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DnD's JBS Pt 4: Free At Last
Free at Last
    Back at the Steelworks, Donald and Douglas looked around for anything unusual. They weren’t exactly sure what they were looking for though. There were already lots of unusual engines at the Steelworks; what more could there be?
    Then, Donald hatched an idea.
    “Aye, Donnie?”
    “Tha crane.”
    “Aye. Mebbe Beresford has seen somethin' it ay th' ordinary. he's a crane, efter aw, he can see th' whole yard an' beyond.”
   “Aye, guid idea, Donnie. Let's gang ask heem.”
    Beresford was a blue crane who worked in the yard. He used to work at the Canal with Frankie and had a long-standing working relationship with both Frankie and Hurricane. Hailing from the Birmington area, he spoke like many of the holiday makers-turned-locals there.
    Donald and Douglas sidl
:iconokamitakahashi:OkamiTakahashi 3 0
Donald and Douglas' JBS- Part 3
Donald and Douglas: Detective Engine Inspectors
    Donald and Douglas set straight to work, and found two rows of trucks full of slag to pull to another part of the Steelworks. Beside them was a third row, being hauled by Frankie who was humming cheerily to herself. The twins whistled hello.
    “Awrite thaur! ye main be 'at Frankie th' Garratt tauld us abit!”
    “Aye, that’s me. Well, sort of. My real name’s Arundel Castle. But I’ve got a load of nicknames. Frankie, Billie, Arundel Castle, Aru, Cassie; I’ll respond to nearly any name. It’s just who I am. Who are you two?”
    The twins responded together.
    “I'm Donald.”
    “Ain aam Dooglas.”
    “We're twins frae th' Islain ay Sodur, an' Hurricane's speart us tae help efter we gart a delivery haur.”
    “It’'s huir uv a queer thocht…”
:iconokamitakahashi:OkamiTakahashi 5 3
Back Down Under by OkamiTakahashi Back Down Under :iconokamitakahashi:OkamiTakahashi 25 2 ''Don't be so grumpy, Scotsmaaaan~'' by OkamiTakahashi ''Don't be so grumpy, Scotsmaaaan~'' :iconokamitakahashi:OkamiTakahashi 28 2 Wake up~ Scotmaaaaan~ by OkamiTakahashi Wake up~ Scotmaaaaan~ :iconokamitakahashi:OkamiTakahashi 24 3 The Great Western Way by OkamiTakahashi The Great Western Way :iconokamitakahashi:OkamiTakahashi 18 1 Cheeky Twins by OkamiTakahashi Cheeky Twins :iconokamitakahashi:OkamiTakahashi 18 1 Rosie is Red by OkamiTakahashi Rosie is Red :iconokamitakahashi:OkamiTakahashi 21 4 ''Stay out of trouble, Redguard...'' by OkamiTakahashi ''Stay out of trouble, Redguard...'' :iconokamitakahashi:OkamiTakahashi 32 12 RedGuard by OkamiTakahashi RedGuard :iconokamitakahashi:OkamiTakahashi 31 5 DnD's JBS: Arrival at Lower Vicarstown by OkamiTakahashi DnD's JBS: Arrival at Lower Vicarstown :iconokamitakahashi:OkamiTakahashi 21 0 Days of Yore: A Busy Day at Suddery Docks by OkamiTakahashi Days of Yore: A Busy Day at Suddery Docks :iconokamitakahashi:OkamiTakahashi 30 2 Days of Yore: The New Recruit by OkamiTakahashi Days of Yore: The New Recruit :iconokamitakahashi:OkamiTakahashi 33 11 ''Just like Thomas.'' by OkamiTakahashi ''Just like Thomas.'' :iconokamitakahashi:OkamiTakahashi 29 7 Young Duke (Surprise Release!) by OkamiTakahashi Young Duke (Surprise Release!) :iconokamitakahashi:OkamiTakahashi 44 11 Sickly Henry by OkamiTakahashi Sickly Henry :iconokamitakahashi:OkamiTakahashi 33 6
Note: I've recently reorganized my gallery. Older works have gone into the old folders. Please don't comment or fave anything in the Old Trainz folders unless I have a copy of it in the New Trainz folder. There are very few shots I've previously taken that I'm currently satisfied with. Please do not comment on the old shots- it's too much of a hassle to go through them all and disable comments. Old ones that I am satisfied with however are being added to a new folder- those ones you can comment on.

My gallery is mainly based around my childhood; made of Thomas Trainz screenshots, episode adaptions and original works written by moi. I also have several pictures made with Garry's Mod and Team Fortress 2, as well as Gmod shots about MLP: FiM. I felt that my gallery needs to reflect more than just my interests from childhood. Very rarely I'll upload shots from my 3DS camera, self-portraits, traditional works or whatever else I feel like.


