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Alrighty, so, I've managed to pick up the slack on DnD's JBS recently. Part 3 is now about...maybe halfway done. I was originally planning for the twins to talk to only 3 engines: Frankie/Cassie, Theo and Sir Merlin Gillimere. However, I recently stumbled upon a basic model of Lexi. Now, originally I planned to save her for an epilogue or another story as a museum piece. But with the discovery of this model from a...questionable source, let's just say, I've changed my mind. At least twice. While writing Part 3, I intended to only reference her. But I may just include her properly. She'll be included as an out-of-service member of the Steelworks gang; this will be to help not only build her character but Hurricane's as well, show his softer side hidden behind his brutish, blunt front act. I think this would also be a good way to integrate Beresford in- he's a crane, so he sees a lot of what goes on in the yard and this will come into play. I'm not sure if I'll have the twins question the Garratt and Hurricane or not, that's all up in the air. At this point I think I know enough about the characters finally to be confident in finishing this without the need for watching the special.

Speaking of specials, still have no watched BWBA. I have no way to, really. BUT, Season 22 (I refuse to reuse the same title from the special in reference to the season) just started in Italy, and episodes of varying quality have been uploaded. I've only seen one and heard of others, and the results are...mixed naturally. I've only seen the first episode- Duck's School, and it wasn't terrible! The plot was actually super classic: an old coach being found and renovated for a new purpose. Not only has this happened twice in the TV series with Old Slow Coach and the Refreshment Coach, but it also happened in the RWS with Victoria, AND happened on MANY occasions in the Magazine stories. The Cafe Coach, the Play Coach, the Stationmaster's Special Coach, the Coach Station, The Animal Sanctuary Coach, and Annie and Clarabel's Old Friend; these are all the uses of the trope of finding an old coach and making it new and useful again. And I loved it. My only problem was that the movements are not as reduced as I initially believed they would be from word of mouth. Still super bouncy, not on Chuggington levels but ehhhhh up there. The fantasies are also whacky. I don't think I like that very much. It's just one per episode, but it still feels overboard and throwing the realism/fantasy balance off-center.

Of course, people are still peeved that Rosie's development was pushed back to this Season, thus breaking continuity, not to mention the shipping moments. I've already covered this last journal with Rajiv and Norshen. From what I heard in this episode, the shipping stuff was mostly just fluff and fantasy, and Thomas even says "I'm glad we're just FRIENDS!" See? THIS is how you work shipping into the series proper. You make it a silly fantasy, or just imagine Rajiv has an eye for Royal looking engines like himself. There's literally nothing to complain about, except for the bouncing and fantasy moments.

Oh yeah, and Thomas as the, it just doesn't work for me. He barely even narrates it. Just bits here and there. It's essentially where we were in Season 21 with more "show not tell" moments. The narrator may not be as essential in the series now, and let's be fair, in the Japanese dub, especially in the dark ages, it was already mostly show and not tell; but I still feel a proper narrator, not an engine character retelling the story from their perspective (essentially a 4th wall break) really suits the series. This worked fine for TUGS though; Captain Star was human, and his role wasn't reduced. I would honestly rather the series take Sir Topham Hatt as the narrator. In fact, I think this is the direction they should take. Thomas' role as narrator is as useless as Mark's was in Season 21 due to the reduction of narration and increase on focus of "show not tell". A retelling should have a more thorough narration, and if the stories are about the engines of Sodor and beyond, they should be told by an appropriate person in charge. For NWR stories, use TFC. For Skarloey Railway and CFR stories, use Mr. Percival. For Arlesdale stories, The Small Controller. For mainland stories, whatever engine is the focus. For international stories, same, unless Thomas is there; then it'll likely be about him, and that, I feel, would be a more appropriate approach to the "retelling" style of narration.

Small qualms aside, I think I'm going to enjoy Season 22. And stay tuned; more DnD's JBS and Trainz content coming soon.
"And it seems not a moment too soon." -The Sixth Doctor.

Already, so pardon the inactivity again. I just haven't had the motivation to long in and upload more shit lately.

I'm still running terribly behind on finishing Donald and Douglas' JBS as well. I'm still stuck on how to go about Part 3.

On another note, recent controversies have caused me to regret things I've said about a cosplayer I once admired and met. I've not gotten around to editing my upload of said selfie with said cosplayer to reflect those changes. Apologies.

Anyway, with that out of the way, let's talk about the changes happening to Thomas in the past year or so. I admit, one of my sole reasons for avoiding JBS and the rest of Season 21 was because of the frame rolling. It felt too bouncy and too extreme. I was ok with the face twisting though because that's a RWS element. However, I heard, and have also seen, that the movements in BWBA/S22 have been drastically reduced. Yes, it's still jarring, but subtle enough for me to stop cringing at. Plus, I enjoyed Emily's moment of panicked breathing/bouncing.

I was also planning to avoid BWBA because the diversity felt rather forced and botched. Was it really necessary for Thomas to go around the world? No, not really. I also recently found out from people who saw the film that there are several recolours throughout it. While recolors are no stranger to the Thomas fandom, it felt really lazy and fanfictiony. Then again, the 5 TGR Gronks were recolors too, so eh. But these just felt like a copout to me at first. Orange Edward in China, other colors of Henry and Ryan in Africa, etc. However, I will admit, given my knowledge of exports, I'm ok with some of these. I.E. the Ivan recolor in India. I've already mention in a previous journal that several TGM23's were exported to other Baltic countries, and two to Germany, so this didn't bother me. The Raul recolor in Rio made perfect sense actually, given that Raul is 1 out of a set of twins (formerly triplets). The gronk recolor is excuseable because they went to different parts of the world. And the Arizona diesel gets a pass because there is a similar shunter to Dart's (only even more compact) in Arizona, albeit not in the same colors. The Big Mickey recolor didn't bother me too much, and the San Fran crane looked similar to Beresford. I'm no expert on cranes so the cranes didn't bother me as much as the engines

Some of the sets are obvious redressings, some aren't as obvious. Some recolors are painfully obvious, others blend in without me blinking much of an eye given my knowledge of exports. And I heard that the story was...actually ok! It seems balanced between fantasy and realism I guess, and Nia doesn't feel botched or forced. It's actually made me reconsider my future use of her- I was only planning for her and Lexi to be museum exhibits.

Anyway, long story short, I've seen and heard enough about BWBA and Season 22 to not jump the gun like I did on Season 21 and JBS, and I'm willing to give it a chance. That being said, there's nothing stopping me from doing my own take on the story or characters. Though I did jump the gun on Yong Bao. Sure, NICE characters are nice and all, but when I wrote Yong Bao's Hero (not yet published on my page), I wrote Yong Bao as a character with a strained relationship with another international character- Hiro. I was trying to reflect the real-life situation where relations between the two countries were strained, and I think in doing so, not only did I jump the gun but made him slightly stereotypical. Granted, the current situation isn't much to motivate me to change the story, but nevertheless, thought it was worth mentioning.

Oh, yes, one more thing. There's an element of S22 that seems very reminiscent of internet fan fiction. There's a moment where Rajiv of India appears to feel attracted to another engine, Norshen (who's based on the The Palace on Wheels in India). It was slightly cringey, given my own history with shipping. I was conflicted. BUT, it actually DOES make a little sense. Rajiv has an eye for style and royality. It reminds me of James' own vanity.

Although it IS slightly creepy too, given Rajiv is over 100 years older than Norshen. Cue the Master Roshi quotes!

TD;LR I've now seen enough to slow down/stop judging a book by its cover, and I'm going to give it a chance. Also, expect more Trainz stuff soon. OOH! And I finally updated TGR to reflect my changes to Ivan, as well as included Raul's twin.
Hi all. Just popping in with a few things.

Soo....I regret those journals from last fall mentioning the situation with Lady as the money has been misused and the prop is at risk again. There's currently a new GoFundMe to help save the prop; I'll probably post it later.

It's been a year since Colossalcon 2017, and I still haven't uploaded all my pictures here. They're in my st.ash just waiting. I'll have to get around to that.

Motivation for any kind of storywriting like DnD's JBS has been low, dunno when I'll get back to it.

Also, while I am here, I'd like to talk to you all about what's going on in reality, and my wishes as an artist here on DA.

On my gallery here, you will find a lot of older shots from Trainz. Shots that I'm no longer happy with, or other old content I'm not satisfied with. However, I have so much of it, that it would take me, what with my low motivation and my executive dysfunction (as well as my real life issues), a long time to disable commenting and faving of them. This is why I ask people not to comment on them. But they still do unfortunately. They find my old crap and comment on it, and don't pay the slightest attention to when it was posted. I find that rather rude and disrespectful.

