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Sickly Henry by OkamiTakahashi Sickly Henry :iconokamitakahashi:OkamiTakahashi 29 6
CRWS No. 3: DnD's JBS Pt2: Stuck at the Steelworks
Stuck at the Steelworks
    After the moment of excitement had passed, things resumed as per usual. The twins sang their favourite tunes together, they joked back and forth and had some banter and deep discussion.
    “Oi, Donnie.”
    “Ya, Dooggie?”
    “What's sae special abit Manc lain anyway? Ah dunnae kinn much abit th' place other than we passed ben it oan th' way tae th' shaw lest year.”
    “Beats me, Dooggie. Ah ken they've got thes warld famoos fitba team thaur. Manc lain United ur somethin'. Ne'er pure understuid human things loch sports.”
    “Bah, me neither, Donnie. Jist some silly gam kickin' aroond a dumb baa. Cannae kin wa uir crew loves it sae much. Eh'd raither listen tae those radio tunes we're aye singin' noo.”
    “Aye, 'at bowie laddie is "da bomb" as th' wee lads say noo.”
    “Bah, aw thes new lingo
:iconokamitakahashi:OkamiTakahashi 6 1
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Note: I've recently reorganized my gallery. Older works have gone into the old folders. Please don't comment or fave anything in the Old Trainz folders unless I have a copy of it in the New Trainz folder. There are very few shots I've previously taken that I'm currently satisfied with. Please do not comment on the old shots- it's too much of a hassle to go through them all and disable comments. Old ones that I am satisfied with however are being added to a new folder- those ones you can comment on.

My gallery is mainly based around my childhood; made of Thomas Trainz screenshots, episode adaptions and original works written by moi. I also have several pictures made with Garry's Mod and Team Fortress 2, as well as Gmod shots about MLP: FiM. I felt that my gallery needs to reflect more than just my interests from childhood. Very rarely I'll upload shots from my 3DS camera, self-portraits, traditional works or whatever else I feel like.


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Contains lewd things every now and then. You've been warned!

Journal History

Hi all. Just popping in with a few things.

Soo....I regret those journals from last fall mentioning the situation with Lady as the money has been misused and the prop is at risk again. There's currently a new GoFundMe to help save the prop; I'll probably post it later.

It's been a year since Colossalcon 2017, and I still haven't uploaded all my pictures here. They're in my st.ash just waiting. I'll have to get around to that.

Motivation for any kind of storywriting like DnD's JBS has been low, dunno when I'll get back to it.

Also, while I am here, I'd like to talk to you all about what's going on in reality, and my wishes as an artist here on DA.

On my gallery here, you will find a lot of older shots from Trainz. Shots that I'm no longer happy with, or other old content I'm not satisfied with. However, I have so much of it, that it would take me, what with my low motivation and my executive dysfunction (as well as my real life issues), a long time to disable commenting and faving of them. This is why I ask people not to comment on them. But they still do unfortunately. They find my old crap and comment on it, and don't pay the slightest attention to when it was posted. I find that rather rude and disrespectful.

One such person apparently did it to the point where I had blocked him on an old account. Recently, he came back on a new account, calling me out, and calling me names like "child" and referring to me as dickish. Personally, I don't see much of a problem. This may just be my point of view, but I'm a believer in the Golden Rule. Treat others how you want to be treated. This person, did not respect my wishes as an artist, so I felt blocking him was justified. In an ironic twist, :iconprojectdrift:'s crusade against me appears to be more childish than my reasons for initially blocking him.

I was going to write out a thorough reply to him, but it seems in his raged crusade, now he has blocked me. I really don't understand any of the logic behind all of this. As an artist, I have wishes that I would like to have respected. Not giving my old work attention is one of them, for the reasons I stated above- I don't have time to disable comments on them.

I have a lot going on in my life right now. I'm working a job, making money for myself, I'm reorganizing my living quarters, etc. There are things I do outside of DA like 99% of the time, which is why my activity level here has dropped. One of those things revolves around my dear Nana. She has Stage 3 Alzheimer's now, and has become increasingly needy and helpless, so almost my whole family's lives are becoming revolved around making her last days comfortable and helping her when she needs it. This has put an incredible amount of stress on me. My role, while more minimalistic than my sister's (my sister handles more major stuff like getting her dressed, taking care of bathroom needs, etc), is still very important. I keep her happy and entertained. I'm her companion. I watch TV with her, take care of some of her meals, help keep her fridge stocked, clean her dishes, make her bed, help her get into said bed, etc. And lately, because of her increasing loss of self, her confusion, her grumpiness, frustration and depression, even my role is becoming a chore and putting stress on my mind, my body and organs- and given my high cholestorol, I feel like I could have a heart attack from it all, and that could prove deadly. I don't need a petty DA argument about my old artwork on top of all the stress from reality I already have.

