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Berry Angry Mother

By okayokayokok
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This is a whole new meaning to the walk of shame. After having been juiced, this mother and daughter walk out Wonka's factory with a whole new look. And yes, this is as small as they are going to get. But, I'm sure if you offer them a piece of gum that will fix their swollen bodies they'd try it without a 2nd thought.

Daughter ref:…
Mother ref:…

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The dialogue in this is great.

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I'd love a part two. Whether it be a sequel or prequel I'd love it either way
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i'll go on the opposite direction and say that i'd like to see a prequel =P

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This would be great with a part 2 but I do like this one as well. Them both still very spherical, probably about The size halfway through a normal expansion if they chewed the gum. Their big boobs that'll never fit a bra around them, huge round bellies That would be hard to cover. Short fat legs and a big round butt that their panties look great covering. The jiggle they would feel as they take each step, and their arms useles, forced up by their boobs and bellies. I wonder if they still leak from time to time. Maybe the daughter swallowed her Gum and has told her mother and will keep expanding like a certain blueberry girl from another comic.

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I would love to see a part 2 for this.
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okayokayokokProfessional Digital Artist

i would love to do a part 2 for this

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Awesome I always enjoy your work. Though your dialogs are always fun to read.
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Then mother started forcing her daughter to drink her juice, so she becomes slim again. Then she shows her daughter on county fairs ;)

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Elephantking89Hobbyist Traditional Artist

They then entered the county fairs and won the blue ribbon

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okayokayokokProfessional Digital Artist

i can definitely see the mom dragging her to the county fair... "mom, this is so embarassing! Stop winking at the judge!" "be quiet and smile! i won't lose this competition to some 3 foot pumpkin because you couldn't bare to show your teeth. A little flirting goes a long way."

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