One such person apparently did it to the point where I had blocked him on an old account. Recently, he came back on a new account, calling me out, and calling me names like "child" and referring to me as dickish. Personally, I don't see much of a problem. This may just be my point of view, but I'm a believer in the Golden Rule. Treat others how you want to be treated. This person, did not respect my wishes as an artist, so I felt blocking him was justified. In an ironic twist, :iconprojectdrift:'s crusade against me appears to be more childish than my reasons for initially blocking him.

I was going to write out a thorough reply to him, but it seems in his raged crusade, now he has blocked me. I really don't understand any of the logic behind all of this. As an artist, I have wishes that I would like to have respected. Not giving my old work attention is one of them, for the reasons I stated above- I don't have time to disable comments on them.

I have a lot going on in my life right now. I'm working a job, making money for myself, I'm reorganizing my living quarters, etc. There are things I do outside of DA like 99% of the time, which is why my activity level here has dropped. One of those things revolves around my dear Nana. She has Stage 3 Alzheimer's now, and has become increasingly needy and helpless, so almost my whole family's lives are becoming revolved around making her last days comfortable and helping her when she needs it. This has put an incredible amount of stress on me. My role, while more minimalistic than my sister's (my sister handles more major stuff like getting her dressed, taking care of bathroom needs, etc), is still very important. I keep her happy and entertained. I'm her companion. I watch TV with her, take care of some of her meals, help keep her fridge stocked, clean her dishes, make her bed, help her get into said bed, etc. And lately, because of her increasing loss of self, her confusion, her grumpiness, frustration and depression, even my role is becoming a chore and putting stress on my mind, my body and organs- and given my high cholestorol, I feel like I could have a heart attack from it all, and that could prove deadly. I don't need a petty DA argument about my old artwork on top of all the stress from reality I already have.

So, please, respect my wishes as an artist. Anything pre-2012/2013, don't comment on. I have no time to disable comments right now, so that's all I'm asking. I don't even care about people faverunning anymore without leaving commentary. I'll take what I can get, just not on my old stuff. Please, if you find my old stuff at random, look at the post date and act accordingly. I have my gallery organized these days, with my recent content towards the top folders, and I would rather someone look through those. All I ask is for a little respect for me as an artist and as a fellow human being. If you can't respect my wishes as an artist and as a person, then I can't do the same for you. I may have become more chillax in recent years, but it's still very possible to set me off with missteps, and this is one way to do it. If you think I'm being a petulant child about my wishes as an artist, but then do something worse, it's not me that's the problem.
Hi all;

You may know by now that often times I'll go back and fix up parts of stories I've published here on DA. There's various reasons for these. Sometimes it's to add something I forgot, sometimes it's to fix a contrived plot and make it easier to understand, or just to fix general errors like spelling and grammar. I'm not perfect.

And despite my somewhat successful overhaul of TGR into Gordon and the Great Race, I still feel like it's a bit contrived and lacking in sense. Mainly in terms of the shunting competition. Typically for TGR, I have kept engines' gauges their real gauges, with of course the exceptions of Hiro, whom I've always kept as standard gauge (his class is huge for a 3'6'' gauge engine!) and Sir Malcolm (my interpretation of Shane). Everyone else was kept the same, albeit rebuilt to suit the British loading gauge if they were standard gauge already. I had kept Raul and Ivan the same as their real life counterparts. For this, I had to rewrite the shunting comp not only for only one engine to go at a time to avoid accidents, but also for a separate area of the expanded Bridlington Yards to be laid out for Raul and Ivan- a custom dual gauge set of rails for the two broad gauge engines.

In practice, this idea seemed to work and was even approved by :iconladyengineer: of Russia, whom again I can't thank enough for her input and her encouragement and praise. Even now it still blows my mind that people from half a world away can enjoy something I've put out.

But, I've recently been doing some research on Ivan's basis- the TGM23 diesel shunter; as I was originally planning to have Ivan visit Sodor as an exhibit due to his gauge and give him some kind of interaction with Phillip. I've been wanting to write a story about diesels for a while. This is also evident by my recent use of :iconsirfowler:'s reskin of the TGM23 class- which to my surprise was not built to Russian gauge but runs on standard gauge track in game- so I did a quick, crappy little shot of him talking with Phillip.

During this research partly spurred on by playing Trainz, I found something absolutely fascinating; something that makes the TV series' depiction of Ivan as a standard gauge engine actually completely plausible and more realistic.

To find information on the TGM23, I had to dive into the Russian part of the Internet, specifically Wikipedia. On the page for the TGM23 class, I found a section labelled "TGM23BE". Apparently, TWO of Ivan's class had been built for export, and sent to Wustermark Germany. These two engines, numbered 9 and 10 (what a weird parallel to Donald and Douglas!) were never seen again- at least according to Russian Wikipedia which did not apparently look into the German part of the internet for further info. I've since delved into the German internet, and I found them! Both of them worked together in Wustermark and Berlin as well, doing shunting work for a station and factory I believe. As far as I've seen, the last known photographs of them were in 1996- in a siding and covered in graffiti. From what I could gather from the German part of the internet, they were out of service in the early 90's and scrapping began in December 1996. (I later found photos of 10's remains- a lonely chassis.)

How is this relevant to my TGR? Well it's obvious, isn't it? My TGR takes place in 1995. I've got two TGM23s in my take on TGR- Ivan and his unnamed brother (whom I've decided now to call Misha, after Team Fortress 2's Heavy. After all, I based Ivan's personality, minus the killing machine part of course, on the Heavy.) I'm now planning to go back to my TGR story and completely rewrite Ivan and Misha's role in the story as being standard gauge engines. If two TGM23's were built for export to germany, the most logical thing to do would be to build them to standard gauge. Russia has the largest broad gauge in the world (though there are narrow gauge railways in Russia too). A Russian-gauged engine would be useless anywhere in the world unless either A- special rails wide and strong enough were laid for it as per my current version of TGR), or B- the engines were built to standard gauge. Other TGM23's have been exported to other Baltic countries like the Ukraine and Latvia, all fitted to their gauges. As I've now seen the engines in photographs, it's clear that the engines are standard gauge, complete with couplings and buffers. And the date works perfectly. They were out of service in the early 90's and basically on their deathbeds by 95. So, given we're talking about the realms of Thomas, naturally it would make sense for them to become preserved by a private owner to save them from an untimely demise. Yay for altering history!

I think this idea of Ivan and Misha being the German exports works quite well. Not only does it make my version of TGR less contrived with the track layout, but it also gives context as to why Ivan seems to know Freida in the YouTube shorts. If Ivan worked in Germany, it would make sense if he had met and made friends with a German steam engine. And while we're at it, since we have two diesels, why not two steam engines? Long ago I already had written out plans to give Belle a backstory of being preserved by a German enthusiast who brought her back to his country. So, it would make sense in my book to have Belle be friends with the diesels and Freida. And if we're to go a step further, why not personify the Marklin Engine. Countless fans probably have attempted this idea and I'm no different; it was one of my earliest attempts at a story for those of you who REALLY know my history in this fandom. Yech. So. Ivan, Misha. Freida. Belle. Mark. What an interesting group of friends. Anyway, despite my stalled progress on DnD's JBS, now I have some more fuel for my Internationals stories- and can probably very easily write the second story for the first book. Of course, they won't be published on DA until I finish DnD's JBS. I can't wait for you guys to see what I've got in store.
Hi all;

I've been doing some thinking lately. I have a lot of ideas for my Collective Railway Series. Like, at some point, I really want to get my Harwick Scenic/Cregwir Valley Railway book done, but I still have a lot of other things I want to get out of the way first, such as working on DnD's JBS. I've already outlined my plans for the story in the previous journal; check that out if you'd like to know ahead of time.

Now, I've already mentioned before on here probably and definitely over on my Twitter, that I will not be watching BWBA- neither the special nor the series. I was already thinking ahead for plans for the foreign engines as early as before JBS was announced, and wrote down a list of ideas. One of them I'd already actually completed a story for even. Said ideas are:
Gordon and Scotsman
Axel and Spencer
Rajiv the Fairy Queen and Stephen
Etienne visiting the Peel Branch
and Hiro and Yong Bao, among other things.

Typically, I either rewrite a special and split it into 4 chapters via the RWS, or write an ongoing story and split it into 4 parts, like Culdee Fell's Engines. I've yet to write a CRWS book with 4 different, almost unconnected stories, but that's what my plans are for Foreign Engines. I've got so many ideas buzzing around for it that I may have to split it into two volumes. But yes, I will not be covering BWBA, and instead proceeding with my Foreign Engines subseries for the CRWS.

Other ideas I've had buzzing around for a while; I'd mostly written up a large fleet of about 20 (19 actually due to oversight) for my Harwick Fleet, and I have only one story idea thus far. For this, I've been tossing around the idea of a collab with :icondburch01: since he and I bought actually thought to use Countess as a basis for a character. We've also been discussing ideas for Arlesdale Railway stories based on real, more recent accidents. More research will be needed for that. May even include something based off of the recent "Train From Spain" Campaign the Ratty had. These are still up in the air and a ways off, but on the to do list. I never could think of any ideas for the Red Engines Book I had planned, which would have included stories of 4 different red engines: James of course, the Red Engine (TFC Twitter Variant), a take on the James-esque red engine (Winston in WNW's series, Eagle to some), and one other one.

