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"Tales from the Crib Keeper"


Tales from the Crib Keeper is an OKAYOKAYokok comic series. Each issue contains multiple stories based on ideas submitted by fans. There are currently 10 issues available

Wendy Wonka Comics


Wendy Wonka and the Chocolate Fetish Factory is an ongoing OKAYOKAYokok comic series. Chapter 1 was 6 issues and I am currently working on Chapter 2: Issue #4

Issue 1:

Wendy Wonka and the Chocolate Fetish Factory

Wendy Wonka Pre-order Next Sunday

Wendy Wonka Pre-order Next Sunday

Trying out the new journal- here goes! Wendy Wonka pre-order will be available next Sunday (May 31st) and the day after that, (June 1st) the June Sketch Request Contest will start. Wendy Wonka 2.4: Issue #4 will have a TG (male to female), Weight gains, an Hourglass Expansion, and an inflation. Bring your sweet tooth and $10 for 6 pages ready for reading. With your pre-order, you get instant access to 6 pages and the rest of the comic when it is finished. 'Something New': There will be a 2nd update with 6 more pages as soon as they are finished, and a 3rd update when the comic is finished. Sketch Request Contest starts June 1st! You can request through the link on Deviantart (coming June 1st) or through a sketch request tier on Patreon. There will be limited availability this month- meaning not as many sketches as there were in April. There will be 3 winners that get finished and 2 commission slots will be open for sketches to be paid to finish. If you have questions, you
Loving the new website skin! -said no one.

Last Poll here on DA

Last Poll here on DA

(not the last poll ever, just the last poll for the April sketches)...The Last Poll for the massive "Corona Quarantine"Sketch Request contest is being held here on DA:  https://www.deviantart.com/okayokayokok/journal/poll/7855372/ The 2 top winners from this "run-off" poll will be picked on Wed at noon (May 6th). The 2 winning Diapered sketches were: This week, I'll be working on finishing (^those 2) and March's Patreon-only contest's winners. The March Patreon-only sketches will be submitted to the gallery on Wed and Sun this month. I will be running the sketch request contest again next month (June) the same way...but there will be a li

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when start the work for the next comic of Wendy Wonka and next Tales Comic?

okayokayokokProfessional Digital Artist

I'm working on the next Wendy Wonka comic right now and then it will be a Tales comic after that. I should have Pre-order for the next Wonka ready by June 1, when the next SKETCH Request starts.

This reminded me of you


Maybe it's the Wonka...

What's going to happen to Tabitha and her boss? I can't wait to find out could you tell us? GoF is by far my favorite series!

Since I have to ask the question, I anticipate the answer will be, "You just won't understand." But I am still compelled to ask... what the Hell is the attraction to piss/shit filled diapers?

Any news about GoF3 or Erin the witch?

okayokayokokProfessional Digital Artist
no not yet. still trying to get work done on Wendy Wonka 2-4!