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In terms of Origami stuff
Sort of, not really. Demon Irai will still be here and maybe a few of the others of the Demon Series as well.
But a lot of new stuff will be posted on my Smackjeeves now…

Lives Intertwined will essentially be random comics within the world of the Demon Series, not following any particular plot or characters
(though I did make a whole bunch about the Mangetsu family...)

Part of this is because I figured that since most of the characters aren't Demons anymore I might as well change the name to something a bit more appropriate to what I actually draw.

And since most of my comics are just random moments with different characters....
(Will be edited with more stuff added as I think of them)

Tsuritama (Anime)
Fishing = Friendship (and Aliens)

Toriko (Manga)
Guys killing monsters and eating them

Houshin Engi (Manga)
Guy on flying hippo builds an army to defeat an evil fox demon

Houshin Engi (Anime)
Not as good as the Manga

Noblesse (Manhwa)
Ancient vampire wakes up in modern day, hilarity ensues...and then evil organizations invade South Korea, action ensues

+Anima (Manga)
Children with Animal powers travel the world

Kill Me Kiss Me (Manhwa, Volume 1)
Girl pretends to be her male cousin to get close to her crush, gang violence ensues

Kill Me Kiss Me (Manhwa, Volume 2-5)
Girl's male cousin is now the main character, more gang violence

5 Star Stories (Manga)
It's complicated but it boils down to- Giant Robots

Baccano (Anime)
Chaos, immortals and gangsters in 1940's America
(Also Isaac and Miria are the greatest people on the face of the planet)

Durarara (Anime)
Chaos, headless rider and street gangs in modern day Japan
(Baccano's slightly more coherent cousin)

Air Gear (Manga)
Epic Rollerskating

Princess Tutu (Anime)
A duck falls in love with a prince and turns into a ballerina to gather the scattered pieces of his heart while fighting off the evil crows...
(Better than it sounds once you make it past season 1)

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Manga/Anime)
The Jostar family goes through bizarre adventures...also Mayan Vampires...and Mexican Nazis...and that's not even getting to part 3...

Angel Sanctuary (Manga)
Fallen Angel reincarnated as Japanese high school boy falls in love with his sister, tragedy ensues

Shiki (Manga/Anime)
Vampires slowly kill off a small mountain town to take it over

Black Cat (Manga)
Former assassin goes on adventures with psychic guy and shape shifting girl while evil stalker laughs and does evil things...

Black Cat (Anime)
A severe disappointment to fans of the Manga
Though evil stalker guy was done magnificently

Darker Than Black (Anime, season 1)
Chinese Electric Batman

Darker Than Black (Anime, season 2)
Chinese Electric Hobo
(Don't watch it, it ruins the characters and even now I try to erase that horror from my memories)

One Piece (Anime/Manga)
Pirates are awesome
(Read this series if you haven't already)

Hunter x Hunter (Manga/Anime)
Little boy and his friends go on adventures

Bleach (Anime/Manga)
Boy sees dead people killing dead people and becomes a killer of dead people
(Good series but you should drop it after the villain decides he wants to be a butterfly)

Category Freaks (Manga)
Demonic creatures killed and eaten by a group of paranormal investigators and their pet bunny girl (Killed by investigators, eaten by bunny girl)

D.Grey-Man (Manga)
Kid with deformed arm kills demons- also gay clown

Change Guy (Manhwa)
Nerdy guy and delinquent guy switch bodies, epicness ensues (of the humorous and awesome variety)

Death Note (Anime/Manga)
Guy finds notebook that kills people, becomes serial killer claiming to be God
Insomniac Detective with a sweet tooth hunts him down- also apples

Demon Diary (Manhwa)
Sweet innocent kid gets chosen to be the next demon lord, hilarity ensues as the demon teacher tries desperately to make the kid a proper evil demon lord

Stein's Gate (Anime)
Guy builds a time machine using a microwave, epicness ensues

Kamisama Hajimemashita (Manga/Anime)
Girl becomes new land god, gets her own fox demon familiar, romance ensues

Detective Conan (Anime/Manga)
Teenage detective gets turned into a little kid by an evil organization
Decades pass and he never grows up

Devil and Devil (Manga)
A Demon and Angel fall to Earth badly injured and posses the bodies of two twin brothers...hilarity and awesomeness ensues

DNAngel (Manga)
Boy in love love with girl who's in love with boy's alter ego who's in love with girl's twin sister who's in love with boy, also magic

Fairy Cube (Manga)
Boy sees Fairies, horrible things happen, it's a Yuki Kaori manga, what'd you expect?

Dragon Knights (Manga)
3 Knights try to return home after killing the Demon lord...complications arise

Eyeshield 21 (Manga)
Epic American football in Japan

Angelic Layer (Manga)
People making dolls beat the shit outta each other

Chobits (Manga)
Computers are people

Cardcaptor Sakura (Manga/Anime)
Little girl accidentally unleashes magics of mass destruction upon her town, has to catch 'em all

Descendants of Darkness (Manga)
A Shinigami and his partner solve mysterious deaths- gayness ensues

.Hack//Series (Manga/Anime/Video Game)
Virtual reality gaming is dangerous

Fruits Basket (Manga/Anime)
A sweet girl meets a family with emotional issues and helps them get over it…also they turn into animals

Full Metal Alchemist (Manga/Anime)
People learn they're not supposed to mess with the forces of nature or they'll end up with a robot arm…also tons of symbolism

Getbackers (Manga)
Two guys steal things back
(also they're totally not gay for each other)

Full Metal Panic (Manga/Anime)
Child soldier sent undercover to pose as regular Japanese high school student, hilarity ensues

Full Metal Panic Fumofu (Anime)
More high school fun…also giant mouse costume…which he rewires into a battle suit...

Gravitation (Manga)
Hyperactive spazz lead singer of a band falls in love with a grumpy jaded romance author, gayness ensues

Gravitation Remix (Manga)
ALL the Rape

Half Prince (Novel)
A girl cross-plays as a guy in an online game, epicness ensues

Half Prince (Manhua)
Not as good as the novel but still really good

Hetalia (Anime/Manga/Webcomic)
Nations of the world personified as people, lots of shipping and the world map now looks like a mass orgy

ID (Manhwa)
An asian martial artist ends up in Tolken-esque fantasy world, epicness ensues

No. 6 (Anime)
Boy finds out the Utopia he lives in isn't perfect…conspiracies, killer wasps and other stuff happens- also gay (?)

Laon (Manhwa)
Fox demon searches for his(her?) missing tails, horror ensues

Loveless (Manga)
Amnesiac boy meets much older man, they go into battle together with lots of S&M themes and words…also people have cat ears that symbolize virginity

Ludwig Revolution (Manga)
A prince wanders through darker and edgier fairytales in search of a bride
(It's by Yuki Kaori as well)

Mythical Detective Loki (Manga/Anime)
Norse god Loki gets sent to Earth in the form of a child and starts a detective agency

Petshop of Horrors (Manga)
A petshop in Chinatown sells creatures that test the morals of humanity
Find a shop like this in your local Chinatown :)

Petshop of Horrors (Anime)
They made a few episodes before canceling the project :(

Night Exile (Manga)
Amnesiac vampire wanders the world in search of his memories

Genjuu no Seiza (Manga)
Boy finds out he's the reincarnation of the king of a place with magical animal guardians…he absolutely refuses the role and has to deal with spiritual animals following him everywhere

Elixer (Manga)
An Alchemist travels the world searching for the Elixer…ends up helping people

Shin Petshop of Horrors (Manga)
A new Petshop is set up, this time in Japan

Monster (Anime/Manga)
A Doctor saves the life of a little boy who turns out to be a serial killer

Naruto (Manga)
A boy with a demon fox sealed inside him wants to be a ninja

Naruto (Anime)
Filler of DOOM

Nurarihyon no Mago (Manga)
Yakuza demons

Penguin Revolution (Manga)
ALL the Crossdressing!

Saiyuki (Manga)
Journey to the West if all the characters were sexy men (who are possibly gay for each other)

Shounen Shinkaron (Manga)
Boy angsts over the fact that he's identical to his father (who's pretending to be a teenage pop idol)

Spiral: Bonds of Reasoning (Manga)
High school detective is challenged by cat-eyed murderers

Ubel Blatt (Manhwa)
Little elf boy out for revenge on the friends who betrayed and killed him years ago
(Sex and violence ensues)

Vampire Game (Manga)
Vampire lord seeking revenge on the man who killed him reincarnates as a kitten

Vampire Doll (Manga)
Vampire lord gets his soul sealed inside a female wax doll…hilarity ensues

Vampire Knights (Manga)
Sorta like Twilight without the werewolves and the Edward equivalent is her brother…
(Don't hate me, this is just my opinion, to be fair Vampire Knights is a lot better written than Twilight will ever be)

W Juliet (Manga)
A girl who looks like a guy meets a guy who's pretending to be a girl so he can have his family's permission to become an actor

XXXHolic (Manga/Anime)
A boy who sees dead people works for a suspicious women to try and get rid of his ability to see dead people, also crossover with Tsubasa

Tsubasa (Manga/Anime)
Cardcaptor Sakura remake, also crossover with XxxHolic

Yu Yu Hakusho (Manga/Anime)
Delinquent boy gets killed and brought back to life to be a demon hunter

Level E (Manga/Anime)
Aliens are trolls (the internet kind)

Nightmare Investigator/Yumekui Kenbun (Manga)
A Baku (dream-eater) eats people's nightmares, you can count the number of happy endings throughout the series with with just your fingers)

Ayatsuri Sakon (Anime/Manga)
A boy and his puppet solve mysteries

Blood Lad (Manga)
Otaku Vampire meets normal human girl

Blue Exoircist (Manga)
Satan's son becomes an exorcist

Cute x Guy (Manga)
A girl wants to become sexy to attract a boy she likes so her scientist dad gives her some medicine…which makes her become sexy…a sexy boy…