Also still in the imaginary pipeline, I'd like to do my own story for the 150th anniversary of the Skarloey Railway. Yes, I'm very late to that, but the plan was to have my version of Freddie come over (much like Russell to the Talyllyn) and tell the engines a story of his new life over on the Harwick & Cregwir Railway, which would give me a good up to follow the book up with my Harwick book finally.

So, in short- here's the rundown of what's in the pipeline or in the planning stages:
The rest of DnD's JBS
Foreign Engines Volumes 1 and 2 (working title)
Miniature Railway Engines (working title)
Elderly Engines (working title)
Scenic Railway Engines (working title)

I normally don't do one-off stories now either since I like to group em together for a CRWS volume, but I do have a few stand-alone ideas floating around still that I want to make use of. For example. in recent times, new Trainz models have had me enamoured with one-off's like Flora. So maybe a story about her. Although I do have ideas for Toby as well, so maybe I can actually lump them together in a Tramway Engines-esque volume.

On an unrelated note, I do have something Dragon Ball related planned, but no one will probably care about it. I'm rather finicky about timeline stuff and writing issues when it comes to DB, and I've mentioned this before, but I've been planning out a personalized timeline inspired by folks in the community like TheDevilsCorpse, Quaaman, Laughingstock Media, etc- a Dragon Ball Collective if you will. Yes, I do enjoy using that word. Anyway, said timeline will be a merging of manga, anime, and movie canons (not Evolution; there's no fixing Evolution), with some personal ideas as well as ideas borrowed from some of those users' theories and projects- in moderation of course. And where else to start than Dragon Ball GT? I've decided to painstakingly make my way through GT the other day. I mean, I love GT, but not for its writing; I mean for its ideas, and I've already found a lot of contrived and half-assed elements in the writing of the first episode. I planned to not review the episodes, but to give my thoughts on each issues that I found. Kinda like CinemaSins. But since no one really cares about my other stuff on here, I guess I won't be posting it after all. I wish I had a platform for my DB stuff. Not Twitter. My Twitter is a mixed bag, and I never got feedback on the DB Amino either; I never really got into using Amino anyway.
Hi all,

Now that the drama of the fall of SI3D has come and passed, I figured it's time to give some proper written updates.

As you can see from my recent activity, after nearly 2 years of straight inactivity, I've finally given Trainz: A New Era a second chance. And yknow what? Despite its flaws- the content manager, the lack of content creation tools, etc, I actually couldn't be happier (well, sort of but I won't get into that). I've been playing Trainz for at least a decade now; and I've been back in the Thomas fandom for that long as well; if not for Trainz I wouldn't be interested in Thomas anymore. It's had that much of an impact on who I am; the two things are pretty tightly interwoven for me. During my hiatus, sure, I would play Garry's Mod, which is fun, but I can't play that one anymore because I've got far too many addons. I also played Xenoverse 1 and 2 and dabbled in modding, which was also fun, but I've stopped because of technical difficulties regarding Windows 10. And despite my love of these two games, it just never quite filled the hole left by the absence of Trainz.

Anyway, enough of that. Onto my written works.

Last journal I mentioned them, I was in the early planning stages for my take on JBS. Now that I've completed and posted the first chapter, here's a bit of a refresher course on what to expect in Donald and Douglas' Journey Beyond Sodor. Minor-to-major spoilers ahead so if you don't want any, turn away!

-Obviously, hence the name, the twins are the focus. I feel like Thomas specials focus way too much on Thomas himself and not the other characters or elements in play. In fact, only two specials have focused on another character: Percy. Donald and Douglas have always been my top two absolute favorite characters even though they were not main characters; they're just a hilarious duo with their bantering. I've always wanted to write a story about them. I've utilized the engines in previous works where they had minor roles, but this is the first time I've given them such a big role, and it feels so refreshing to do something big with them. Obviously there will be banter and humour, but I've also added a few other things. For example, the whole "FREEDOM!!!" remark is kinda Scottish in itself. What with Scotland advocating freedom n such. In part, it's also a reference to one of the Demoman's lines in TF2, plus that hilarious voice-recognition lift skit seen on BBC. It just felt like something the twins would say. Like their RWS/Real World selves mentioned over on the TFC Twitter, the twins are also big fans of a particular artist who left this world last year (or was it the year before)?. I was never a fan of his music personally, but have heard at least one song that stuck with me, and I've included it and a few others among their lines, albeit in their Scottish dialect, courtesy of the amusing translator at, which is what I've used ever since Rusty to the Rescue. Of course, the wonderful works of David Bowie won't be the only songs referenced throughout the script. Partially because of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure exposing me to different bands and songs, I do want to include some of those songs, i.e. Roundabout by Yes, Shine on You Crazy Diamond, and Last Train Home. That one will of course be saved for last and I'm developing some rather clever and amusing banter for it.

-Secondly, there's the matter of where the Steelworks is located. Someone on Twitter, someone I used to respect (it seems like a lot of people have been turning real sour in recent times!), theorized that the Steelworks was in Manchester. This is solid reasoning, given Frankie's headboard. She used to work for the Manchester Ship Canal. So, perhaps the Steelworks shares the letters. Manchester Steelworks Company. So, rather than Donald and Douglas going all the way out to Bridlington, which I have no use for at the moment, despite an interest in developing the diesels further (but with only one named, I can't proceed and would rather not give them my own names), they will be going out to Manchester for their delivery.

-There are going to be plenty of alterations to the roles in DnD's JBS. For example, Frankie and Hurricane. They're not good friends exactly. Rather than partners, Frankie is simply a temp from the Lancashire Diesel Society or whatever it's called. She's a preserved engine after all. She will not be sporting blue, however, but her actual green livery. She will also NOT be called Frankie- not all the time anway. This diesel has an actual name: Arundel Castle, otherwise known as Billie. I've also considered calling her Cassie for short (short for Castle). She'll respond to all these names (Arundel Castle, Cassie, Frankie, Billie, Arundel). Why not? I mean I respond to several names myself. Let's just blame Hurricane who had trouble remembering her name. Also working for the Steelworks are Theo, Merlin and even Beresford. I felt that the experimentals just doing whatever really didn't have much of an impact on the plot as I wanted- and this is coming from someone who just flatout refuses to watch the film for its travesties. Merlin didn't get much of a role, Theo didn't feel important, and Beresford was basically useless. So I've made some new arrangements. Beresford won't be at a random dockyard in the middle of the mainland and only there for a song basically. No, I'm moving Beresford to the Steelworks itself for a more active role, loading and unloading crates and steel. Theo will be a small shunter, working for the Steelworks but not at all happy with his situation. I plan to keep his neurological disabilities; who says engines and stock can't have em? Marion certainly seemed Autistic to me and a few others, so why not Theo? Btw, I've opted to keep Theo's extra cogs; taking another look at him made me realize that they aren't really that big of a deal; they're better than I remember really. 

-Merlin will have the job of bringing workmen to and from the steelworks and will have some significant changes to his role and design. I'm keeping the Class, but changing the name and altering the design. He'll properly be named Sir Gillimere after his numbering, but with a slight change. Since the real Merlin was, rather cruely, scrapped via being run unmanned into a ditch and whistling fit to burst by the Ministry of Defence (or was it the War Department?), and live on BBC to boot, his name will be Sir Merlin Gillimere- Merlin for short- to honour his fallen brother. His livery will not be silver, but BR Green, and will of course have a properly black smokebox. The invisibility gag/gimmick will be present, but not in the same way. Since the three-funnel experiment was a failure, I'll be keeping the single funnel, and he'll be known as the Invisible Engine for a very different reason. His usual job, before the Steelworks required his help, this engine was acquired by a certain family, and became his Lord's personal engine, bringing him back and forth from the Mainland to Sodor, in the dead of night. This was partially inspired by Oliver's night runnings during his escape to Sodor. Who is his Lord? Well, it's a bit of an in-joke that I've worked into my headcanon before Merlin was ever even drawn up. Those of you who have seen my unfinished Sodor V3 map and spotted an easter egg somewhere near Cronk may get it, and even more of you may get it given whom Merlin was modelled after and voiced by. That's all I'm saying. So technically, my Merlin will be a resident of Sodor; he just doesn't like to be seen by other engines typically. I suppose this could make him a bit of a shy engine, but once you get him talking, oh boy, does he talk.