So, please, respect my wishes as an artist. Anything pre-2012/2013, don't comment on. I have no time to disable comments right now, so that's all I'm asking. I don't even care about people faverunning anymore without leaving commentary. I'll take what I can get, just not on my old stuff. Please, if you find my old stuff at random, look at the post date and act accordingly. I have my gallery organized these days, with my recent content towards the top folders, and I would rather someone look through those. All I ask is for a little respect for me as an artist and as a fellow human being. If you can't respect my wishes as an artist and as a person, then I can't do the same for you. I may have become more chillax in recent years, but it's still very possible to set me off with missteps, and this is one way to do it. If you think I'm being a petulant child about my wishes as an artist, but then do something worse, it's not me that's the problem.



Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Yikes. Haven't updated this in a long time.

Amateur graphic designer. Trainz TTTE user and Gmod player. Also interested in Dragon Ball, Legend of Zelda and many other shows and games. Have two trans best friends. Not sure what else to say, aside from this:

If I've ever done something to bother you, please, fucking TELL me. How the fuck am I supposed to improve myself as a person if I don't know what my mistakes are?! So don't keep that shit bottled up. Tell me what I've done wrong. I don't understand what is so hard about that.



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There have been a lot of ups and downs. Literal emotional rollercoaster lately.
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OkamiTakahashi Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2018  Student Digital Artist
:iconprojectdrift: So, as a rebuttal, you are lowering yourself further by resorting to petulant, even more childish name calling? Do you realize how pathetic that looks?

Look, I'm sorry I blocked you on an old account of yours, even I don't remember it, but I've already explained my reasoning to you- as much as I hate my old works, I am keeping them up, to show people how far I've come. However, I do not want people commenting on them or faving them. I have so many old works though, that it would take me a terribly long time to disable faving and commenting on all of them- and that's time that I don't have because of other things I want or need to do. That's why I ask people not to do that, and to check my gallery proper instead as I have it all organized by subject matter and date.

I get it, you're mad still. But you need to let some things go. I certainly have over the years, I've become more chillax, but I'm still fairly easy to set off if you misstep, and that seems to be the direction you're heading...again. Instead of resorting to name calling out of anger, we could have very easily discussed this maturely via notes instead, but you didn't choose that path apparently. Instead of being understanding and respecting an artist's wishes about his old work, you got mad because you felt you were being denied the right to like and comment on it, am I right? That's not how it works, kiddo. Respect the artists' wishes, and they respect you back. It's common human decency, and the golden rule. Treat others how you would like to be treated.

Plus, I have had a fuckton of stress in my real life recently. My grandmother, my last freakin' grandparent, has Stage 3 Alzheimer's and is becoming increasingly needy. Plus, I have a real job, and things to do in real life. Holding a grudge over the internet over an artist's wishes is, quite frankly, more childish and petty than you seem to be interpreting me as for blocking you on an old account. I really don't want to go through all this right now or again. Please, I'm begging you, as an artist, and as a fellow HUMAN BEING, have some courtesy, decency, respect for my wishes, and for the shit I'm going through in reality right now. I don't need petty grudges piling on top of everything else right now.

Please, just give your own actions some thought, and come back when you do. The level of stress on my shoulders right now is killing me, and I can't be bothered with anymore over something like this. I don't see my action as being dickish or childish tbh. And maybe that's just my point of view. But if you can respect me for wanting no more commentary on my old works, then I can't respect you back.
ProjectDrift Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2018  New Deviant
The fact that you blocked someone just because they commented on one of your old posts

thats a MAJOR dick move
OkamiTakahashi Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Excuse me, but what?

I have a terrible memory. Please, feel free to refresh it.

On a related note, I don't really want my old content getting attention, but I have so much of it that it's too much of a hassle to disable commentary and faves on them all. That's why I ask people not to. But unfortunately, people don't listen. They don't check my gallery first; they just find my old crap at random, don't pay attention to when it was made, and honestly, it bothers me. But like I said, I have a bad memory, and don't remember blocking anyone for it, at least not recently. I have a lot going on in my life outside of DA, which is why I'm inactive.

I'm going to hazard a guess that they sent you forward for a bit of white-knighting; that's the vibe I'm getting from this seemingly hostile comment I've found when doing a brief check on my notifs after a stressful couple of weeks dealing with a grandparent with stage 3 Alzhiemer's.
ProjectDrift Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2018  New Deviant
you blocked me for just commenting on your old shit

you child
HeatherAfterCosplay Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you! <3
OkamiTakahashi Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Aaaaah you're welcome! I had no idea you had a DA page until just then!
OkamiTakahashi Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2018  Student Digital Artist
That was due to what's being referred to as "The Great Jimdo Purge." Inactive sites that have not been logged into for years have been wiped out, unless said owners log back in finally. Some sites have not been affected, such as Sudrian Community, other have, such as Sodor Railroading Builders and The Whistle Works, but NicTrain123 recently logged back into those sites and brought them back, even if their quality is a bit lackluster compared to modern sites. Sadly SI3D Classic was also swept up in the purge.

In order to access those sites now, you will have to use the Wayback Machine.
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