Ranma 1/2 (Manga/Anime)
Boy turns into girl when hit with cold water, martial arts action and hilarity ensues

Legend of Sun Knight (Novel)
The Sun Knight is the holiest most pure hearted man alive, he's forgiving, graceful, perfect, always has a smile on his face and would really like to beat the shit out of the man who started that 'Sun Knight is perfect' tradition 'cause he's sick of smiling all the time and not being able to curse or be violent and being forced to be graceful in everything he does (even falling down the stairs)
(I love this novel soooo much, there's a Manga for it as well but the art is…weird…)

Denpa Kyoushi (Manga)
Genius Otaku becomes a teacher

Kagerou Days (Manga/Vocaloid song series)
Kids with special powers form a club, also the world is ending, also two kids caught in a groundhog day loop, also your life is a lie

Day of Revolution (Manga)
Boy finds out he's actually a girl due to a genetic problem so he decides to start his life over as a girl

Princess Princess (Manga/Anime)
Three boys are forced to dress as girls in their all boy school to provide the school with fanservice
(Incidentally, Mikoto's girlfriend is the boy/girl from Day of Revolution)

Samurai Highschool (Manga)
A twin brother and sister switch identities to enter a Samurai highschool for the different gendered classes

Kunisaki Izumo no Jijou (Manga)
Boy is forced to dress as a girl for Kabuki plays
(Somehow gains a harem of boys…)

Twin Signal (Manga/Anime)
A combat robot with a glitch turns into a chibi whenever his assigned human sneezes

Black Rock Shooter (Anime)
Break the Cutie, the Anime
(Possibly Yandere, the Anime)
(When jealous bitches attack)

Future Diary (Anime/Manga)
People killing each other to become God, also Yandere

Angel Desentsu (Manga)
A really scary looking kid with a pure heart of gold ends up becoming the bancho of his high school accidentally

Angel Beats (Anime)
Bunch of high school kids in purgatory try to beat the shit out of the angel

Yakitate Japan (Anime)
Epic bread-making

Yakitate Japan (Manga)
Doesn't have the Giant Flying Manta Ray ending that the Anime had
Instead they achieve Wold Peace through Bread


Boku no Pico (Anime)
The fuck did I just watch?! Ew…

Toriko (Anime)
A useless female character was added for fan service and nothing else

Akazukin Cha Cha (Manga)
Little Red Riding Hood is a witch in training and her love interest is the Wolf

Akazukin Cha Cha (Anime)
Little Red Riding Hood is a magical girl and her love interest is the Wolf

Butterfly (Manga by Aikawa Yu)
A trap and his man-slave preform exorcisms

Monochrome Factor (Manga)
Boy gets turned into a shadow, strange white haired man keeps flirting with him as they destroy shadow monsters to protect the world

Magi: Magical Labyrinth (Manga)
Aladdin is a cute shota boy with a genie in a flute who teams up with Alibaba and go on adventures

Fudanshism: Fudanshi Shugi (Manga)
Boy cross-dresses and learns about yaoi-fangirl culture to get close to the girl he loves, she falls in Lesbians for him

Evangel (Manga)
An Angel goes to Earth to destroy Demons (but actually just wants to flirt with girls) and his Demon best friend hangs out with him for fun

Earthian (Manga)
Two male Angels go to Earth to decide if Humanity should be destroyed, end up falling in love with each other instead, conspiracies happen

Chrno Crusade (Anime/Manga)
Nun with a Gun and her little Demon sidekick

Amahara-Kun + (Manga)
A Trap tries to convert other boys into Traps

One (Manhwa)
A look into the music industry and how the idols are treated, drama happens

Digimon Zero (Anime)
A group of kids get sent to another world full of monsters where they have to take down the evil guy

Digimon Zero 2 (Anime)
Four years later the kids and some new kids have to go back to the other world to take down an evil dictator

Digimon Tamers (Anime)
Unrelated to the previous two shows, now the monsters come into the Human world and the kids have to protect the world from the evil bad guys
(Alternately, they got the guy who writes about horrible enrich abominations to make a children's series)

Digimon Frontier (Anime)
What if Digimon was a Power Ranger series?

Digimon Data Squad (Anime)
Don't watch it, the games based of it are pretty decent though (if a little Pokemon rip-off-ish)

Prince of Tennis (Manga)
In which Gary-Sues play tennis and nothing of real importance happens

Prince of Tennis (Anime)
Tennis caused the Extinction of the Dinosaurs. Also nothing of great importance happens.

Sakuratetsu Taiwahen (Manga)
Time-Travelers, Aliens, Mole People, Demons and the President of the United States of America all want the land property of a Japanese High School student who fights them all off to protect his house.

Mysterious Unidentified Boy Gedoh (Manga)
Girl meets guy who's actually two guys who is an animal doctor, much weirder than it sounds

Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka (Anime)
Boy becomes a Magical Girl Zombie

Violinist of Hamelin (Manga)
People use musical instruments as weapons to defeat the evil demon king, hilarity ensues

Violinist of Hamelin (Anime)
They took out all the humor and replaced it with angst, this does NOT make the series better

666 Satan/O-Parts Hunter (Manga)
Kid with Satan sealed inside him tries to take over the world, ends up saving it

Hayate Combat Butler (Anime/Manga)
Boy in debt ends up working for a rich girl as her bodyguard/butler, hilarity ensues

Kyouran Kazoku Nikki/Diary of a Crazy Family (Anime)
A cat demon, secret agent, talking lion, biological weapon, jellyfish, drag-queen and a little girl are sent to be a family together, hilarity ensues

Tiger and Bunny (Anime)
Superheroes sold out and spent their time advertising for companies (they do still fight crime though, but it's all on television so everyone can watch)

Black Blood Brothers (Anime)
More Vampires, actually a pretty decent series

Jing: King of Bandits (Anime/Manga)
A thief who straps a bird to his arm to use as a lazier gun travels the world stealing things and seducing women

Read or Die (Anime)
Paper bending is badass

Magic User's Club/Mahou Tsukai Tai (Anime)
Exactly as it says on the title (with real magic and plenty of fanservice)

Harlem Beat wa Yoake made (manga)
Can't tell if this is supposed to be yaoi or not…

Tactics (Anime/Manga)
A writer tries to earn money to support himself, his Kitsune servant and his Tengu boyfriend (?). He ends up preforming exorcisms instead (which don't pay at all)

Sword Art Online (Novel/Anime)
Moar video games are dangerous

Tokyo Mew Mew (Manga/Anime)
A girl gets turned into a Magical Cat-Girl to fight off Aliens, half the cast are named after food

Mew Mew Power (4Kids version of Tokyo Mew Mew)
Everyone has a different name and the ending makes no sense since 4Kids cut out all the plot.

Onmyou Taisenki (Anime)
It's like if Digimon were played on the Kinect or a Wii

Onmyou Taisenki (Manga)
Prequel to the Anime version

High School of the Dead (Manga)
Bunch of high schoolers survive a zombie apocalypse
Fanservice ensues

High School of the Dead (Anime)
Now with more boob-bounce

Katanagatari (Anime)
A guy who refuses to wear a shirt and his female companion travel Japan beating up people and stealing their swords

Ben-To (Anime)
People beating the shit outta each other to buy a Bento lunch

The Melancholy Haruhi Suzumiya (Anime)
Slightly over-rated show about a girl who's actually God and the people who try to keep her happy so she doesn't bring about the end of existence

Wolf's Rain (Anime)
A group of Wolves try to find Paradise in a post-apocalyptic world
The ending will make you cry

Star Driver (Anime)
Fabulous over the top magical boy mecha show

Jellyfish Princess/ Kuragehime (Anime)
A cross-dresser helps a group of nerdy girls try to save their apartment complex from being demolished

Jellyfish Princess/ Kuragehime (Manga)
Story of the Anime continued, since in the Manga they still haven't saved the apartments yet


Saint Young Men (Manga)
Jesus and the Buddha rent an apartment together in Japan

Seikon no Qwaser (Anime/Manga)
Breast Feeding, the series (apparently it gives you super powers)

Kuuchuu Buranko (Anime)
….did they make this series while on drugs? WTF?!
(Seriously though, you should check it out)
Shapeshifting (?) psychiatrist helps people work out their problems

Mononoke (Anime/Manga)
An unnamed Medicine Seller travels Japan exorcising demons. Supporting cast are all Metaphors. Very colorful art.

Arata Kangatari (Manga/Anime)
Two boys named Arata from different dimensions, one is modern day Japan and the other a medieval fantasy world, switch places and have to live each other's lives.

Baby Please Kill Me (Manga/Anime)
A Loli assassin attends elementary school

Lupin III (Anime/Manga)
A master thief goes on wacky adventures with a gunman, samurai and sexy lady (who looks different every time she shows up) while a police inspector tries to arrest him

Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman (Anime)
Lupin III in feudal Japan
(Actually it's Robin Hood in feudal Japan)

Ratman (Manga)
Timid boy becomes demonically evil looking superhero

Basquash (Anime)
In the future people play basketball with giant robots

Bastard (Manga/Anime)
A dark sorcerer was sealed inside a little boy, he gets unsealed to help save the world

Yugioh (Original Manga/Anime season Zero)
Boy solves ancient egyptian puzzle and gets possessed by the spirit sealed inside.