-Now for the more controversial character- Lexi. Aka the character conservatives like The Unlucky Tug among others made a bigger stink of than TGR's internationals, all due down to some reporting on her giving her a particular label. Theo was labelled Autistic, yes, but Lexi, oh, to conservatives that was worse. Playing around with different voices, this character was apparently labelled as being genderfluid. Oh boy, did people lose their shit over that. Personally, I have absolutely no problem with this. I myself for, oh, perhaps the last 4 years of my life, have been more and more exposed to LGBTQ+ things. I've had at least 3, maybe 4 friends, come out to me as transgender, two of whom are people I have known since my first year on DeviantArt in 2010- people I trust very much and consider to be best friends and family even. They're like brothers to me, and one of them has helped me understand LGBTQ+ matters much better than I did before- they opened up my mind as I didn't have much of a viewpoint on the matters before; and it was also through this opening of my mind that I discovered that I'm not actually straight- I am pansexual and proud of it. 

Anyhoo, said friend also introduced me to Steam Powered Giraffe, in which one of the actors playing the robot character Rabbit, came out as transgender, and thus had the character's backstory appropriately altered and design changed. This, coupled with the poorly thought out Logan story and design by Mattel, sowed the seeds for me to further explore gender identity issues regarding engines. Thus my lengthy take on Logan's story was born, and I applied genderfluidity to Logan, albeit temporarily; see said story for the full scoop. I've applied it permanently to my take on Rusty, as I feel this is fitting for the character. TV series wise, for years, Rusty's gender was never properly defined- unlike the RWS. No pronouns were used for Rusty up until maybe Season 9- in which the US narrator erroneously referred to Rusty as female. It was also revealed later on that prior to his Season 4 debut, Britt Allcroft considered depicting Rusty as genderfluid, given that Rusty is a gender-neutral name. Hell, I had a crush on a girl who was nicknamed Rusty, and one my best friends, whom I've mentioned indirectly throughout this passage, is also called Rusty. But this was apparently too controversial and risky of a move for the 1990's, so it was quietly dropped. I never see anyone talking about that particular interview or article; it's a shame really. I just don't see gender identity as being a big deal for steam engines; I'm all for it. It's progressive, diverse, presents some interesting and fun dynamic and great for character development, at least the way I see it anyway.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I feel that with Logan I've done plenty of touching up on gender identity issues, and I do plan to bring it back in future, but I don't feel that DnD's JBS has a place for this writing element. Plus, I am not a fan of the basis chosen for Lexi. I've been cool with American-based engines up until Sam. I feel like they fit the Sudrian/mainland mould well enough; to me they were extensively modified and cut down for use on British rails. But Lexi's design takes the cake. It is literally TOO American for my tastes and TOO old fashioned. I'm ok with old-fashioned British engines, but I do not feel that Lexi's based was appropriate for her character, and therefore I will be leaving her out of the plot.

Instead, for a possible future story, I will be having her shipped in to Sodor straight to the Vicarstown branch of the National Railway Museum as an exhibit. In the original JBS, the seemingly genderfluid Lexi liked to play around with voices. None of that here. I'd have to convey that with bolds, italics, spaced out letters like memespeak or even alternate fonts. No, that's too much effort to convey in the written word. Instead, the idea will be reworked. Remember what I said about Frankie? Well, what would have been considered playful voice-acting/genderfluidity for Lexi, will be transferred to Frankie, in the form of responding to several different names. Lexi will likely not be the original Cabforward (otherwise known as "The Freak" but even that's too mean-spirited for me; I will likely make a quick mention of it only. She will probably a replica retaining the memories of the original- let's say a single part was salvaged. Typically in my stories, using a part from another engine created a sort of telepathic link to that engine's memories. This is why Henry retains his old shape memories, why Godred Mk-II retains his (original boiler), the Culdee Fell engines have nightmares of Godred's accident in the first person). and why Novelty's Replica also has OG Novelty's memories. For my stories, telepathic links also exist between a CFR engine and their coach- like looking through their eyes for improved visibility. Idk. I just really love the idea of sentient vehicles having higher cognitive functions like telepathic links to other engines or rolling stock in certain little ways. Is it magic? Or science fiction? Probably the latter since I have a tendency to break magic down into science fiction anyway.

-MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD- Proceed if you don't mind knowing what my plans are for the meat of the story story- I usually don't spoil like this but here we go!

-Now for the villain and the foil to him for DnD's JBS- starting with the villain. In the real JBS, Frankie and Hurricane worked together to keep Thomas at the steelworks. That will not be the case for DnD's JBS. While in JBS it seemed only Thomas was trapped there, I think that's not enough. At the end of TGR, I even hinted at this. There was a certain tank engine there in the crowd, watching the events. This is Hurricane, scouting out engines to recruit to the steelworks, and he spots the twins while he's there. Why he doesn't approach them immediately? Partially a writer's convenience. I didn't want JBS to happen immediately after TGR. Let's just say that Hurricane is more interested in Sodor's engines than the rest of the TGR competitors, and when the Steelworks gets a call, saying two identical blue tender engines (yes, DnD are blue as per the RWS in my Collective), it jog's Hurricane's memory. Oh, and during the year since TGR, Hurricane has been enlisting the help of other engines. Mainly, Frankie, Theo and Merlin. However, I will probably include some others as well. I have some ideas for some fodder characters to be there to help, plus the Garratt, whom has moved to England from Australia after the events of TGR.

Why the fodder engines? It's simple really. Unlike TGR, I really don't want to properly introduce a butt-ton of characters. By having generic, mostly unnamed/unspecified engines working under Hurricane's contracts all at the same time, the Steelworks will not feel so barren, empty, and well, not busy. With only 3-4 engines there in the film, counting Thomas and James as temps, and not counting the seemingly completely unassociated experimental engines, the Steelworks will feel like an active, productive place. I just didn't get the vibe at all when watching parts of JBS and reading about then. While I won't be naming these engines per say, I do have some basis in mind for them. While I can't illustrate all of them via Trainz shots, I can for a few. I can toss in Riley in there if I wanted to, or Mr. Lorgin's Generic Engines or even some of the industrials I got from the Welsh Engineer's website. I have so many choices!

So, long story these engines are under contract to help the Steelworks. The contracts are said to be temporary, but it doesn't say until when on them, and the characters of interest- Frankie, Merlin, Theo, are getting suspicious of it- and of the fact that it seems only Hurricane and the Garratt allowed to leave the grounds for deliveries- unlike the movie where it's just the two engines Frankie and Hurricane. Hurricane's actions are good in nature but poor in practice- all he really wanted was extra help; he was tired of running the steelworks by his lonesome, and he wanted to have some friends to keep him company. So really, he's more of an anti-hero than villain, both in the special and here. I know, this makes the plot seem a bit contrived, having unnamed, unspecified characters also working there, but for the sake of clarity, let's just say those engines have been there for years, but Hurricane never could seem to befriend them; they were just uninterested or too busy, so he started recruiting engines himself and taking charge. All because the poor guy was tired of being alone and doing things without much help from the other engines. Ooh boy, do I have some work cut out for me. I'm starting to get confused myself, but I'll work out the kinks.

So, naturally, Cassie, Merlin and Theo want to escape. Frankie has a home to go to, as does Merlin- already being familiar with Sodor through his nightly runs. Theo doesn't have any other place to go; but when he learns of Sodor and the Cement Works run by Fergus, he's eager to get there. Even the Garratt, though seemingly Hurricane's best friend now, is growing suspicious of him and his contracts enlisting other engines; he's curious as two why they're the only two allowed to leave; especially now with THREE Sodor engines helping them "temporarily" and the fodder characters working mindlessly without a care. Though that seems like a pretty big team of characters to come up with a foil for Hurricane (Donald, Douglas, Cassie, Merlin, Theo- and the Garratt- that's technically 8 characters!), I feel like they need just one more character to help them. 

This is where the big idea from my last journal came into play. In JBS proper, I felt that it was very much a missed opportunity, given the setting and the continued success of Brenner's team to add in RWS characters/bring characters back (DnD, BnB, Duck, Oliver, the Arlesdale Engines, technically Stephen, the Earl of Sodor, Duncan, etc), that Sixteen (or No. 16 if you prefer), was not at all introduced or utilised. I'd like to change that, and more. By this point in time you may have realized that I have a penchant for underused or obscure characters, much like how Brenner's team have a penchant for using some of the most obscure basis for characters, i.e. the USA oil burning engine for Timothy, the Columbian Steam Motor for Gator, or even the RM Passenger Class for Yong Bao, or Hell, in this case, Hurricane, being the GER Decapod, but more on the experiments again later.

