also, me thinks she doth protest too much...
Very cute! And I just love this idea! 
This needs to be a comic to be a comic, even if you can't use Sierra herself, having someone just as little as her would be good and it could go along with a sequel to drunken daycare.
SmashleyAshley's avatar
I've been dying for a sequel to Drunken Daycare. A short blond could end up being drunk girl's playmate for the day.
Or maybe her sister.
That's an adorable situation
SissyChris's avatar

Very funny and cute, great work as always

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