Yugioh (Duelist Manga/Anime)
The spirit possess the boy to play card games to decide the fate of the world

Yugioh GX (Anime)
There is a school built to teach children how to play card games which will decide the fate of the world

Yugioh 5Ds (Anime)
People play card games on motorcycles to decide the fate of the world

Yugioh Zexel (Anime)
They play card games to decide the fate of the world
(I don't even have to watch it to know that is the plot)

Beelzebub (Manga/Anime)
Delinquent gets stuck raising the demon-lord's son
(Would you like this baby? The series)

Black Lagoon (Anime)
Regular office worker gets kidnapped and joins a band of sea pirates

Birdy the Mighty (Anime)
Alien girl and human Japanese high school boy end up sharing a body, the girl fights crime

Black Jack (Anime/Manga)
An unlicensed surgeon is really good at his job

Blade of the Immortal (Manga/Anime)
An immortal swordsman wanders around and gets into lots of fights

Alien 9 (Anime/Manga)
Elementary school girls are chosen to wield parasitic symbiotes to combat aliens
Body horror ensues

Blue Seed (Anime)
Demon plants invade Japan

Bobobo-Bo-Bo-Bobo (Anime/Manga)
What is this I don't even

Papuwa (Manga/Anime)
Pure crack is what this is…and it's glorious. Also this series is very gay

Papuwa, the new series (Anime)
The little brother of the main character from the first series takes over as the new main character, more crack ensues. This is even gayer than the prequel and it is wonderful.

Bokurano (Anime)
Some kids play a video game but it turns out to be real
Giant robots and mind screw
(Kinda like Ender's Game)

Bashing Angel Dukuro-chan (Anime)
A loll angel with a steel mace kills the main character over and over again

Xam'd Lost Memories (Anime)
Boy turns into an organic robot thing

Bubblegum Crisis (Anime)
Girls dress like Power Rangers and fight evil robots

Buso Renkin (Anime/Manga)
Boy gets his heart replaced with a sword made out of Alchemy
The gay butterfly man is the best character in the series

Tsuchikage Ran (Anime)
Drunk swords woman and cat-girl ninja wander Japan

Casshern Sins (anime)
A pretty boy android wanders a destroyed Earth searching for his memories

Cheeky Angel (Manga/Anime)
Boy makes a wish on a Genie to become the manliest man on Earth, the Genie grants him the opposite. Gang violence and epicness ensues

Chi's Sweet Home (Manga)
A baby kitten gets adopted, adorable-ness ensues

Another (Anime)
There's someone in class who's not supposed to be there. There's someone who's already dead and hasn't realized it.

Claymore (Manga/Anime)
Girls with swords kill demons
Anime ending was bullshit, the manga is still going

Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion (Anime)
A prince gains mind control powers and tries to over throw his father's reign. Also there are giant robots

Cromartie High School (Anime)
Normal boy transfers into an all delinquent high school, hilarity ensues

Cyborg 009 (Anime)
Cyborgs escape from the organization who made them as weapons in order to live in peace, each have their own special powers

Deadman Wonderland (Manga/Anime)
Boy framed for murder is sent to prison where he has to bleed to stay alive

Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou (Anime)
High school boys doing random things

Natsume Yuujinchou (Anime)
Boy who sees ghosts inherits a notebook full of demon's names, now they come after him to get their names back

Gong Hua (Novel)
In the forest live the Leaves and a Flower. Though the Leaves are supposed to treasure the Flower they threw the him away. Then the Flower is found by humans…tragedy ensues

Desert Punk (Anime)
In a world that's a desert wasteland people act like assholes to stay alive

DNA2 (Anime/Manga)
A playboy fathers 100 children and causes overpopulation, an agent is sent back in time to prevent this but ends up causing it to happen earlier

Dragon Half (Manga/Anime)
A half dragon half human girl falls in love with a dragon slayer, hilarity ensues

Eiken (Anime)
So much boobs that it's creepy / gross

Elfen Lied (Anime/Manga)
Girls with psychic powers kill people

Excel Saga (Anime)
Just Crack and Insanity

Puni Puni Poemy (Anime)
Excel Saga's drug addict cousin

Flame of Recca (Anime)
It's like if Yu Yu Hakusho was about Ninjas
Anime has a bullshit ending, go read the Manga

Flame of Recca (Manga)
Essentially modern day Ninjas, main character uses Fire powers

Serial Experiments Lain (Anime)
This is why you say 'No' to drugs
Also, the internet is nightmare fuel

Cuticle Tantei Inaba (Anime)
Werewolf detective with a hair fetish…and plenty of crack

I Me My Strawberry Eggs (Anime)
Sexism, the series
Guy cross dresses to become a gym teacher, helps students work out their issues and make the school a better place

Sands of Destruction / World Destruction (Game)
A boy learns that he is the Apocalypse. He, a girl and a teddybear end up traveling the world and seeing how corrupt it is, the girl constantly telling him that he should destroy the world already.
Awesome game, spend all skill points on the Flurry attacks, they don't do a lot of damage at first but they hit many times and can chain up to deal massive damage later in the game

Sands of Destruction / World Destruction (Anime)
They changed practically EVERYTHING. Naga and Rhia have completely different personalities, Kyrie is a whiny useless moron and everything is made 'Kid friendly' and humorous. They took out everything that made the story good and we're left with a lame, boring pile of crap. Seriously what happened?! I know they already had to tone down the game in terms of the violence but this is ridiculous!

Sands of Destruction / World Destruction (Manga)
Better than the Anime…the characters personalities are still a little different from the game but thank god it's not as bad as the Anime….*shuders*
Also the story is somewhat different, a lot darker than the game surprisingly

The Devil king is a Part-Timer / Hataraku Maou-sama (Anime)
The demon king from a magical world falls into modern day Japan and must work at McDonalds to earn a living
(It's not like he has much on his resume to get a better job, Demon Lord does not count as previous job experience)

s-CRY-ed (Anime)
It's kinda like XMen but Anime

Towa no Quon (Anime)
It's even more like XMen but Anime

Iris-Zero (Manga)
In a world where all children/teenagers have vision related super-powers, one boy doesn't and is horribly discriminated because of it

Nobunaga no Chef (Manga)
A modern day 5-star chef goes back in time and ends up working for Nobunaga

Bunny Drop (Anime)
Warning this anime may cause diabetes

Mushishi (Anime)
Micro-organisms = Demons

Watamote / Watashi ga Motenai no wa duo Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui / No Matter how I Look at it, it's your Fault I'm not Popular (Anime/Manga)
Creepy girl wants to make friends
Warning, some of this might hit a bit close to home

Slayers (Anime)
Classical Fantasy Adventures
(Darkness beyond twilight, crimson beyond blood that flows…)

Kubera (Manhwa)
A girl with a god's name travels the world to try and get revenge for the destruction of her village. We sympathize with the 'bad-guys'. This is a war with no villains, only victims.

Iron Knight (Manga)
A boy turns into a monster and decides to use his powers to help humans.

Itsuwaribito (Manga)
A boy uses Lies to help people

Kurogane (Manga)
A swordsman dies and is rebuilt into a cyborg…in ancient Japan

Liling-Po (Manga)
A thief, a warrior and a government worker travel to find stolen treasures. Conspiracies and shipping ensue.

Silver Diamond (Manga)
Boy with plant-based powers gets transported to a world of eternal desert and tries to bring back green life. Yaoi-hints ensue.

Witch Hunter (Manga)
They hunt witches. What do you want from me?

Bartender (Manga)
He tends a bar. And gives life advice.

Adekan (Manga)
A naive, good hearted policeman becomes friends (or more) with an umbrella salesman (who used to be an assassin)
Nakedness and gayness ensue.

9 no Puzzle to Mahou Tsukai / 9 Puzzles and the Wiseman (Manga)
Online avatars and internet crimes

AKB49-Renai Kinshi Jourei (Manga)
Guy cross dresses as a girl to secretly help his crush when she auditions to join an idol group. Guy ends up accepted into the idol group.

Ana no Mujina (Manga)
Boy gains trickster/Kitsune-ish powers. Uses his trickster abilities to take down bad guys.

Boku wa Ne (Manga)
Single father hires a beautiful babysitter to look after his children…heartwarming family bonding ensue.

Bokura no Kiseki (Manga)
Medieval Princess reincarnates as Japanese high school boy. He wants to deny his memories and past life but the events surrounding her death in the past begin to cause trouble for his current life.

Bookmark of Demise (Manga/Vocaloid song series)
In this game you must kill the 'Fox'. If the 'Fox is not found, every other player will die…

Hell Hell (Manga)
Demon children sent to the Human realm to kill each other, last one standing becomes king.
(OMG their hair is soooo fluffy!!!!)

Heaven!!! (Manga)
Girl with spiritual powers meets delinquent boy. Delinquent boy gets possessed by a womanizing ghost.

Jiu Jiu (Manga)
Demon hunter girl and her two Half-Wolf familiars live together.

Kill no More (Novel)
An Assassin swears to never kill again. He meets a boy and they both get blackmailed into going to a school that teaches Magic, Dragon-riding and Giant Robot piloting.

Gong Hua / Black Flower (Novel)
The Black Flower is abandoned by the Leaves who were supposed to care for it. A kind Human taught it love. The death of that Human taught it hate. The Black Flower now lives only for vengeance.

Kimi to Himitsu no Hanazono (Manga)
Tomboy goes to all-girl's school to try and learn femininity. Her girly and dainty roommate is actually a guy.

Maria + Holic (Manga)
Lesbian goes to all-girl's school. Her girly and dainty roommate is actually a guy.

Hana Kimi (Manga)
Girl cross-dresses as a boy to get close to her crush. Hilarity ensues.

Kare Kano (Manga/Anime)
Girl pretends to be perfect. Meets boy who is also perfect. The two see through each other's masks and fall in love. Lots of Shojo sub-plots ensue.

Prunus Girl (Manga)
Guy meets really cute girl who turns out to be a guy.