So, for the sake of the setting and expansion of said character as well, I will be bringing in Sixteen. In my take on JBS, No. 16 has been working for his private owner in the Midlands, under his new guise of Sheffield- yes, the same take on Sixteen by :iconwildnorwester: (Btw, my idea for expanding 16/Sheffield for my canon HAS been approved by him.) Although, being my series and not Sodor: The Early/Modern Years, my timeline for 16 is very different and more historically based. This is an idea I've considered for a while now, and now, I've got the approval from WNW himself for this take on Sixteen/Sheffield. Rather than being a generic saddletank created for the sake of a single story in the RWS with seemingly no backstory aside from the Steelworks, I wanted Sixteen/Sheffield to have a vastly expanded backstory- before the Steelworks. This was an idea sparked by :iconronanl10: actually, from when he did his own remake a loooong time ago of Cab Over Wheels. For those of you not in the know, Hornby once made a model of Wemyss Private Railway (WPR) No. 16, albeit with their flawed mould, and livery of No. 15 instead. WPR 16 was a replacement for their old 16- which I originally thought was the same kind of engine, but turned out to be an Andrew Barclay, which had a surprisingly similar accident to RWS 16's Cab Over Wheels accident. 

After the WPR closed down and some time in a scrapyard, WPR No. 16 went to another private railway, the Lochty Private Railway, which closed in 1992. No. 16 once returned to the scrapyard, then was moved to Brechin, then later Bridge of Dun, where it's still awaiting restoration by the Bo'ness Railway. I think that's a rather sad fate, and since it's really the closest thing to RWS 16, I've decided I want to alter history and make them one and the same engine. Rather than being moved to Brechin and never being restored, WPR 16 will be restored at the Manchester Steelworks- where Hurricane and the undeveloped fodder engines will serve as the "friends" mentioned in the RWS. He'll have his accident, be taken out of service, then purchased and become Sheffield. Hurricane seems fine without him, but does miss him, so the railway arranges for 16/Sheffield to visit the Steelworks once a week- and this is where 16/Sheffield will serve as the foil. As much as I would love to have some action like in JBS, and a little nod to the Wizard of Oz, I think that maybe what Hurricane really just needs, instead of having his wheels melted, is some sense talked into him. The other engines are either too busy to talk to him (the fodder engines), or just afraid to talk to him- he's big and acts tough after all. And despite being close to him now, the Garratt isn't sure how to talk to him about this, and doesn't want to scare or pressure him either (being even bigger). So I think 16 would be the best choice for being a sensible foil, having worked for the Steelworks before and being Hurricane's best friend. Although, maybe, just maybe, I will have Hurricane get into an accident, I just don't know how.

So, anyway, the problem gets resolved. Hurricane deeply apologizes to the engines of interest for trapping them. After his stern talking to, and his accident (yeah, I think I'll keep in in somehow), Hurricane has now grown tired of his lifestyle and work at the steelworks, and considering retirement, knowing that being scrapped is still a possibility. So, Donald and Douglas encourage the engine to go back to Sodor with them. Crovan's Gate has expanded over the years and needed a handful of shunters; and in current need of a new one. Frankie will return to her home railway. Merlin will return to Sodor with the twins and Hurricane, and after so much interaction with the twins, has conquered his shyness. Theo will still join the Cement Works. The Garratt will continue his life on the Mainland and take charge of the Steelworks for now, keeping the fodder engines in order with Hurricane out of the picture. I may have the Garratt become a member of the Sodor collection at some point, but for now, I feel he's fit to lead the Steelworks on for a little while. Maybe for a year.

Oh yeah; and I'm still going to have the twins visit Scotland. But now, they have new friends with them (Merlin, Theo, Hurricane), and will show them around before heading home.

So...that's all my plans of various development levels for JBS.
Well, so it's finally happened. Somebody pushed SI3D to the brink (again) and the website has closed down. What a damn shame. If people had just acted mature, this wouldn't have happened. And this time, I don't see them making any kind of a comeback. Oof, and they were just a year off from a 10 year anniversary. Dang.

I've been around the Trainz Thomas community ever since I was a freshman or sophomore in high school; that was around maybe 2006-2007. It was back then that was the centre of the Thomas Trainz community, hosting the original MSTnoodle models. Then, later on, the models were pulled because of pressure, reskinning, etc. The website, now called UKBL, was to start their own range of Thomas content, and later on, threw in a few upgraded MSTnoodle models with his permission. Then that fell apart later on, again from gimme pigs' pressure, and maybe some threatened legal action? I don't quite remember, but regardless, from the death of the UKBL range rose a new range and community. Skarloey123 of the UKBL forums started making his own Thomas models, and with that, he sowed the seeds for what would become Sodor Island 3D. Over the years, the quality of the content kept improving. Moving on from single faces to chameleon scripting, to new face scripting and headcode support, and now, 3D submesh faces are the norm for Thomas Trainz models. It's been amazing for me, to watch as content improved over the years.

And that's not all. SI3D has been an influence on many fans. They were inspired to learn how to model and create their own content. Sodor Workshops, Wild NorWester, Simply Sudrian, etc etc, all sprang up and brought along their own content, which had also improved as time went on. For putting out quality and ever-improving content and inspiring others to do the same, SI3D for the last 9 years has been the pillar of the community. And now that pillar has been knocked down.

It's a very bittersweet thing. I'm trying to get back into Trainz atm, and while I'm doing so, SI3D has fallen because of people who just wouldn't listen or obey rules. I knew that every so often a cesspool of new users who just didn't care would crop up, but I never thought it would eventually result in the range terminating. Not after it had long since outlasted the last pillar of the community. But, though the site closing up shop is a disappointment, it's not the end of the world, either. The team, through their work on SI3D, have developed skills that can be put to use for other things if they wish to do so. And that makes me happy; after all the rubbish they had to put up with from particular users, it's a breath of fresh air for them. And this isn't the end of quality Thomas Trainz content either, oh no. SI3D may be done, but there are other sites with quality content still available. Some of the sites have come and gone or changed names, moved sites, etc, but the content is still out there. Now, it's their turn to shine. The proverbial passing of the torch, I suppose.

And while Sean is right, and that things like what I'm about to say should have been thought of to say while they were making content, I'd like to thank SI3D, for all the quality content they've put out for the last 9 years, for fan of all ages to enjoy. I thank them for trudging through tough times and sticking around; they didn't have to do that at all, but they did. And also apologise- for all the times I acted up myself regarding certain, really unimportant things about SI3D content. I should have known better than that, so I'm sorry for just adding to the pile of whatsit they had to deal with. In the end I'm grateful there was anything at all.
Hi all; what's up.

Progress is slow as per usual, but I've been gaining my spark back gradually. I've actually been developing ideas for my own JBS rewrite after that horrid fanmade Wooden Railway video got so much heat on Twitter. I know I haven't finished TGR yet, but this will give me the drive to finish it so I can move onto this and the next projects.

I've talked to friends to pinpoint where Bridlington is- since yknow, I don't live in the UK and don't feel like looking up maps on Google- and have an idea of how long it would take to get there; which will also be needed for my TGR rewrite that I need to finish first.

Of course I don't have much of a medium to depict my interpretation of the story other than the written word, since Trainz is outta commission. I just can't get the damn hang of TANE. But here's what I've got for ideas so far:

1. Don't send Thomas. Send Donald and Douglas double heading. Like TGR, focus should land squarely on the other characters of Sodor and the Mainland. Plus, the Twins are from Scotland. Bridlington is up north. DnD are mixed traffic engines. A slow goods trip to Bridlington sounds like something they would volunteer for imo. Plus we know they banter with each other; I think we could all use a little more Donald and Douglas antics.

2. Frankie will be referred to by her proper name "Arundel Castle" and only be a temp at the Steelworks, which will be mainly operated, at least partially, by Bridlington Diesels and Hurricane. Of course Hurricane does most of the work.

3. Re: The Experimentals: Theo will remain largely unchanged, minus the unnecessary extra cogs, and will retain his supposed neurological disorder (of which I'm sure many of us in the fandom have in common). Merlin will remain unchanged personality wise but will have an expanded role and backstory. Lexi will not be present. There's no need for a very old cab-forward on the mainland. The gender-fluidity idea that was supposedly attached to Lexi is one I've already experimented with in my Logan story, with some success- it's an idea I applied to Logan temporarily, and one I've permanently applied to Rusty. This is idea of course originated from one of my best friends :icondeviousweasel:, whom I've often consulted with on story ideas. I may touch on it again in future with Rusty, but with the lack of Lexi in my version, it will not be present.

4. Beresford will be moved to the Steelworks to have an expanded role. I quite liked Beresford tbh.

5. The location of the Steelworks is in Bridlington near the yard, but, being up north, serves more than just Bridlington. Its abbreviation, MSC, may have a double meaning. First off, someone on Twitter, Thomas Theorist or something, theorized it could be "Manchester Steel Company" or something along those lines. Then I started looking into the history of Frankie and Hurricane and that's when it hit me. It could be a tongue-in-cheek reference to Frankie's origins. She used to work at another MSC- Manchester Ship Canal. I think with that closed down now the Steelworks provides steel for Manchester in general now. That's just my interpretation now; I must gather some more information before developing this idea further.

