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Wendy Wonka 2.4: Sex and Candy in the Air


The Halloween Costume

The Halloween Costume

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"Tales from the Crib Keeper"


Tales from the Crib Keeper is an OKAYOKAYokok comic series. Each issue contains multiple stories based on ideas submitted by fans. There are currently 10 issues available

Wendy Wonka Comics


Wendy Wonka and the Chocolate Fetish Factory is an ongoing OKAYOKAYokok comic series. Chapter 1 was 6 issues and I am currently working on Chapter 2: Issue #4

Issue 1:

Wendy Wonka and the Chocolate Fetish Factory
just when I thought my troubles were over my cintiq stops working! Nooooooo!!!!!!! error- screen goes black after a half second of being turned on. computer still recognizes its connection and power still on. Anybody else run into this issue ever?
Woo! Mando s2 comes out swinging strong! Worth the wait

Date with a Scary Movie?

Date with a Scary Movie?

Boo! Halloween is here! Have you been catching up on any scary movies? This might be the most opportune Halloween ever to stay in, crash onto the couch with popcorn and a few scary flicks! This is my journal to share my finds and... maybe get some suggestions from you? This year, I've been busy with preparing for a big house move, so my streaming movie list isn't as well- developed as it usually is. I'm looking for any one's help in picking out the gems available on streaming platforms right now- leave a comment with the one you've enjoyed. HBO Max and Netflix seem to have their line-ups in good standing for Halloween this year! HBO Max: Invisible man, Ready or Not, The Thing, Signs, The Blob, Critters 2, Leprechaun, Us, It chapter 2, Alien and Jaws anthology, Piranha, The Ruins, Gremlins 2, Eraserhead, Jeepers Creepers, The Others Netflix: The Witches, 1922, Poltergeist, The Invitation, Silence of the Lambs, The Perfection, Pan's Labyrinth, Addam's Family, Scream, Don't be Afraid

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Happy Thanxgiving!

Any update on the next comic?