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Apocalyptic Blueberry comic cover

By okayokayokok
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This is THE essential blueberry comic. It's a huge step in the right direction from its prequel, size of the blueberry, which i released about a year ago.

Synopsis: It is 28 years after the blueberry incident recorded in the Size of the Blueberry series. 5 ladies infiltrate the locked-down city under the guise of a juicing crew (the kind of crew brought in when someone's "crossed over to the blue-side"). The 5 ladies are 2 scientists, a hired gun, the team leader with real juicing experience, and a small observational analyst. They've been put together on this team, but not by their own choice of company. What is this mission they've been charged with? Can they complete it without becoming victims to the blueberries they seek? Or should they be more concerned about their own team members?

Part 1 - 18 pages and cover pdf is $10
link to get it: www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?…

To download the complete 3 part series - all 57 pages in 1 pdf (discounted): www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?…
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WOW... Slow week huh?
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Probably one of the best covers I've ever seen for a comic :D 
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Is there popping?
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your turning into a wierd fettish!
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hhehehe is going be any vore in this like size of blue berry lol.
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there's no vore in this one, but there is something like it...when someone gets sucked into the blueberry. :) There's some inflation and in part 2, there is/will be butt expansion
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Well there ever be a comic about how that one big blueberry and how she got like that?or at least a few pages about her with close ups?
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I admit, though probably be best save for future issue i love see one giant blue berry girls go on eating binge gorge on smaller blue berry girls some point or group large ones, some kinda pecking order or something like that.
brainstorm332000's avatar
ah man, i just hoping some larger blue berry girls try eat or cram down some smaller ones but oh well maybe in later chap hahahaha.
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I'll try it.
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May I ask, why must you charge for artwork? I'm not trying to be rude or to criticize the way you work things around here, by the way. I'm just simply asking. I love the artwork that you do, however I find it rather upsetting that I can't view other potentially great artwork created by you simply because you charge for it. Again, I'm not trying to be rude, I'm just stating an opinion. 
okayokayokok's avatar
it's a pretty simple concept-? If you spend your life doing something, you have to be able to make money doing it. If you have a different idea on how I could spend a month working on a comic and get paid for the time I put into it, please share because I've never been able to think of alternative ways to do it, and I think that's why there are bookstores and comic shops. When I do commissions, I get paid for that and I share those in the gallery, but if you look into prices/hrs put in, it can't be an artist's job unless he charges a lot. That is why painters sell their paintings for prices that seem high. I'm not sure why you would say you can't look at any of the comics I sell, they're cheaper than a date and they're loss-less. It's very feasible to view artwork I charge for, it's usually less than 50 cents a page if you do the math and I've never been able to put out more than one comic for sale per month.

I think the real answer to your question is something like "why can't everything be free".
some things in life are free, some things aren't - same concept applies here i think.
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Ah, I understand now. Thank you for clarifying. 

P.S. Love your artwork! ;)
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thanx for asking. I do try to have as much freely available as I can and keep any paid stuff about as cheap as you can find for the quality/time put into the work.
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Another blueberry master piece good sir! A ripe joy to read
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about how long till the email after purchase on paypal?
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Them big ladies looks good in suits :P
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is this mailed to you?
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E-mailed, it's digital. BUT it is in the correct format to be printed if I ever wanted to get it done up like a traditional comic!
lolimdanoob's avatar
is it emailed to the email that the paypal is set up with or can it be emailed to another email like a gift for them?
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If you send me a message/note to let me know what to do, I will accomadate your request.
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awesome can't wait for the blueberry comic!
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