6. There is one thing I want to add that may seem fanservicey, but I feel it's necessary. It's something everyone theorized after Season 20, though it didn't come to fruition. The setting is a steelworks of unknown origin. Who worked at an unknown steelworks? No. 16.

My inclusion of 16 is going to be a bit of a complex one. See, for a long time now, I've been longing to give him a more complete backstory in addition to the ones created by Christopher Awdry and :iconwildnorwester:. I've wanted to base him upon WPR's No. 16, which I'm sure you Hornby and :iconronanl10: fans recognize easily. Yes, the livery is inaccurate for the time period, but not entirely. WPR 15's livery is basically the same, and WPR 16 was red at one point (originally dark chocolate). But yes, I want to turn 16 into WPR 16. It's a simple matter of altering history, which of course is pretty easy to do in the realm of fiction, especially with Sodor and engines. In reality, WPR 16 was moved to Brechin in 92, and later to Bridge of Dun where he still awaits restoration by the Bodmin Railway. Wilbert came to Sodor in 1993, and told engines of No. 16's accident, meaning it could have happened earlier in 93 or before then. So, what if instead of being moved to Brechin in 92, he was sold to the MSC, had his accident, then sold to a private heritage line in the Midlands? I think it's a perfect way to expand his existing stories, and expand upon whom his friends were at the steelworks (Hurricane, Arundel Castle, Ulli, etc).

Now, in order to bring No 16's backstory into play, I need to bring him into the main plot. But how? My JBS takes place in 1996- 1 year after TGR and 3 after Wilbert's trip to Sodor, by which time he would have been sold to a midland railway. Ah, but that's just it, isn't it? What if said midland railway sent 16 on a trip up north to delivery supplies to the steelworks? Not only would it be a nostalgia trip for 16 (now Sheffield) but it would also be a good opportunity for him to meet the Caledonian Twins and tell them his life's story of moving from railway to railway. Plus, having worked for the Steelworks previously, could also prove a helpful ally in helping the twins escape and foiling Hurricane's plot.
Hey yall, just wanted to put out this journal real quick.

Much to mine and many others' surprise, the campaign for Lady has been going insanely well. Usually, from what I've noticed, crowdfunding within the Thomas community really struggles or flops. We're not really that big compared to fandoms like Supernatural, Doctor Who, Dragon Ball, etc, and pretty well self-contained.

BUT. This time was different. Anonymous donations were made for a whopping $1000, $500 and 110, and fans have donated smaller donations that really just stacked up. Within 2 days, the $2000 mark to purchase the prop had been passed! The campaign is still up, to help pay for transportation and restoration purposes. We did it. We saved The Lost Engine.

You can still donate at the link here:…

Now then, onto the next part. I'm in a really good mood after receiving some wonderful feedback from someone, someone whom has put out some AMAZING Thomas fan art. I feel it's only right to give them and other artists I admire a shoutout.

Starting off, check out :iconladyengineer: ! She's made some beautiful digital paintings of characters like Gordon and Flying Scotsman. She's the one who recently enjoyed my unfinished take on The Great Race, and has given me some input on how I should utilize Ivan in Part 4 of the story. Being from Russia, I figured it was best to ask her about using Ivan. So far her input has been very helpful!

Back on the subject of digital paintings, we have :iconmssfm: Very impressive paintings of engines and landscapes; I've not seen talent like theirs nor LadyEngineer's until this year, I think. Who knew that Thomas fans of all things could produce such amazing artwork?

Next, I feel it's only right to bring up :iconsyntharoboto: . Her works can be dark, controversial, even Rule 34 related at times. But I think it's time we started separating content of the artwork from the skills of the artist. I have no doubt that she's very talented at what she does, and I think deserves all the credit she can get. I'm tired of seeing people ragging on her for character obsessions, or nitpicking or just downright being awful to her. Though she's different than others in the fanbase, I feel she deserves more recognition for her talents. Hell, I even made her a contributor to my Devious Diesel Club; that's how much I admire her artwork.Though my group is pretty dead and not as popular as the Dieselworks group because of stupid mistakes I made limiting my audience and group membership. And while her views on certain matters are different than mine, I've feel that she's truly a good person. She has a lot of pet snakes that she takes care of- I don't know many snake lovers! She takes wonderful care of them and they all seem to really like her back. She also has 2 cats- D10 and Shadow. To be able to take care of that many animals is a huge responsibility, and she handles it very well.

Then you have :iconnick-of-the-dead: . Though he's since expanded his artwork beyond Thomas, his traditional drawings of characters are some of the best I've seen. He's sure got an eye for detail, and his coloring just really pops. It feels like it came straight out of a book!

That's all for now!
Hey yall. Update on stuff.

- been lazy on my Colossal Uploads cuz I took so many pictures. Also pending are pictures from RICC17. Not many there because of how massive Colossal was.
- been chipping away here and there at TGR. May enlist some more help to get it done.
- progress has kinda halted on my ZC project cuz of how much work it entails- not a good idea to do a big project for a first quest.
- development on headcanons for Zelda and Dragon Ball slowed to a crawl. Rather disorganized on the latter.

Also, for those not in the know: Bob from Sodor Workshops has stumbled upon an amazing thing while browsing the app/site LetGo.

As it turns out, the large scale prop of Lady from TATMRR has survived all these years. He and the Restore the Magic group are looking to acquire it and have it restored to its former golden glory.

Here's what we know about it:

The owner came upon the model via his job at U-haul. Back when TATMRR was premiering stateside, he was tasked with shipping the prop from New York to Los Angeles. After the premier, the studio (presumably Gullane), had removed the majority of its Thomas-like features. These include the coal bunker, her lamps, her whistle, her dome and her buffers. The studio was planning to scrap the model anyway, however they allowed him to keep it instead. He stored it in a shed at his workplace until management complained (which from what I gather must have been over a long period of time, maybe years?), then he took it home. Out of fear of copyright action, he decided to repaint her into a Christmas engine, with imagery of a snowman, tree and stocking on the side tanks that said "Happy Holidays From Our Family to Yours". He also modified the smokebox for "a more Disney-like feel". According to Bob, who's seen photos of the prop in its Christmas prime, despite her confiscated parts, she still looked glorious, especially when covered in lights. Sadly prop is in bad shape now. The front bufferbeam had rotted and fallen off, though later it was replaced with a near identical plywood one. Her coupling rods are messed up, and the whistle chain is frayed. Her side tanks are completely green now, with the Christmas imagery covered up. Well, all except for one strip. This strip is of her original TATMRR livery, to keep her legacy alive in a sense. Her coupling rods are a bit wonky, and her chain driven parts, which were used to move her in shots in the movie, need readjusting and realigning, but she IS 100% functional otherwise. Her funnel has also been shortened, and retains some of her original gold and plum (idk how to describe her livery tbh) colors.

Amazing, isn't it? This owner, despite her currently rough state, really did care about the prop and gave her a good home and a new purpose. He's asking for $2000 for the prop, and so Restore the Magic has set up a GoFundMe to try and acquire the model. TATMRR might have been crap because of the changes made, but there's no denying that like it or not, the Lady prop is an important part of the Thomas TV series history. If you'd like to donate to the cause, here is the link to the GoFundMe:…

It's a steep goal, and we're going to need a lot of help. Britt Alcroft has already been informed (though no comment thus far), and Lily's actress Mara Wilson even retweeted about the campaign, though unsurprisingly, it's buried under several other tweets right now. (She tweets A LOT). I will be donating a small amount myself tomorrow. After/if this campaign succeeds, there will be a second one in future, to cover the costs of restoring and transporting her to a home that will care for her. Where that is, we dunno. Only time will tell.

Restore the Magic.
Hi all;

Trying to get back in the swing of things with writing. I'm working on development on my Harwick Scenic Railway.

Previously the fleet mainly consisted of characters recycled from the various canons (RWS, TV series, Magazines). Unfortunately I feel this was stifling my creativity, so I've done away with that.

Instead, what I've done is expanded the railway and split the fleet up into two fleets, one for each section of the line, and the majority of recycled characters will be relegated to the latter half.

The railway is now the Harwick Scenic and Cregwir Valley Railway. (HSCV).

For original characters, I've been looking to several narrow gauge railways throughout the UK, mainly in Wales, though some in England and Ireland, plus the Isle of Man. For many characters, given how Welshpool has used for brakevans and even trucks in the New/CGI series, many of my Harwick Scenic engines are based upon engines there.