Ai Ore (Manga)
Guy who looks like a girl dates a girl who looks like a guy.
(I got bored halfway through the 1st volume)

Charming Junkie (Manga)
Girl makes a scary face when she's nervous. Girl wants to learn to be cute and adorable. She learns from an adorable girl with a sweet smile…who's actually a boy.

Never Give Up (Manga)
Girl who looks like a guy falls in love with a guy who looks like a girl.
(OMG you stupid girl just kiss him already! You both love each other what the hell is stopping you?!)

Tokyo Crazy Paradise (Manga)
Girl cross-dresses as a guy to be a bodyguard to the heir to a Yakuza family.
(This manga starts to get offensively sexist…most manga that focus on cross-dressing seem to end up this way...)

My Barbaric Girlfriend (Manga)
A violent girl and a timid boy switch bodies. Everyone around them agrees it suits them more.
(This manga offends me)

Love in the Mask (Manhwa)
Girl forced to cross-dress as a boy to be a rich man's daughter's bodyguard.
(It started out pretty good…but then romance and love-triangles ensue and it seems that the instant a girl falls in love with a guy she becomes completely helps…and apparently cannot live without him.)

Clear up After Rain (Manga)
A bunch of boys turn into girls whenever it rains.

I'm a Royal Tutor in my Sister's Dress (Manga)
Look at the title.

Houou Gakuen Misoragumi (Manga)
Lesbian forced to attend an all-boy's school by her mother who thought this would 'cure' her daughter's sexual orientation.
(…The mother's motives are offensive to me…)

Shishunki Bitter Change (Manga)
Boy and girl switch bodies. Seems to focus more about learning empathy towards others and addressing the feelings of the characters.
(This is good, it's not just some romantic comedy like most gender-bent-body-switches, it's about two people being forced to walk a mile in each other's shoes, literally)

Pretty Face (Manga)
A guy gets into an accident and his face is destroyed. Crazy doctor plastic surgery-ed his face into a cute girl's…the girl he has a crush on. He gets mistaken for his crush's twin sister who went missing years ago…
(It's…kinda a stupid manga…if you're into cringe-worthy moments…)

No Bra (Manga)
Guy meets a cute girl…who happens to be a guy.

He's Dedicated to Roses (Manga)
Girl cross-dresses as a guy to get into street fights. Eventually falls in love with a guy and suddenly loses all her independence because 'waa that boy I love doesn't life me'
(Yes, I am quite bitter about this manga)

Pheromomania Syndrome (Manga)
A girl who looks like a guy is in love with a guy who…you know what, I don't even have to say it. As a note, this manga is hilarious.

Wagaya no Oinarisama (Manga/Anime)
Two boys gain a Fox-spirit guardian. Hilarity ensues. Also the Fox keeps changing gender.

Yubisaki Milk Tea (Manga)
A guy starts cross-dressing as a curiosity…begins to enjoy it.

IS- Otoko Demo Onna Demo Nai Sei (Manga)
The lives of Inter-sexed people. People who aren't one gender of the other.

Brocken Blood (Manga)

Kaichu! (Manga)
Guy meets a cute girl who's actually a guy…
(Seriously, how many times are we gonna see this plot?!)

Charisma Doll (Manga)
Girl dresses up as a gender indeterminate idol singer.

Divine Melody (Manga)
Fox demon makes a promise to be friends with a boy and girl who saved her. 100 years later she/he tracks down the boy and girl's reincarnations. The girl is a princess, the boy is a demon hunter. Tragedy ensues.

Vanilla Ice (Manhwa)
A girl who looks like a guy and a guy who looks like a girl. You know where this is going.

Mint na Bokura (Manga)
Guy cross-dresses to attend his twin sister's boarding school because he doesn't want to be separated from her. Love triangles and dodecagons ensue.

Animal X (Manga)
Yaoi and dinosaurs

Anata to Scandal (Manga)
Girl falls in love with a guy she sees on the train…who is actually a girl.

Kira Kira Labyrinth (Manga)
Girl who hates guys goes to an all girl's school, her roommate is secretly a guy. He's there because he wants to figure out the reason for his sister's suicide in that school 2 years before.

Ai no Shintairiku (Manga)
Guy decides he's going to live as a girl from now on.

Cinderella Boy (Manga by Tumeno Makoto)
A tall girl cross-dresses to join an all male idol group.

Cinderella Boy (Manga/Anime by Monkey Punch)
A guy and girl private detective team are killed in an 'accident'. A scientist saves their lives by joining them together so that one mind and body will be in charge until the clock strikes midnight upon which the mind and body will switch to the other.

Le Chevalier D'eon (Manga)
A swordswoman defeats evil people…problem is, she's dead and is actually a ghost possessing her brother's body in order to fight against evil.
(Actually pretty good)

Here is Greenwood (Manga)
Slice of life following the weird kids in the Greenwood dormitory.

Alto (Manga by Koio Minato)
Boy pretends to be a girl in order to pilot airplanes, because in their world only women are allowed.

Marginal (Manga by Hagio Moto)
Women went extinct.
(Kinda dark…)

Moon child (Manga)
…so…mermaids apparently come from the moon or something…

Golden Boy (Manga/Anime)
A guy travels Japan and despite being a bit of a pervert, he helps out the people he meets on his journey.
(Check it out, if you ignore all the fanservice it's actually a pretty good series)

Ppoi! (Manga)
A story of a boy growing up and the experiences he goes through.
(Very slice of life, very cute)

Nisekoi (Manga)
A girl and boy pretend to be in love to prevent their families from killing each other.
(It eventually become a harem series)

The world God only Knows (Manga/Anime)
A guy uses Dating Sim logic to get girls to fall in love with him. Demons are involved somehow.

Sankarea (Manga)
A guy who likes zombies somehow turned a girl from his class into a zombie.

Attack on Titan (Manga/Anime)
Humanity tries to defend itself from giants that eat them. Epicness ensues.

Cage of Eden (Manga)
It's like a mix of LOST and Survivor but with lots more people dying. Vaguely reminds me of Lord of the Flies.

Onepunch-Man (Manga)
Main character can defeat anyone with one punch. He is bored as shit because of the lack of challenge.

Yamada-kun and the 7 Witches (Manga)
Look at the title.

Assassination Classroom (Manga)
A class of middle schoolers have to kill their tentacle monster homeroom teacher to save the world.

Demonic Detective Nuero (Manga)
A demon who eats mysteries decides to become a detective.

Claymore (Manga)
Girls with swords kill demons.

Rosario + Vampire (Manga)
Human guy accidentally gets enrolled in monster high school. Vampires, Succubus and Witches ensue.

Hajime no Ippo (Manga)
Boxing. Actually pretty good.

Love Stage!! (Manga)
All the Yaoi!

Black Butler / Kuroshitsuji (Manga/Anime)
A boy and his butler/demon from hell.

Soul Eater (Manga/Anime)
Kids fight while using other kids as weapons. Epicness ensues.

Minami-Ke (Anime)
Three sisters and their daily lives. Hilarity ensues.

Mysterious Girlfriend X (Manga)
Boy and girl begin dating because he's addicted to her drool…

Usotsuki Lily (Manga)
Boy hates men to the point he'll punch his own reflection. He dresses as a girl to avoid that.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn (Manga/Anime)
Timid boy gets a baby Mafia kid as his tutor. A male harem eventually ensues.

Ajin (Manga)
Boy dies and comes back to life. Government wants to destroy him.

Reimei no Arcana (Manga)
Princess is sent away in an arranged marriage. No one wants her but romance eventually ensues.

Pokemon (Anime/Manga/Video Games)
Do I seriously have to describe this to you?

Mahou Sensei Negima! (Manga)
Child wizard becomes English teacher at a Japanese Middle School.

Shaman King (Anime/Manga)
Boy sees ghosts. Boy combines with ghost to battle with other people.

Sakamoto Desu Ga? (Manga)
The most epic boy in the world goes about his life. Everyone around him gets character development.

Host Club (Anime/Manga)
Girl is mistaken for a guy and forced to join her school's Host Club to work off a debt after she accidentally broke an expensive vase.

Dragon Ball (Anime/Manga)
7 Dragon Balls will grant a wish. Characters search for them and have violent adventures.

Dragon Ball Z (Anime/Manga)
More violent adventures. The world is saved several times. Also Aliens.

Dragon Ball GT (Anime)
More violent adventures. More Aliens.
An old journal of mine explained the setting of my Demon Series comics (which takes place in an alternate dimension parallel to our own) but it's been years so I'm gonna make a huge journal to update and better explain everything. I've also changed quite a bit of the history of the worlds in these past few years so bear with me...

Information will also be posted here-… (with pictures…once I get around to finishing it)


-The physical relations and differences-

Earth is our world, the 'Human' world as it's referred to by the Beings in Other. Earth is populated by Humans, animals and some non-human beings (though most have migrated over to Other over the years). Earth is split into different countries ruled by whoever is in charge of the government in that area.
Earth has one moon that orbits around it and is the 3rd planet in it's solar system which orbits around a sun.
It goes-
Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto (I don't care what scientists say, Pluto is totally a planet)

Other is the name of the other world, the world where most of the Demon comics takes place (I'm considering changing the name of my comic series to the Other Series instead…but that sounds dumb, but Demon no longer applies since the vast majority of characters are no longer Demons since I've begun adding other species into the comic). The inhabitants of Other call themselves Beings as a whole, breaking that down into all the species and subspecies of Beings (Like Demons, Spirits, Fairies etc.)
Other is physically a mirrored Earth. The continents are all a reflected image of Earth.
Other has one moon that orbits it and is the 2nd planet in it's solar system which orbits around their sun.
It goes-
Sun, Hichen, Other, Nog, Zencath, Blarg, Numan
The world is split into territories ruled by whoever governs that area. The Faerie race are overseers and the main ruling body of Other. There is a council made up of both Faeries and the other races that meet and discuss the important things. There are also the Moderators (kinda like Police but with more power) that are charged with keeping Other safe. More to add in the next section.