1920x1080 Wallpaper Desktop by siulzz 1920x1080 Wallpaper Desktop :iconsiulzz:siulzz 53 3 Angel girl Gloria by CyanCapsule
Mature content
Angel girl Gloria :iconcyancapsule:CyanCapsule 455 6
HARBOR OF CORSICA by Leonid Afremov by Leonidafremov HARBOR OF CORSICA by Leonid Afremov :iconleonidafremov:Leonidafremov 150 4 Bendy and the Toons in: The Haunted Forest! by Kirby-Popstar Bendy and the Toons in: The Haunted Forest! :iconkirby-popstar:Kirby-Popstar 680 66 Juniper Cat by uotapo Juniper Cat :iconuotapo:uotapo 659 29 Amy - Kitty by beethy Amy - Kitty :iconbeethy:beethy 743 13 Onmyoji - Snow Girl by Xeno-Photography Onmyoji - Snow Girl :iconxeno-photography:Xeno-Photography 177 4 Mina-ween by DJ-BLU3Z Mina-ween :icondj-blu3z:DJ-BLU3Z 198 23 Psychedelic Reflection by Thelma1 Psychedelic Reflection :iconthelma1:Thelma1 136 29 Magnemite by StarSoulArt Magnemite :iconstarsoulart:StarSoulArt 410 18 The Future Empress of The Crystal Empire by Laszl The Future Empress of The Crystal Empire :iconlaszl:Laszl 128 36 Queen Boo by OlchaS Queen Boo :iconolchas:OlchaS 1,420 25 Bewitched Janna by Raichiyo33 Bewitched Janna :iconraichiyo33:Raichiyo33 2,285 27 Sunny Day by chaosringen Sunny Day :iconchaosringen:chaosringen 811 10 The Message by andreasrocha The Message :iconandreasrocha:andreasrocha 1,215 13
Contains lewd things every now and then. You've been warned!

Journal History

Right then. DnD's JBS is done and up. Rushed the end a bit because I'm tired of working on it and want to move on to the next project.

I've talked about this before, but it's my take on BWBA. Much as I enjoyed the special, you know me, I like to do my own thing and write in a way to avoid the problems of the actual special.

I feel Flying Scotsman is a better fit for world travel than Thomas due to his prior experience and also his own equipment from his US tour. And with Flying Scotsman himself having recently spread the ashes of his savior Mr. Alan Pegler, I feel now more than ever that I want to do this.

Here's a quick rundown of what to expect:

Scotsman's personality and strength will circumvent problems in the movie that Thomas succumbed to- i.e. lack of strength, being sway insanely easily, having plenty of water, etc. For 80% of the story, he will be in US configuration to comply with other railways' regulations regarding lamps and cowcatchers.

Nia will NOT be happy go lucky and be more of a tragic depressed character. I want to depict her in a light that's realistic and not stereotypical. Her homelessness will be touched upon sooner rather than later and give her the excuse to be Scotsman's cohort throughout the story.

There will be no gags of TFC due to the wiser use of Scotsman instead.

While Scotsman is away, Rebecca will take over his duties. There will also be "meanwhile on Sodor" moments to tie a take on Season 22 into the special. Edward will go to Wellsworth, leaving a space in Tidmouth Sheds. Phillip will NOT be there at Wellsworth but at the Peel branch. Henry will not leave until Scotsman returns, and will have proper reasoning. I feel that while the moving of said engines is controversial, with the right explainations they are acceptable moves.

Nia may be out of steam when the two journey to America, due to Nia not having the proper equipment.

America will not be limited to what was seen in the special and explore more of the vast country, and upon visiting the east coast, Flying Scotsman will discover a distant relative and friendly rival: The Flying Yankee- based on a real engine and train service.

As Scotsman is NOT easily swayed, he will not take an alternate path to get Ace to the race and thus piss off Nia. Instead he will be taken to a repair shop and he will have been dropped out from his race. Serves him right.

As a result of THAT as well, China will NOT be a locale in Scotsman's World Tour. Appropriately replacing it instead is Australia, where Scotsman will mostly return to his UK configuration.

I will come up with an excuse to stick with UK rolling stock in other countries, as the Flying Scotsman models I have installed for illustrative purposes do not have knuckle couplers on the water tender. I can't model myself nor have the time/money to commission such a tender from anyone for either the RWS or CGI models I'll be utilizing for illustrative purposes.

Returnees from TGR will probably, hopefully have more lines. Sam conveniently was in my take on TGR, so his will be a no brainer. Raul will likely appear with his twin from BWBA- whom I've aptly named Sporticus after the Lazy Town character as a tribute to said show.

Beau will be called Tex due to the closest model I have to him being called Texas, and have a breakdown. No idea if I'll make him a crazy old geezer or not though.

The Arizona Diesel will be more appropriately based on one shape and color wise. Will not appear in uploaded shots though.

To my knowledge, I will not be integrating any Season 22 elements into the plot, Rebecca aside. Mainly because I'm not using China, and also because India is broad gauged, and Ashima is narrow gauge in my version of events. I may send Yong Bao to America for a bit, as I know a couple of Chinese engines were sent here years ago and "Americanized", so I could throw in Yong Bao, being there on a visit to see some old friends.
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Made some slight updates, mostly for consistency in terms of paragraph structure, to my first CRWS book. Also floating the idea again of a name change for Godred Mk-II/Red Godred/Redgod.


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Yikes. Haven't updated this in a long time.

Amateur graphic designer, but mostly Trainz TTTE user and Gmod player. Also interested in Dragon Ball, Legend of Zelda and many other shows and games. Have two trans best friends. Not sure what else to say.



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