Thus far, here's a rough list of the Harwick Scenic section's fleet

1. Mared (Based on Welshpool & Llianfair's Countess)
2. Seamus (Based on Stradbally Woodland's No. 2)
3. Idris (based on Welshpool's Monarch)
4. Bach (Based on one of the Vale of Rheidol's engines)
5. Stinger (based on Welshpool's The Wasp)
6. Sudrian Crusader (based on Bala Lake's Holy War)
7. George C. (Based upon Bala's George B. and a clever nod to George Carlin)
8. Arctic Moose (based on Groudle Glen's Polar Bear)
9. Sodor Lion (based on the Sierra Leone engine from Welshpool)
10. Doug (based on Dougal from Welshpool)

And here's a glimpse at the Cregwir Valley's fleet, still in development. I intend to fill the cracks with some original characters. Some of the recycled characters have been altered for more originality. These alterations are based those of others fans but subject to change.

1. Jennings (based on Sodor Railway Modeler's concept- using Glen Groudle's Sea Lion as a basis)
2. Andreas (directly lifted from WildNorWester's Sodor: The Modern Years)
3. Proteus (lifted from the TV series)
4. Little Barford (magazine character based on SRM's concept- basing him on the Statfold Barn Railway's Trangkil No. 4)
5. D'egg (name not finally, a joke placeholder atm- based on Groudle Glen's Walrus.
6. Sidney (magazine character- based on a Quarry Hunslet)
8. Fearless Freddie (same as TV series basically)
9. Bob's Uncle (based upon late Talyllyn stock Charlie's Ant)
10. Atlas (based on the Cregwir Tramway version by WNW)

Again, just a rough concept. I threw the Charlie's Ant copy in there to make some use of it as its kinda obscure. It was originally going to be Bertram, but I decided against that finally. As much as I'd like to have him there, I feel like it'd be worth expanding upon where he actually works. Sodor Railway Modeller had a good idea for that I think; I may consult with him on such a thing. Everything is subject to change.

Oh yeah, and I'm definitely done with Trainz. Things went wrong installing the service packs, it's a pain to get things working without compatibility mode, and the content manager's just frikkin' piss poor. So Sayonara, Trainz community. I'll pop in sometimes, but expect nothing from me.
Hi all;

my work schedule has changed recently so I'm working a lot during the week right now.

Right now it looks unlikely I'll be getting back into Trainz unfortunately. I just lack the motivation I used to have, and it's an asspain getting old content to work in TANE and vice versa with TS10. So I suppose for now that's the end of that unfortunately.

Speaking of motivation, I'm kinda low on that for other works as well. I've been meaning to finish off my TGR rewrite and finally kickstart my next 4 stories for my next CRWS title "Mared the Little Welsh Engine". I've mostly worked out the Harwick Scenic fleet but I still want to add more engines. I just gotta find a way to do that without overfilling the fleet.

Colossalcon Shots for Day 2 and Day 3 are still lying around in my St.ash and will be uploaded when I can remember to. Idk when that will be.

Also, in the meantime, I'm kinda working on a game. Kinda being the keyword. I'm following a tutorial for Zelda Classic and having some fun with it. I'm hoping to turn it into its own quest.

Currently working on a ruddy essay for my last class and trying to fix my Window's 10 permission issues.

In talks with DBurch01 about an Arlesdale story collab. Already had some ideas I'd discussed with DeviousWeasel . Still gotta finish TGR though.

Also still hoping to crank out a book about my Harwick Scenic Fleet. It mostly consists of MSR engines, with a few original characters in the mix. Though technically one is an MSR Engine AND original character, albeit not my own.

Fleet consists of the following:

No. 1- Mared (based on Welshpool/Llianfair's Countess)
No. 2. Andreas (WildNorWester's MSR Engine)
No. 3. Proteus (I've always imagined him as an MSR Engine)
No. 4. Little Barford (magazine engine)
No. 5. Claud (based on Little Clyde of the Leadhills and Wanlock Railway)
No. 6. Sidney (magazine engine)
No. 7. Freddie (can't have two No. 7's on the SKR)
No. 8. Bertram (tank engine shape of course because isn't that what everyone does really?)
No. 9. Idris (based on Welshpool's Monarch)
No. 10. Atlas (WNW's Cregwir Tramway Version)

I plan to expand the railway and fleet some more and draw inspiration from more narrow gauge railways in the UK and Ireland. Specifically I'm looking at the Vale of Rheidol Railway, the Stradbally Railway, Leighton Buzzard,  and a couple of others I can't recall the name of. I know one engine I'd like to use the basis of- No. 9 "Jack", an engine recently seen at a gala at Leadhills and Wanlock. Very interesting design. If anyone has any ideas contribute, please feel free to do so.

In other Thomas related news- apparently people were pissed that Beresford of JBS is Jamaican? And apparently someone on Twitter did a poll on political alignments for the fandom and like 52% said conservative??? No wonder there's a thing against change. That shit needs to stop, and people need to be more accepting. Plus Beresford being Jamaican is actually accurate given that his basis is a crane commonly seen at Bristol Docks, and many Jamaican people live in that area. It's historically accurate. Plus Thomas' face twisting to look up at Beresford? Actually not weird at all. Face twisting was seen at least twice in the RWS, done by Edward and Duke respectively. Think of it as cocking or tilting your head. Though the animation is a bit dull in places, and also cringeworthy- rocking trucks and engines, the special itself doesn't look terrible. I have a feeling I'm going to enjoy it just as much as I did TGR. It'll be ok. Not as good as SLOTLT, but not bad either.
As you guys can see, nothing more from Trainz yet. Still gotta uninstall it, reinstall it on an external and figure out why SP1 won't properly allow my 2.9 build content.

Gmod- also on hiatus. Game's been crashing on me. I think I ought to uninstall a bunch of addons. I mean I've got like over 5000 subs on the Workshop and really don't use all of them. But I do have a list of planned shots for Gmod.

Other content- as you can see, a month later I'm finally uploading more of my Colossal Con photos. My phone may not be the best quality camera, but I got a lot of great shots with it. Some of the photos will have credits in the descriptions- it depends on if I know the cosplayer or not. Usually the credit will give their IG name as I doubt all of them have DA profiles.

I also recently found an old cd I have for Manga Studio 4. I'm considering installing it along with my new Intuous drawing tablet. I figured I might as well work on my other artistic skills. I've not really drawn in a long time, not since my self portraits. I did have drawings of human figures, but the trouble is that 1. 2 of the models were old people. 2. Being a figure drawing class, the models were nude. Not the most comfortable of situations, especially when I was taking the class with both my sister and a crush I'd developed at the time.

Speaking of school and art, starting next week, for the next two weeks I am taking my final course. A two-week intensive- a sculpture course. Thankfully, not with clay. I can't work with clay tbh.

I should also get around to reinstalling Photoshop and Illustrator. As an amateur graphic designer, the least I can do is practice for now and upload my content. tbh I don't think I've really uploaded any of my stuff from my last class. I want to show off what I can do besides game screenshots and amateur convention photography.

Edit: At the suggestion of someone, I've decided to attempt to reorganize my Old Shots folders. As you may know, I don't really like people faving or commenting on old crap of mine. But there's not much I can do about it. It would take ages to lock all the comments on each one. So for now, I'm going to move more shots from the Old Shots folder to the Old Shots (The Good Ones) folder- I've decided there's more in there I honestly like again. Comments on all those moved to the Good Shots folder will remain open. At a later point I'll go through the same process with my Gmod stuff - for now it's just Trainz. Eventually the Old Shots folder will have every shot remaining in it closed to commentary. Unfortunately, I don't know how/if I can disable faves. Hell, if I could I'd do it on everything, but that would take too long. I don't even know if that would encourage commentary.
Gmod and Trainz have proven to be difficult lately. I have way too many Gmod addons, and lately the game's been crashing on me when loading. I have to write down what's causing errors and unsub to those things.

Trainz on the other hand, oh my God. I never realized how much of an asspain TANE is. I thought TS12 was bad with compatibility but TANE? Worse. My SP1 doesn't work properly. Rather than making things with builds of 2.9-3.4 compatible like it should, it treats them as outdated. Most of my imported content should be in that range of build numbers. Plus the Content Manager is worse than it was before. I liked the look of the old one, and seeing all the thumbnails of my content. 

Plus, this version installs completely differently from older versions, and I can't figure out how to uninstall it. What I want to do is put TANE on a new external (which I've not bought yet) and start fresh.

So yeah, that's why shit's been slow again unfortunately. Plus in the coming weeks comes my two week sculpture course, and after that I planned to change my work schedule so that I'd be working more and getting more money (and so my dad would stop whining about other people's jobs and hours, yeesh!).

Maybe I should get back to installing my Adobe suite programs and try out my new drawing tablet...
In more ways than one! First of all, thank you for your patience during this period of kind of getting my feet wet in DA again.

Secondly, which triumphant returns? Well, to everything really. I've been playing with Gmod a lot lately and have a list of ideas to try out for new scenebuilds and pictures.

Then there's my triumphant return to the world of Trainz. But boy, is it going to be long, tedious and painful. It was a really asspain trying to install TANE. Now that I've got that done and am reimporting my content, now I have to redownload all the dependencies from the dls and websites, as well as try and upgrade all my old, outdated content. And then afterwards, I have to reinstall the adobe suite in order to resume work on reskins and graphic design.