-The government in Other-
As stated before, the Faeries are the main ruling body. They have been for millions of years and it was only a few thousand years ago that the Council was made to give the other species more voice in the government. The Faeries have powerful magic and are tied to the planet though it's elements and in the past have been the ones to keep the world in Balance and Order.
There are many Faerie but the important ones to know are the Queens (when one Queen dies, a new one is born). The current Faeries Queens are…
Water- Eloissie
Fire- Devitth
Ice- Crystalla
Lightning- Bennice
Void- Zeihassa (The eldest)
Earth- Thrissa (The youngest)
Air- Lillace
Light- Jenette
Darkness- Morcilla
The Queens rule Other, they have a place in the Faerie city (which exists in a magical subspace inside the clouds) and when they aren't directly governing a place they'll assign someone else to do it in their stead.
The council came about when the other species finally began to fight the Faeries for political power. They wanted a government where their voices can be heard and their opinions could be expressed. The Faeries finally relented and the different species came together to vote (or in some cases, fight) for a spokesperson for their kind.
In recent years with the technological development the other races have begun to catch up to the Faeries in terms of power. This was something that the Faeries had predicted thousands of years ago.
It was because the Faerie knew that this would happen that the whole Pet/Owner contracts were first made. More on this subject in the next section.
The Moderators are a fairly recent group, began a few hundred years ago.
The Moderators are in charge of security and defense. They are a huge organization started and led by the Void Faerie Queen. She usually leaves them to their own devices because she understands that there are some things that they can do better on their own then by listening to her opinion all the time. The Moderators have many jobs such as- keeping track of inter-dimensional portals, registering Owners and Pet adoptions, fighting to defend against threats to the safety of civilians, memory-wipes of unauthorized or accidental cases of Humans entering Other, observational surveillance of Other, find and expel Owners who abused their power and much more.


-The history of Other-
The history of Other is a strange one. In the beginning there was always fighting  going on between species over territory, food, shelter, resources…it was a time with war and chaos. The Faeries even then were trying to maintain order and thus would go around putting a stop to the fighting but it didn't help much.
Still, they could use their Magic to control the other groups and keep them in some semblance of order, but for how long? The Seers of the Faerie knew that eventually their magic wouldn't be enough to keep the other races in line. They needed some way to tame them, to Domesticate them.
They began teaching the other races how to farm, build towns, cities and bring order to their world. It worked among the races but only between those of the same race. They still battled each other for resources and the Faerie were desperate to find some way to stop it.
Completely by chance, a Faerie fell through a wormhole and ended up on Earth. She met with the Fey that existed there and discovered that the wormhole had bought her to a place that had always been connected to her own world of Other.
Earth and Other were tied together in ways she couldn't begin to understand. She discovered Humans and felt a strange power from them. In fact she felt this strange power in all the creatures she met in this 'Earth' but it was especially strong in the Humans. She observed them, saw them raising animals. The Humans raised animals both as food and as companions. It was this latter part that caught the Faerie's attention.
The Humans seemed to make it a habit to go around taming wild beasts. She wondered…if they could possibly do that to the warring Beings in her home world.
She discovered that the Humans with a stronger feel of that 'power' she sensed could tame beasts more easily. After sometime she came up with a plan and decided to test it.
She found one Human who had a particularly strong feel and took him away through a portal back to Other.
Lost and confused on Other the Human wandered around until they came into contact with one of the Demon race. The Faerie watched with baited breath as the two interacted and to her surprise, the Demon had imprinted upon the Human, forming some sort of Bond. She tested it with many other Humans that she spirited away to Other and noticed that often the Humans would form Bonds with a Being. Upon forming a Bond the Being would be calmer and was under the Human's control.
This last part disturbed her somewhat but nonetheless she went to her sisters to tell them the news. It was through much more trial and error and explanations to the Humans who's been kidnapped that the Faerie came up with a solution to their problem.
They would bring Humans to this world and allow them to bond with the Beings and in doing so would lessen the fighting. This was their hope. To make a long story short, a lot of stuff happened, some bad, some good but in the end the Owner/Pet system was established. The modern form of this bond is as follows-
Humans would be brought to Other where they may register and proceed to adopt a Pet whom they must care for (provide them food, sheather…) and in return that Pet will remain loyal to them. If that Human does their job well (takes good care of their Pet) they will be taught how to go back and forth between the two worlds so that they will not have to leave their lives back home. The Humans who have been acknowledged as a good Owner are also allowed to bring other potential Owners to Other and get them registered as well.
In this way the Faeries succeeded in Domesticating the other races. There are still Wild Pets who have their own cities, villages and lives that don't include Humans but they're manageable.
Most Domestic Pets are sent to a Center after they're born in order to be taught about the Pet/Owner relationship. Thinking about it in retrospect, it's brainwashing. It didn't begin this way, those thousands of years ago but this was how the first system that the Faeries made has evolved into what it is now.
What you have to understand is that not ALL Owners/Masters can form a Bond with their Pets. It's a special Bond that doesn't always occur and Masters who aren't properly Bonded to their Pets are those who are more likely to abuse them.
It's not a perfect system, frankly it's kinda creepy but it's a system that has kept Other in peace and order for thousands of years.
The Bond goes both ways, a properly Bonded Owner will love their Pet unconditionally as if they were their own children or family. Sometimes the Bond goes farther than that, platonic love between a Pet and Owner is fine but sexual love is forbidden between a Pet and Owner ('cause that's just creepy).


Centers are facilities built all over Other that are places for Pets to be raised and held until they are adopted by their Master/Owner. There are different Centers that teach different things. Some simply raise the Pets, some are for training Pets for combat and some are for Pets who've been abandoned or no longer have an Owner for whatever reason.


Like I said before, Other is physically just a mirrored Earth. The oceans are more or less the same, the deserts, forests and so on. The cities are different but similar due to the Owners settling down in areas familiar to them and thus building settlements near where they are located on Earth. There is a huge kingdom in the clouds where the Faeries live and that kingdom is constantly moving and changing as the clouds do.


-Plant and Animals-
Other has a lot of different plants due to the saturation of magic on the planet. Many magical plants and trees exist, some dangerous, some not, but all different from those found on Earth. Owners brought a lot of food from Earth over and farms were made with food that was more familiar to them. The only Earth plants that exist in Other are those that the Humans brought over. Many farms grow both Other-world crops as well as Earth-world crops.
Real Animals in Other are rare. Since most of Other is made up of Animal-type Demons and Spirits there aren't all that many non-intelligent animals. They do exist, you just won't see all that many. The animals you mostly see in Other are the Familiars (more on that in the next section)
Humans brought a lot of farm animals over to Other to raise for food and they make up a large part of the diet on Other.
As a note, in the old days before the humans began bringing things like Chickens, Rabbits, Cows etc. to Other, the Beings there would eat each other for food. The  introduction of food animals was a great help in bringing the world of Other into it's peacetime.
Over time more animals than just the livestock were brought over and have since given Other a more diverse collection of animal life.


Familiars are animals or creatures that can be summoned or bought to become a Pet's partner. Familiars can be created from magic and are generally put in pet-shops to be bought and sold. Magical Familiars are expensive and most Pets will simply find some animal to take in instead.


More information will be added if needed.
I love how angry he is in all the videos…

Check the Christmas video too, that one was fun
Yes I'm open for commissions again!

Dollfie clothing varies in price depending on what kind and how long it takes to make it.
Examples of clothes I've made………
(Note that these clothes are made for a 27cm sized doll, if you have a larger or smaller doll it'd help if you could give me their measurements)

Non-colored and Colored Character pictures are around $5
Picture with background is $8
Short comic strips are $10
Sprites (though I'm not very good at it) are $1

Check my gallery for what my art looks like (I'm too tiered to post links)

Send me a Note on DeviantArt about commissions and questions
Unfortunately I won't be able to pay for that help since I'm broke but oh well...


I'm looking for a Color-er. A person who would help me color my stuff. I draw a lot but I really don't feel like coloring them....which is half the reason it takes so long for me to update my comics...
So if anyone wants to sign up for the job....

Send me a note if you're interested, I'll need your email so I can send over a test page and see how you color.
So important that I'm posting this journal on my other DA accounts too

I need to make money so I'm opening commissions for Plushies and drawings

Animal Plushies are around $5-$10 on average
Human shaped Plushies are between $15-$25 depending on how complicated their clothing is

Non-colored and Colored Character pictures are around $5
Picture with background is $8
Short comic strips are $10
Sprites (though I'm not very good at it) are $1

Examples of my work

Horse plush-…
Mouse plush-…
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Random Fairy Thing I made up-…
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If you have something you want to commission me then email me at…

Mostly for the stuffed animals....
Righty's dead, died a few days ago.
My mom said we're not gonna get a pet anymore, ever...
though I can't help but think we're still gonna be tempting fate again sometime in the future
I started watching the Level E Anime, I've read the manga a very lon time ago and when I heard the anime was coming out I was thrilled!

So I watch the show and suddenly in the middle of episode 7 I jump up and go-

"Prince Baka is ITALY FROM HETALIA!!!!"
I knew I recognized the voice from somewhere....

lol I feel stupid for not noticing it earlier...
Part 1-…
Part 2-…
Can't post the whole thing here on DA so it's on my LiveJournal
My pet rabbit, Lefty, died this morning.
I'm unsure why he died...he's been a lot skinnier than Righty for a while but most sites online told me a skinny animal is healthier than a fat's been rather cold lately and I don't know if that's it...

I don't know for sure WHY Lefty died and that scares me 'cause I wouldn't know what to look for if something happens to Righty...
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I tell people OFF, so I MUST be an over controlling bitch.

