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SuperGroup Feature - OkavangaHi everyone! Hi!
I have been a bit behind in posting this SuperGroup feature journals.
This past couple of weeks I was studying for two exams. In search for answers 
One of which covered material from this past (and final) semester over the summer.
And the other one, big exam, covering 3 years worth of nursing information.
But! The good news is that earlier today I got my results back! :omgomg: 
Annddd... I can officially call myself a Registered Nurse! :nurse: v2
With that being said, for this week we will be featuring Okavanga!

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It's time for a new issue of Fav Feature - a feature of subjective favorites from past couple weeks Dancing :la:

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Have a lovely day! :love: 

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on a hot summers days
to freshen things up
and keep everything green



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Born out of the idea to give journal features a DD and to award journalists who created their journals themselves with their own ideas, texts, art, this monthly journal will focus on this special kind of artists:

DA's Chronicle
Appreciating Journalists


"Okavanga usually invites his readers to beautiful African Safari trips with breath-taking photographies. Apart from these he designs interesting tutorials, made in his surroundings of gorgeous Scottish landscape and at the bottom of this journal the reader will meet "The KIng, HR

bright and colourful III 
A small selection from my "Photography" favourites!

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Rhino in Reserve

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 22, 2018, 11:26 PM
*** A couple or more of the following images have been rated, by me, as containing Mature Content. There is no intention of offence, the images refer to natural animal functions and behaviour, but may be deemed by some to be unsuitable for younger eyes or those of a delicate mind. ***

During our recent South African adventures, we stayed for a few days at a game lodge, Rhino Ridge, in the Hluhluwe-Umfolozi National Game Reserve in KwaZulu Natal. The lodge was aptly named as we came across on a daily basis several rhinoceroses. These were all of the species known as southern white rhino, (Ceratotherium simum simum). These creatures are not white but grey in colour and the appellation "white" is thought by some to be a corruption of an Afrikans word "wyd" meaning "wide", such referring to the very wide mouth and lips on these rhino. Rhino are an endangered species being sought and killed by poachers for their horns which are thought by several misguided Asian cultures to provide therapeutic properties. Rhino are herbivores eating grass and other ground cover. Males can weigh up to 2.4 tonnes (2400 kilos) and females up to 1.5 tonnes (1500 kilos). Their skin is very thick, 5 cm in places, but for an animal of this size they have tiny brains, 400-600 grams - take note people of South-East Asia - consume rhino horn and your brains shrink! Rhino are said to have fairly poor eyesight, but good hearing and odour sense. This latter ability being very important, as explained later.

The first shot shows a common sight in the Hluhluwe Reserve, a female rhino with her calve. You note the very long prominent horn on the female with a second, much smaller one behind. The calf has already developed a substantial horn and this suggests it may be 4-5 years old, but any experts out  in DA-sphere please let me know what you think. A much younger calf, probably 12-18 months is seen in the next image and its mother in the third. The point here is that calves are kept under close scrutiny by their mother for many years. If a calf does become separated from its mother it may not survive.

Rhino Mum and Calve. by Okavanga

Rhino Calf by Okavanga

Watchful Rhino by Okavanga

The focus of this journal is on the male white rhino, so let me introduce you to Mr Big:

Mr Big Napping by Okavanga

He is about 4.5 metres long and from ground to top of the head about 2 meters. He is one of the 2 tonne plus guys. This fellow is fit and in his prime. He is lying on a patch of his territory that allows him sight, sound and smell of the locality. Although he is of a fearsome appearance as seen in the next shot, rhinos such as Mr Big along with females are generally not aggressive animals. We could approach the females with their calves in our vehicle to within a couple of metres. They do become aggressive under two circumstances - females if their calves are threatened and males when another male encroaches upon their territory. So, Mr Big is a big softy while he controls his patch. When we first encountered Mr Big he was lying down, very drowsy. But, he decided to wake up and proceed with his busy day. Getting up is a bit of a struggle, but he manages that soon enough. You can see that huge wide moth in the next shot.

Mr Big Wakes Up by Okavanga  Mr Big Surveys His Territory by Okavanga

As with lots of males of different species, male rhinos often show a degree of sexual arousal upon waking. This phenomenon is particularly marked in young bull elephants, but Mr Big is not named solely for his large bulk! For further information on such aspects check out a previous Journal  Rollicking Rhinos
I've had some difficulty in deciding whether to post these shots of rhinoceroses at all. Rhinos in Africa are subject to appalling poaching from organised gangs who kill the animals, and remove the horns in order to sell powered rhino horn in the Chinese and Vietnamese markets, the buyers of such believing that ingesting such increases their own male potency. There is a view that by posting images of rhinos, I may be helping identify where these animals are, and there are stories of people going on safari and posting in real time the co-ordinates of rhinos so that poachers may come and do their deadly despicable work. Thus, I have thought carefully before posting these shots and writing this Journal. I have decided to do so because the bad guys are highly professional, although they use poor, often Mozambique, people to do the actual slaying, who already know where the rhino are from fly overs (these guys use helicopters), and maps and i

Mr Big Displays His Prowess by Okavanga

After a few minutes grazing, Mr Big takes on one of the most important tasks of his day - checking and upgrading his territory markers. The size and weight of male rhinos is such than any aggressive contact between two males will almost certainly end in severe injury or death for one or both rhinos. Those horns backed by over 2 tonnes ofbone and  muscle will easily penetrate an opponent's skin and vital organs. To lessen the chances of such encounters, rhinos have evolved a strange method of territory defence - the dung midden. The male rhino marks his territory with middens of excrement, mostly located far and wide around the edges of the territory, but also with a few near to any particular headquarters patch such as Mr Big is occupying here. So, he wanders along to the nearest midden and digs into with his horn, next image, to release some odour into the atmosphere. If needed, next image, he adds some fresh dung. He may well spray the midden with urine just to emphasise who resides in this part of the rhino world.

Mr Big at Work. by Okavanga

Mr Big Piles It On by Okavanga

Now the defence strategy become more clear - Mr Big deposits and maintains his middens such that the odours will be perceived by any other wandering male who then will back off and stroll on elsewhere, for the wandering male is more than happy to avoid confrontation and would not otherwise know he had trodden on Mr Big's preserve.

What do females do about middens - nothing. They don't make them, but they may be happy enough to remain within the territory as defined by Mr Big.

Finally, another somewhat more appealing shot - a young calf looking out to check the coast is clear.

Watching Brief by Okavanga

That's all on rhinos for now - hope yopu enjoyed the show.


David aka Okavanga :iconokavanga:

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