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Blue Planet Volume all 3 issues

By okayokayokok
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The 3 issue series, "Blue Planet", will take you on a journey into a future stuffed with rich, juicy, blueberry filling. 

After the events of "Size of the Blueberry" and "Apocalyptic Blueberry", a crew on Mars loses all contact with Earth. In their desperate attempt for survival, a team is sent back to Earth, but what they find is a hostile world overrun by wild blueberries.

These comics are considered a sci-fi/horror genre. 56 pages in 1 pdf (75mb)
Buy via Gumroad here: gum.co/Ceou

Hey guys, thanks for all the support you've given to this series. As of now, the series is "closed" but can always be reopened with enough support, so if you enjoyed this series, please let me know in a comment and who knows... maybe this won't be the last blueberry you see!

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What is the story of Blue Planet?
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What are you going to do next ?
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You know I want more of this particular series (or similar spin offs) and I hope others are the same. 

That said, bring on Wendy Wonka! 
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i think there's room for a prequel and a sequel lol
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Loved it! I can't wait for more of your Wendy Wonka stuff too though!
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the challenge will be how to do another blueberry in Wonka that feels fresh. One thing that has been requested has been more bubble blowing, so already working on an idea for that angle.
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Bubble blowing definitely gets my vote.
The idea of someone expanding either when the bubble they blow pops or when they blow a bubble (but not shrinking when their bubble pops) is something that's terribly underused I find.
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I mean, bubble blowing might be an interesting take! Another way to go about it might not necessarily be the transformation itself, but rather what they transform in. Overalls are always a challenging and fun way to do the whole blueberry sequence, since you really get some interesting shapes!
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oh very good suggestion! and yes, that's a good way to think about it. So, maybe you'll see someone in overalls...even if it is a dead giveaway now lol
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Eeee!!! Also still up for that comic commission whenever you are ready! Let me know when things aren't so crazy busy!
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