-My hair gets GREASY a lot, so I MUST have no hygiene skills.

-I'm DEFENSIVE, so I MUST be over controlling and a bitch.

I'm a NUDIST, so I MUST want everyone to see my boobs.

-I read Comics, so I MUST be a loser.

I hang out with a FORMER PROSTITUTE… So I MUST be a whore myself.

I'm TEXAN so I MUST ride a horse

-I'm a CROSSDRESSER, so I must be homosexual.

-I draw ANIME so I MUST be a freak.

-I am a FANGIRL so I MUST be a crazy, obsessed stalker.

-I WATCH PORN so I MUST be perverted.

I'm an ONLY CHILD so I MUST be spoiled.

-I'm INTELLIGENT so I MUST be weak.

-I am AMERICAN so I MUST be obese, loud-mouthed and arrogant.

I'm WELSH so I MUST love sheep

-I'm a YOUNG WRITER, so I MUST be emo.

I'm CANADIAN, so I MUST talk with a funny accent.

-I'm QUIET if I don't know you so I MUST be emo or anti-social.

I'm a GUY, so I MUST ditch my pregnant girlfriend.

I'm CANADIAN, so I MUST love hockey and beavers.

I'm DISABLED, so I MUST be on Welfare.

I'm a FEMINIST, so I MUST have a problem with sexuality and I want to castrate every man on the earth.


I WEAR A BIG SUNHAT when I go outside, so I MUST be stupid.

-I like BLOOD, so I must be a VAMPIRE.

I'm an ALBINO, so I MUST be an evil person with mental abilities and is A MURDERER!

I'm ENGLISH, so I MUST speak with either a cockney or a posh accent, love tea and cricket, and have bad teeth.

I'm WHITE, so I MUST be responsible for everything going wrong on the planet: past, present, and future.

I don't like YAOI or YURI, so I must be a HOMOPHOBE

-I'm not the most POPULAR person in school, so I MUST be a loser

-I care about the ENVIRONMENT...I MUST be a tree hugging hippy

-I have a FAN CHARACTER, so I MUST be an annoying Mary-sue.

-I CHAT, I MUST be having cyber sex.

I'm PAGAN so I MUST sacrifice babies and drink the blood of virgins

I'm PAGAN so I MUST worship Satan

I'm CONSERVATIVE, so I MUST be against Abortion

I'm SWEDISH so I MUST be a tall blond blue-eyed lesbian.

I'm a LESBIAN so I MUST want to get with every single girl that I see.


-I like READING, so I MUST be a LONER.

-I have my OWN spiritual ideology; therefore I MUST be WRONG or MISGUIDED.


-I DISAGREE with my government, so I MUST be a TERRORIST.

I am a WITCH, so I MUST be and OLD HAG and fly on a broomstick.

-I love YAOI, so I MUST be GAY.


I DON'T CURSE, so I MUST be an outcast

-I like GAMES, ANIME and COMICS, so I MUST be childish

I'm SWEDISH, therefore I MUST be WHITE.

-I SPOT GRAMMATICAL ERRORS, so I MUST be a pedantic bastard.

I'm GOTHIC, so I MUST be mean.

I'm STRONG so I MUST be stupid.

I'm Australian so I MUST hunt crocodiles and talk to kangaroo's

I go to RENFAIRES, so I MUST talk weird, be a loser, and not be up with the time

-I don't want a BOYFRIEND so I MUST be Lesbian.

I'm NOT CHRISTIAN so I MUST just need converting.

I love marching band, so I MUST be a friendless freak.

I DRINK and SMOKE, so I MUST have no life.

I am friends with a CUTTER, so I MUST be a CUTTER too.

-I cry easily, so I MUST be a wimp.

-I can't help pointing out mistakes so I MUST be an over-controlling perfectionist

I'm a PERFECTIONIST so I MUST check everything ten times, them burst into tears at one mistake

I'm GAY so I'm after EVERY straight guy around.

I CURSE A LOT so I MUST be a bad kid and have problems

-I DON'T LIKE to talk about my personal life so I MUST be having problems

Erm....not too sure how this works, you're supposed to mark the ones that apply to you right?
The Mary-Sue test-
Taken for my character Yuni

Part 1 - All Characters
This area applies to RPG characters, fanfiction characters, and original fiction characters.

   1. Is or does your character's name...
1. Your name, variation of your name, nickname, screenname, or any name that has been applied to you? (Spelling it differently or changing it a little counts.)

2. A name you planned on giving one of your children?
No...well...maybe...though my child would probably kill me if I saddled them with the name Yuni

3. Any ordinary name spelled or changed so that it's more unusual?

4. A boyish sounding name for a girl character?
No, Yuni's a guy

5. Involve a noun or verb not usually used as a name, spelled normally or not?

6. If a noun, is it related to nature, a weapon, a gemstone, darkness, or something mystical?
Not that I know of...

7. Something that your character chose for him/herself?

8. Taken from a character from another fandom that you like?
Don't think so

9. A really unusual-sounding name (unusual in the character's time/place/world) that you made up yourself?
Yes it's a slightly unusual name that I made by putting random syllables together but it's a normal sounding name in Yuni's I'll have to say no to this one

10. Unusual for your character's time, place, and/or ethnicity?
As I said before, no, it's a normal name for his world

11. Japanese or Japanese-sounding, even though your character is not Japanese?
Is Yuni Japanese sounding? Maybe...I guess I'll put Yes

12. Chosen specifically because you thought it had a meaning appropriate for your character?
Not really...I just put random sounds together...

   2. Is your character also known by a cool nickname or unique title/address?
Not really

         1. More than one?

   3. Did you base your character's looks on your own?
Hm...let me think, am I a little boy with short curly black hair, blue eyes and dragon wings? No...didn't think so...but I do have black hair...*gasp* oh my gosh he MUST be based off my own looks if we both have black hair! (can you hear the sarcasm?)

   4. Does your character look how you wish you look?
....Do I want to look like a little boy with short curly black hair, blue eyes and dragon for the dragon wings part...that would be kinda cool...if I don't get persecuted by it of course...I'm gonna have to say no

   5. Is your character described, illustrated, and/or shown as exceptionally beautiful, cute, or handsome?
Yuni's kinda average looking in my opinion, some people have told me he's cute and I do admit he's really cute in his own way but I think it might be my art style more than anything else....but I'll say Yes here anyway...

1. Do you find your character attractive enough to date him/her?
Um...he's what? 11 years old? Do I look like a pedo to you? doesn't count right? I don't like little kids in romantic ways, I just like small cute things so I'll have to say No- I won't date him

2. Does anyone fight or squabble over your character because of his/her looks?

3. Is anyone (including you) jealous of your character's good looks?

4. Do any characters see his/her attractiveness as a threat?
Wut? No

6. Do other characters frequently tell your character how sexy or beautiful he/she is?

Does your character modestly deny it every time or refuses to believe that he/she is attractive?

   7. Does your character have a great body/physique, which you describe, show, and/or illustrate in detail?

         1. Despite the fact that his/her eating and/or excersizing habits decree that he/she should be a stick/blimp?
No he eats like a normal person...

         2. Does your character weigh so little that he/she looks or should be anorexic, but isn't?
No...he's average for his height

   8. Do you use poetic and/or creative terms to describe your character?

   9. Do you frequently describe your character's beautiful/handsome/cute attributes or point out how sexy your character is?
..............he's cute yeah but I don't go about pointing that out all the time so No

  10. Conversely, do you go to great lengths describing how your character is not gorgeous?

  11. Does your character's description contain anything to the effect of "He/she looks just like [other character/celebrity] except..."

  12. Do other characters find your character extremely attractive and desirable, even when they should be completely gross and icky? (EG, after battling, getting tortured, going for days without bathing or washing.)

  13. Does your character have any of the following?
         1. Natural eye coloration that stands out from the norm?
They're blue, it's perfectly normal

         2. Eyes with any other unusual qualities?

         3. Natural hair color that stands out from the norm?
No, his hair's black

         4. Unusual feature of any other kind? (Particularly unusual/exotic birthmark, tattoo, etc.)
He's got an earring...does that count? Hm....I'll say Yes since it might apply...

  14. Does your character have a particularly attractive scent that doesn't come from their perfume or shampoo?
Frick NO, what do you think this is? Twilight? *shudders*

  15. Does your character have a scar or other small flaw that is noticed by someone, but does not actually detract from your character's appearance?

  16. Has your character been in a lot of physical fights and/or battles, but doesn't have many noticeable scars to show for it?
Yes- he heals too damn fast

  17. Does your character have a particularly piercing (EG, "can stare straight into your soul"), haunting, captivating, or dazzling gaze?
Kinda...I'll say yes 'cause he's got a way of looking at people that kinda freaks them out...or maybe it's because of the Ak-47 slung over his shoulder *shrugs*

  18. Does your character's personal choice of clothing frequently include...
         1. Clothing that you deliberately picked from your own wardrobe?

         2. Clothing chosen because you really wished you owned it or could get away with wearing it in public?
Hm...most of the characters in my comics wear clothing from Mi Productions (which is my made up fictional company) I guess I could say yes here just 'cause I'd like to own the clothes I design myself-

         3. Clothing chosen because it makes your character look super sexy and/or badass?

         4. Clothing that is realistically impractical or improper for the character's situation, but looks cool?

  19. Do you describe your character's clothing by the scene or stereotype it is most often associated with? - But ignore if this is because someone in the story is describing the character.

  20. Is your character impervious to any of the normal limitations and/or weaknesses of his/her species?
Um...what are Dragons weak against anyway? I'll say No

  21. Is your character partially or completely some type of metaphysical/spirit-type being?
Do dragons count? Wait....No

         1. ...Like a succubus or incubus?
No (though I do have another character who IS an Incubus....)