Thirdly, my triumphant return to cosplaying and amateur photography- my return from Colossal Con! Oh man, I took a HELL of a lot of pictures. I did promise I would upload them. But first before I can do that, I have to get around to uploading my photos from last November's RICC. Again, I took many pictures- more than I did in previous years. And Colossal is even bigger than RICC, so that means a shit ton more photos of other cosplayers I would like to share. And this time, I have some of these cosplayers' social media platforms, so therefore, I can properly credit them for their efforts! I also met 5 of my favorite cosplayers- Momokun, Vamplettes, Seviria (I'm a more recent fan of hers), Stella Chuu and Purrblind! AND I got pictures with all of them, both in and out of cosplay (mostly out since the first three were together in casual clothes when I met them). It was the most amazing weekend of my life. Worth every penny, and a perfect graduation celebration. I also made some new friends on my trip, one being a coworker, another being a con goer who reminds me of my younger, happier self- something I honestly think I needed. Not trying to sound narcissistic there, but though I was younger and dumber, sometimes I miss my more carefree and fun loving Class Flirt of 09 self. Time has not been completely kind to me.
My laptop just arrived after a delay. Which means I'm 1 step closer to making a comeback. But before I do, several things still need to happen. Most of this involves installing content, which is going to take a while. But afterwards, expect to see more of the following:

TTTE Stories
Trainz Screenshots
Trainz content releases
Xenoverse 2 mods
Gmod screenshots
Things I forgot to mention.

I completely forgot to upload my RICC16 photos. Will upload them when I return from next month's Colossal Con.

During my hiatus, I've also been brainstorming with Rusty and am considering, at some point after my TGR/Foreign Engines stories, write some stories about the Arlesdale Engines. So far most of my ideas stem from the RHDR. Two accidents involving Green Goddess, I'd love to use on Rex, albeit toned down. I've also considered bringing an RHDR engine to Arlesdale as a visitor- Basil the Bug. I still also want to write my stories about my oc Mared and the rest of my Harwick fleet. And one about the SKR's 150th- based on the Talyllyn's. So many ideas, so little time.

Speaking of ideas, I've started to, at least a little bit, flesh out my Dragon Ball headcanon. I was apprehensive at first, as some ideas I wanted to incorporate were thought up by The-Devils-Corpse for his headcanon, titled DB Redux. Fortunately, I got his approval to due so in moderation. Which is a relief, because I like many of his ideas but don't want to throw em all on, and some of his ideas I'm not so keen on. Other inspirations come from users like Laughing Stock Media, Geekdom101, Team Four Star's MasakoX's what ifs (i.e. movies counting in the main timeline).

I do have my own ideas too, don't worry. I was considering cutting out Bio Broly altogether or rewriting it to not be about Broly and rewrite the nonsensical bits. It's a tough decision, especially since TDR's tweak is impressive too.

I also would like to make big tweaks to Fusion Reborn. No Nazi jokes (felt very jarring and un-Dragon Ball-like, a reason why Gohan is back on Earth, and none of that Saike Demon/Hell's Laundry Room nonsense- meaning no Fat Janemba either. That also lacked the usual DB charm. I do however love the general design of Super Janemba. He looks like a Frost Demon, barring the lack of intelligence and the odd pointed ears. Since Janemba's head is an option in XV2 for Frost Demons, and his design is already similar, why not make him one? But to match Frieza and others, his name needs to be changed to a frosty pun. Kolzor was my initial thought. (Cold Sore). Just ideas atm.

I've also got planned out in my head an SSJ flowchart of sorts. Again, inspired by TDC but with differences. I.E. applying my versions of Super Saiyan God. Also applying God powers to SSJ4 (or as he calls it, Hitozaru). I remember on Twitter he tossed around the idea of naming Goku Black's corrupted SSJ and SSJ God forms after colored alcohols. His ideas were to keep Rosé and name his corrupted SSJ (inspired by GT's Baby Vegeta) Blanc. He was stuck for the corrupted Saiyan God form though and dropped the idea, but not before I suggested Absinthe.

Anyway, I hope to develop this further in future.
Hello, all. It's been a while. I figured it was only appropriate to update you all.

Currently, I am on a massive hiatus. My life is very hectic right now. First off, I'm wrapping up uni after 8 years and to be walking at graduation in about 25 or so days.

Secondly, and this is also related to that, but my laptop is on the verge of death. I did my best to try and recover/backup needed content. Haven't had time for it lately. All I have to work on both assignments and stories is my phone. Very difficult, especially with my memory issues being rather hard to deal with this semester.

Third, also related, I'm saving for a new laptop. Once I have it, I'll need to install TANE and transfer/upgrade my dying cdp archives. After that, screenshots will resume and it will be much easier to complete my written works.

Thank you for your patience.
And by my dear friend :iconlinklethehistorian: too. Welp. Here goes. I'll try not to be lazy with the questions this time. XD

1: You have to post all the rules. 
2. Answer 12 questions that you have been asked, and then create twelve of your own to tag other users to reply.
3. Choose 12 victims to tag! Muahahaha!
4. Legitimately tag these 12 people.
5. You can't say you don't do tags!
6. Tag backs are ALLOWED.
7. You must do in a journal entry!

1. Do you watch anime? If so, what's your favorite one?! You can tell me -- it's okay!

Oh, Linkle, you know that as well as anyone else! :rofl: Yes, and it's the entirety of the Dragon Ball Franchise. I love the original series, Dragon Ball Z, the questionable Dragon Ball GT, and the ever-improving Dragon Ball Super.

2. Gonna be triple original here, but, want to do an art trade with me sometime~?

Um, maybe? Problem is, I don't have a tablet, and I've not drawn in some time. I'll need to practice! Unless you want me to do something in Trainz or Gmod. Though the other problem- I need a new laptop before I can use either! T.T. So my only option is to do something with my Swiss Style of graphic design.

3. Quick! If you could describe me in one word, what would it be?!

Man, there are so many words I could use to describe you. Off the top of my head I've got two. Intelligent and loving. Let's go with loving. Without your help after my ex left me for Undertale, well, I dunno. I certainly wouldn't be much happier than I am now. Or as happy.

4. What's your dream job?

Over the course of my life I've debated this. I may be set to go out into the world as a graphic designer now, but my dream job is to make video games or be part of a development studio.

5. Are a gamer? What series interest you?

Naturally. I'm primarily a Nintendo and PC gamer. Favorite franchises and games include The Legend of Zelda, Mario, Smash Bros, Pokemon, Trainz, Garry's Mod, Team Fortress 2, The Binding of Isaac, and Hyperdimension Neptunia. Oh yes, and let's not forget that Dragon Ball has fantastic games too.

6. What's one thing you could never live without? 

Technology hands down.

7. DeviantArt. What's your favorite thing about it?

Being able to share my work with others with similar interests.

8. Anime or realism -- which is better? 

Anime's much more exciting and fun than realism. Take Dragon Ball and Jojo's Bizzare Adventure. Shit gets crazy in those shows!

9. How's life for you, right now?

Pretty good but very busy. I'm supposed to be graduating finally this semester.
10. Do I have any Bungou Stray Dogs people here in this group, by any chance...? :-? (Confused)  (Please tell me I do!!!)


11. What's your favorite quote?

There's a lot to pick from. Let's go with our old friend Senor Cardgage.

"No probalo!"

12.  What fandoms are you in (if any)?

Thomas and Friends, Dragon Ball, Doctor Who, Zelda, Team Fortress 2, BBC's Sherlock, I recently became a Trekkie so Star Trek is in there now...

So. Lemme think of some questioms.

1. Try to describe your favorite thing ever very poorly. Yes this is a social media meme.

2. What was the last book or story you read? No textbooks or reference books plz kthx. Unless it's a reference book about your favorite series or whatever.

3. Have you ever been to a drive-in movie theater, and if so, what was it like and did you enjoy it?

4. What's your political alignment? I won't judge, I promise.

5. Are you still in school, or are you employed? Or both perhaps? Or maybe neither!

6. Have you ever had to pee outside? I know, it's a gross question but it came up suddenly :p

7. Pants or trousers- what do you call them?

8. Do you have any recommendations for high and/or Celtic fantasies? I've been on a fantasy kick lately in order to satisfy myself while waiting for Breath of the Wild on the Nintendo Switch.

9. Would you prefer an expensive fancy date or something less costly and more intimate?

10. What's the best thing you've ever eaten?

11. Would you ever consider becoming a Patron for Dream Mix's Legend Maker?

12. Name the last gross thing you saw that made you puke your pants. Well not literally. Just puke then.

Okay, taggie time!

1. :iconlinklethehistorian:
2. :icondeviousweasel:
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