  22. Is your character some other kind of cool humanoid with powers/abilities beyond human ability?
No, he's a dragon

  23. Is your character a cross-breed/hybrid of any kind?
No he's a full blooded dragon as far as anyone knows

         1. In a universe where hybrids are very unusual?
No, even if he was a mixed breed such a thing is insanely common in his world, it's the pure blooded ones that are a little harder to come by

         2. A hybrid of more than two species?

         3. Does he/she possess the strengths of both species, but none of the weaknesses?

         4. Or does your character have all of the weaknesses, but none of the strengths? - Minus 4!

         5. Is your character part something furry, yet shows no sign of being anything but human save for a furry tail, animal ears, fangs, and/or claws?
Dragon aren't furry so No

         6. If not a cross-breed, then at least cross-cultural?

  24. Does your character become a genetically, scientifically, cybernetically, or magically altered/enhanced being, possibly with new powers?

         1. Is he/she happier this way?

         2. Do people like him/her better this way?

         3. Do you wish it would happen to you?

         4. Was your character kidnapped specifically for some type of experiment or project in order for this to happen?

  25. Do think of your character as an ideal role-model?
Heck no

  26. Does your character voice political, social, and/or religious opinions which you share?
Not really

         1. Does he/she convince others that his/her way of thinking is right?

  27. Does your character have unusually free, enlightened, or "liberated" views on sex and romance for his/her time/place?
Urk no, he's eleven for christ's sake

         1. And does no-one frown upon your character's behaviors or views?

         2. Or do only characters who don't matter disapprove, IE, the villain, local idiot, fusty old grandpa, etc?

  28. If your character has a spitfire personality, sharp wit, or attitude, are the tongue-lashings they give other characters always deserved and justified?
No, if he does lash out at someone it's usually not deserved, Yuni gets grumpy a lot and tends to lash out at anyone

  29. If your character is openly defiant or disrespectful toward authority figures, is your character always justified and in the right?
He's not in the right, he's just too stubborn to bend to the will of others, so No

  30. Are any other actions that get your character into trouble with authority always justified from your point of view?
Um...blowing up the enemy's base in battle is justified right? Plus it's not like there are any authority figures around to rat at him so I'll answer No for this one

  31. Do authority figures punish your character more harshly than they would have punished others under the same circumstances?

  32. Do authority figures not punish your character when they probably would have punished others under the same circumstances?

  33. Is your character easily provoked to violence - but only gets into fights with characters who truly deserve the beating they get?

  34. Are The Rules of the universe bent or broken for your character? (Like joining a group despite being too old or too young.)
In a world full of Magic....Yuni DARES to use Guns- so...Yes

  35. Does your character have any of the following psychological disorders?
         1. Antisocial Personality Disorder - to explain your character's Jerkass Loner personality?
No? He's really nice once you get to know him- just kinda untrusting of people older than him (then again, most kids don't like grown-ups all that much)

         2. Split personality - so your character can do "bad" stuff, yet still have a claim to innocence?
No, if he does something, he knows full well WHAT he did and he's prepared to accept the consequences

         3. Inability to form a solid intimate relationship - so he/she has an excuse to sleep with as many people as you want?
Cough- No

  36. Is your character mainly driven by completely-justified revenge?
No....he's driven by the need to be useful, wanted and needed by people due to an abandonment complex...

  37. Does your character suffer from amnesia?

         1. If/when your character discovers his/her past, will he/she not like it?

         2. And/or discover that he/she is actually someone of great importance?

  38. Are animals instinctively attracted to your character?

  39. How many animal companions does your character keep? (Ordinary, non-magical pets like cats and dogs do not count.)

         1. Is said animal a wolf, bird of prey, big cat, or mythical creature?

  40. Does your character habitually share profound wisdom and knowledge?
"When I say 'Duck' I'm asking you to throw yourself upon the floor so I don't shoot your head off, now DUCK!"
(I'm gonna have to say Yes to this one)

  41. Does your character always have money to spend on frivolities or whatever he/she really wants or needs at the time?

         1. For no apparent reason? (Character never works or gives any clue to any source of income.)

  42. Did you choose your character's occupation and/or hobbies because you think they sound neat, glamorous, prestigious, or exciting?

  43. Does your character share your favorite types of movies, music, clothes, etc?

  44. Is your character unusually accomplished for his/her age, time period, place, occupation, and/or social status?
He's really young and can already use firearms

         1. In something that is extremely desirable and/or useful in the story's universe?
No, like I said, in a world of magic he uses guns...though considering his powers are 'creation' of the answer for this is still no

        2. In something that is extremely difficult for virtually anyone achieve?
Not really

         3. Is your character unusually accomplished in more than one area?

  45. Does your character pick up new skills unusually fast during the course of the story?

         1. Like, insanely fast?

  46. Is your character the best or among the best at anything he/she does? One box for each:
Yes, hardly anyone else in my comics uses actual fire arms in a battle

         1. Is he/she famous/reknowned for any of these?

  47. Are other characters extremely impressed or astonished at your character's skills and/or virtues? (Does not count if they are easily impressed due to their own inexperience.)
No, the others aren't impressed so much as horrified to see a kid head-shot someone without blinking

1. Do they impress even the most cynical, jaded, exacting, and/or experienced?
2. Does your character modestly dismiss or deflect well-earned compliments?

  48. Does your character have Barbie Doll syndrome?
Frick no

  49. Ah, the sound of music! Does your character...
1. Have an exceptionally beautiful singing voice?

2. Play a musical instrument very well?

3. Is this instrument a guitar, harp, or flute?

4. Can he/she charm others with his/her musical talent?

  50. Does your character use magic in a typically non-magical universe?
It's the opposite

  51. Does your character fly in a typically groundbound universe?
Doesn't count since many species can fly in his world

         1. Without wings or other apparent means?
He has wings so No

  52. Does your character have telepathic and/or telekinetic (Force-like) abilities in a world where this is unusual?
No- it would be normal in his world

         1. Do these powers allow your character to 'see' or just 'know things' without actually being there, allowing him or her to save the day?

         2. Do they make up for a disability, such as being blind, deaf, or mute?

  53. Does your character have a telepathic/empathic connection or the ability to communicate with any kind of animal?

         1. Anything such as horses, wolves, big cats, or mythical creatures? - Bonded creatures do not count, so long as this is within a universe where this is perfectly normal and it is your character's one and only bonded creature.

  54. Does your character have the ability to shapeshift?
No...unless you count turning into his Dragon form but I'm not sure that counts

  55. Does your character possess unusual healing powers?

         1. Strong enough to save a character from mortal injury and/or death?
No, he can't heal others

  56. Does your character posses power that can take out entire cities/legions of soldiers/general all-around-evil?
Does throwing a Hydrogen bomb at them count?

  57. Does your character end up in a tight spot and discover that he/she has really cool powers that were dormant and/or unknown before?

  58. Does your character have any other relatively unique special powers/abilities that come in handy?
Besides being able to create a near endless supply of ammunition? No

  59. Not counting his or her first language, how many languages does your character fluently speak? Click one box for every language:
....He only speaks Standard

  60. Does your character succeed at virtually everything he/she tries?
No, but even if he fails he tries to pretend he didn't...

  61. Do his/her initial plans, strategies, ideas, etc. always (or nearly always) work?
His initial plans being 'shoot them in the face until they don't move anymore' do tend to work most of the time, they don't move anymore

         1. But only after everyone else dismisses it and tries everything else first?

  62. On the other hand, if your character does bungle almost everything, is he/she quickly and easily forgiven for it?
Heck no, if he messes up and they catch him they'll never let him live it down

  63. Does your character ever single-handedly take out more armed forces (EG, security guards, soldiers) than you can count on one hand using his/her kick-butt skills?
Mass weaponry, so Yes

  64. Is anyone envious of your character's talents and/or abilities?

         1. Because he/she constantly beats them at their own game/games?

  65. Does your character alone have a weapon that...
         1. Was passed down from a parent/trainer?

         2. Was given by some kind of spirit/magical being?

         3. -Do you often mention that it belonged to someone beforehand?

         4. Is magical?
No, unless you count the fact that he created it with his powers (based on images or real items he's seen)

         5. Is unusually ornate?

         6. Is from a different culture or country than your character?

  66. Does your character use a sword-type weapon in a relatively modern setting for no logical reason?

  67. Does your character frequently carry knives, daggers, or other little sharp pointy objects concealed within his/her clothing for no other reason than that they might be come in handy?

  68. Does your character possess a unique trinket that is magical and/or has some special significance?

         1. Does this trinket protect your character from some weakness?

  69. Does your character have unfairly restrictive parents/guardians?

  70. Alternatively, do your character's parents/guardians let him/her do whatever he/she wants and never really get in the way or ask too many questions?
Considering he's got no parents and his older siblings abandoned and forgot about him....I'm gonna say Yes

  71. Is your character nobility, closely related to a noble, or at least a rough equivalent? (President, governor, etc.)

         1. Nobility without knowing it?

         2. Adopted by or become a noble at any point?

  72. Is your character extremely popular or renowned where he/she comes from or frequents?

  73. Is your character undeservingly despised and/or outcast by most people?

         1. Because he/she is unusually talented/attractive/rich?

         2. Because of his/her special powers?
      (If your character is despised by everyone because he/she gets so much attention, douse yourself with cold water RIGHT NOW.)

  74. Is your character some kind of 'chosen one' and/or a major part of a prophecy?

  75. Does your character consider his/her talents, special abilities, or good looks to be a curse?

  76. Does your character manage to become friends with a villain, and through this friendship cause the villain to become reformed?

         1. Does the villain revert back to his old ways, but retains some bit of goodness, caused by your character committing a selfless act of some kind?
No- pfhh, Yuni? Selfless act? Ahahhahahahahhahahaa- oh god my sides! Ahhahahaha

  77. On the subject of your character and his/her family...
         1. Was your character orphaned, abandoned, kicked out, or at least raised by a family/person that was not his/her own family?
Um...yes for being abandoned but he didn't get raised by someone else, he just had to learn how to survive on his's a rather complicated story...(I've changed his backstory several times over the years...)

         2. Was a major villain responsible for the death of the parents or guardians?

         3. Was your character responsible for the death of his/her parents/guardians?

         4. Did your character witness the death of the parents/guardians?

         5. Was he/she adopted by a cruel family or person?

         6. Ran away at any point?

         7. Raised him/herself?

         8. Lived in the streets?

         9. The very last or only survivor of anything?

        10. Adopted by another species/racial group?

  78. What about any of these?
         1. Born/raised in extreme poverty?

         2. Born/forced into slavery?

         3. Banished from anywhere?

         4. A member of a despised, outcast, and/or downtrodden race?

         5. An illegitimate child?

         6. The parent of an illegitimate child?

         7. Abused?

         8. Raped?

  79. If your character lost her virginity unwillingly, does she find a way to restore it?
Wut? No

  80. Has your character otherwise lost...
         1. A child?

         2. Lover?

         3. Close friend?

  81. Did anything else remarkably strange or otherwise unusual happen in your character's infancy?

  82. If your character has a torment-ridden, pain-filled past, do you believe it excuses his/her actions?
Not don't normally grow up to be weapon wielding violent maniacs because their family left them...or maybe they do...who knows?

  83. If female, does your character have "rebellious princess syndrome?"

  84. Does your character angst about something that he/she did in the past?

         1. Death of a main character's family?

         2. Death of his/her own family?

         3. Does your character eventually learn that it wasn't his/her fault?

  85. If female, does your character ever have to prove that she's just as good as the guys?
No, he's not a girl

  86. If your character is a villain...
         1. Did he/she start out good?

         2. Does he/she reform by the end of the story?

         3. Does he/she reform because of act of kindness on the part of the hero?

  87. Does a major villain have a personal fixation/obsession with your character?

         1. For no apparent reason?

         2. Something that has to do with your character's family, and not your character him/herself?

  88. Is your character ever spared by an otherwise-ruthless villain?
Hell no, he'll kill anyone if he believes it's necessary

         1. Despite the fact that he/she has already done massive damage to the villain, the villain's troops, and/or stronghold?
Nope, and he's already destroyed quite a bit of the enemy base thank you very much

         2. Because the villain is attracted to your character?

  89. Do you wish your character was real so you could be friends or lovers with him/her?
.......Friend's maybe, if he were real I'd shower him with love and motherly affection until he puts that Oozy down...and those Stun Grenades...and that RPG...

  90. Do you imagine you are this character? - Skip if the only imagining you do is when you write the story.
No- I try to get into his head so I can write/draw him but no way in hell am I gonna BE him

  91. Do you feel insulted, attacked, or defensive when someone does not like your character?
Everyone's entitled their own opinion, I'll only have an issue if people troll or bash me about my characters (I remember clearly a person who oh so nicely told me my comics suck and that I should kill myself...jerk)

  92. If people don't like your character, do you believe it's just because they don't "get" him or her?
Maybe...I dunno, once more everyone thinks differently and I know there are many people who find the idea of a little kid killing people without mercy to be an unwanted/unlikable idea

  93. Did you feel that this test insulted or attacked you or your character so far?

Part 2 - Original Fiction Characters
Only answer these questions if your character is for an original fiction. (For a new character you plan to add to an established original fiction universe, see the Fan-Character Specific Area.)

Not an original fiction character? Skip this section.

   1. Does your character have markedly more romance in his/her life than any other regular character? (IE, he/she gets all the girls/guys - AKA Kirk Syndrome.)

         1. Everyone else combined?

         2. Even though there's no good reason why the other characters can't get a date?

   2. Are all of your character's love interests the type of people you'd like to hook up with?

   3. Is your character well-liked by nearly everyone he/she meets?

         1. Do they care for your character more than they care for friends they've known longer?

         2. Would anyone die for your character? (Unless, of course, said character would pretty much die for any casual friend/acquaintance.)

         3. Even characters that are not known for their friendly, outgoing attitudes?

   4. Are most (if not all) characters who don't like your character merely mean, spiteful, and/or jealous of him/her?
No, they don't like him because he's a merciless little kid who's packing an assault rifle

   5. Do characters who criticize or don't like your character from the start like him/her by the end, or at least have a grudging respect?

   6. Does anyone who doesn't like or respect your character by the end of the story end up beaten up, humiliated, and/or dead?

   7. Does your character have a job or skill that is discouraged, forbidden, or unusual among his/her gender, race, or social status?

   8. Does your character save the day way more often than other main characters?
No, most of my characters each get their own moment to shine here and there...

         1. More than the other main characters combined?

         2. Even when there's no good reason why another character wouldn't have been just as capable?

         3. Magically or mystically?

         4. Does your character die in the process? (Any nasty irreversible thing, like getting sent to an inescapable dimension count, too.)

         5. By almost dying?

         6. Does everyone mourn the death of your character?

         7. Is he/she revived by the end of the story?

         8. Is he/she revived?

Part 3 - Fan Characters & Newcomers
Only answer these questions if you are taking this test for a fan character (fiction or RPG) OR for a new character whom you plan to add to an established original series (consider the original cast as canon and the newcomer as a fan character).

Not a fan character or newcomer? Skip this section.

-I skipped this section-

Part 5 - De-Suifiers
Answer for characters of any fiction type. These will subtract from your final score.

   1. Do you ever poke fun at your character's faults/weaknesses and/or use them as plot devices?
Hm....not yet, maybe I'll do that...

   2. Has your character ever been honestly selfish, petty, lazy, shallow, or pointlessly cruel?
Yes...sort of, it's not cruel so much as cold, shooting a girl who was being mind-controlled and killing her instead of trying to break the mind-control (granted he didn't know she was being controlled but still)

   3. Is your character really and honestly overweight, and stays overweight throughout the entire story? (A little bit of chubbiness does not count.)

   4. Is your character honestly ugly, and stays ugly throughout the entire story?

   5. Is your character out of shape, and stays out of shape for the entire story? (Not 'oh, man, I just don't think I can survive this triathlon,' but honestly, hinderingly wimpy?)
No (lol, whenever I read this question I think of Lulu from Code Geass, such a wimp)

   6. Is your character physically disabled, and has nothing to make up for it? (To quote Dr. Merlin, anyone who says "She's so pretty that it's like a disability because everyone hates her or wants to have sex with her" will be summarily keelhauled.)

   7. Is he/she truly mentally disabled, IE, retarded, and has no powers because or despite of this?

   8. Is your character human, 40+, and looks his/her age?
         1. Older than 60?

   9. Does your character have a truly debilitating phobia that does not mysteriously disappear at a crucial moment?
He's got a fear of being left won't go away but I'm not sure if it's debilitating or not...

  10. Has your character ever run away from anything simply because he/she was a coward?
No- He's not the type to run from fear but from what he thinks is needed to survive

  11. If your character had a bad past with his/her parents, does he/she reconcile with them at any point?

  12. Has your character ever been in a situation that he/she had no way of overcoming on his/her own?
Yes, many times

         1. Did he/she give up without trying?
         2. Did he/she give up after failing?
         3. If he/she eventually found a way of overcoming the problem, was it extremely difficult and/or took a really long time?

  13. Does your character ever admit to being wrong, even if he/she doesn't really mean it?
All the time...

  14. Has your character ever ignored wrong-doings against him/herself and/or others because he/she simply didn't want to get into trouble?
Sort of...I'll put a tentative Yes

  15. If your character is a non-human, does he/she react in very non-human ways or in ways more appropriate to his/her species?

  16. If your character is vampire, is he/she...
         1. A mindless killer?
         2. Maybe not mindless, but has no significant moral or emotional issues with killing/murder?
         3. Unable to have sex?
         4. Unattractive?
         5. Unable to overcome his/her dependence on blood?

  17. Do you view your characters more like tools than friends/children?
No, I care about each of my characters

-Final score 28-
Some definite Sue-like tenancies here. A little polishing might be in order to put original fiction and RPG characters back into the balance, especially if Kirking is involved. Fanfiction characters should probably have some work done.
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1. Although I'm 18 I still get mistaken for 12 sometimes
2. Although I'm 18 I still cannot drive
3. Although I'm 18 I still sleep with a Teddy Bear
4. My hair is naturally black, brown and white....wait....does that mean I'm a calico?!
5. ....I weight around...88 lbs
6. Anime/Manga?
7. I have an irrational fear of mirrors...though I'm usually fine with them...just sometimes...urgh...they're creepy
8. I like making up my own fanfics...even if I don't post them
I just had the most horrible nightmare....

I dreamed that 4Kids decided to make their own dubbed version of Cardcaptor Sakura....


They took out the theme song and replaced it with some cheesy romance thing...

They also aged up Sakura and her classmates since Elementary school kids...and what they do...and now they're just really puny middle-schoolers

Dan Green plays Toya

.....and they edited several scenes completely and put in a Pokemon battle....wut?

I'm sure that was just my subconscious picking on me....
I'm home at last and in front of my darling computer once more!
Ugh...I'm not on a boat anymore but the room keeps rocking back and forth....feel sick....
I'm pretty sure this rocking is all in my head but I can't get rid of it...
...The fact that my brother keeps playing the song "I'm on a Boat" on repeat over and over is NOT helping...

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-Hey guys, in a few days me and my family are going to go off on a vacation, we won't have internet there but I'll probably still have time to work on stuff
Anyway, hopefully I'll finish up a lot of things before I have to leave-