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Lion-O, Pumyra and Leah (Requested) by OkamiRyuu1993 Lion-O, Pumyra and Leah (Requested) :iconokamiryuu1993:OkamiRyuu1993 3 5 King Lion-O and Queen Pumyra (Requested) by OkamiRyuu1993 King Lion-O and Queen Pumyra (Requested) :iconokamiryuu1993:OkamiRyuu1993 13 7
The Howling Leopard Chapter 4
“THEY TOOK LION-O!!?” exclaimed an incredibly freaked out Wilykit.
“But why!? What do they want with him!? You don’t think they’re gonna eat him do you!?” asked and equally worried Wilykat, all the while Snarf was running frantic circles yowling in sheer panic.
“Will you three calm down already!! Ugh! My head’s killin’ me after last night!” growled a very sore and grumpy Panthro.
Tygra and Cheetara grumbled in agreement still feeling sore after the events of last night. The wolf that had struck Lion-O unconscious grabbed him, slung him over his shoulder and quickly climbed back up the wall he jumped from. The Thundercats didn’t even have time to react before more wolves arrived on the scene from the rooftops; despite their best efforts to fight them off and run after their stolen king they were swiftly overwhelmed and beaten down by the wolf horde. When the wolves finally retreated back to their forest they left the thre
:iconokamiryuu1993:OkamiRyuu1993 1 0
The Howling Leopard Chapter 5
“Mumm-Ra is real”
The seconds after Chief Varick said those three dreadful words seemed to stretch out for an eternity before the reality of the statement sunk in making everyone’s blood run cold.
Malo was the first to finally speak up, “t-that!…That’s not p-possible” he choked. With the shocked silence broken, the other elders started to panic.
“I say we fortify the village and be ready to defend our home!”
“Are you mad?! There’s no way we’d be able to fight off that demon!”
“What if we migrated the tribe somewhere else!?”
“That’s the same as surrendering and running away with our tails between our legs! I’d sooner die than abandon my homeland!”
“And what of the rest of the tribe? You think anyone, especial
:iconokamiryuu1993:OkamiRyuu1993 1 2
The Howling Leopard Chapter 2
It had been an hour since the Thundercats started following The Book of Omens new direction and everyone was still pondering what could it be leading them to? Was it a new undiscovered Stone of Power? Perhaps something that would give them an advantage over Mumm-Ra? Or perhaps it really was just a glitch? No one wanted to believe that the great book of legend that was treasured and protected by their ancestors would actually glitch out and lead them on a false trail, but as they continued forward with no clue of what they were heading towards it made them sceptical. Still, the book continued to point forwards without any sign of letting up so they too remained steadfast in the hope that wherever they were going would yield some benefit.
“Hey look! Down there! It looks like a town!” exclaimed Wilykat excitedly pointing downwards.
Everyone turned to where he was pointing and sure enough there was a town coming up on the horizon and just beyond it was a huge forest that seemed
:iconokamiryuu1993:OkamiRyuu1993 0 0
The Howling Leopard Chapter 1
A month has passed since the Thundercats left the city of Avista to continue their search for the next Stone of Power; they travelled in the Feliner with the Book of Omens guiding the way across Third Earth. But even after finding new vigour for the journey, the emotional wounds left behind by Pumyra’s betrayal had not been forgotten by Lion-O and he would often be found deep in his own thoughts with a melancholy expression on his face. His companions tried their best to get him to talk about how he was feeling but he would just brush off their concerns or change the subject, but one day when they had landed to rest and make camp Tygra decided to really put his foot down. He managed to catch Lion-O alone while he was collecting firewood to confront him.
“Okay Lion-O we need to talk and no more dodging the issue”
“Huh? What issue?”
“Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about. Ever since we left Avista you’ve been acti
:iconokamiryuu1993:OkamiRyuu1993 0 0
The Howling Leopard Chapter 3
“So you’re telling me that what we’re looking for is in the forest!? The forest where those dangerous wolves live!? Are you serious!?” exclaimed Tygra in disbelief.
“Well yes and no, you see like I said before the wolves are very secretive, so they wouldn’t tell me or anyone here directly about any magic they have. However back when things were peaceful and they came to our town regularly, I would often overhear them talk about some secret power their leader possesses, supposedly it has something to do with the staff he always carries with him.” Explained the Mayor.
The Thundercats looked to each other, unsure of what to make of this information. They knew going into that forest was risky considering all the frightening things they had heard about the wolves, but if there really was some kind of magic there then they couldn’t just ignore it should it fall into the clutches of Mumm-Ra.
“I understand this is going to take some time an
:iconokamiryuu1993:OkamiRyuu1993 0 0
MLP Bog King by OkamiRyuu1993 MLP Bog King :iconokamiryuu1993:OkamiRyuu1993 11 0 MLP Marianne by OkamiRyuu1993 MLP Marianne :iconokamiryuu1993:OkamiRyuu1993 11 0 Mumm-Ra vs Mumm-Rana in Bird Forms (Requested) by OkamiRyuu1993 Mumm-Ra vs Mumm-Rana in Bird Forms (Requested) :iconokamiryuu1993:OkamiRyuu1993 10 2 MLP Ruby and Sapphire Marriage by OkamiRyuu1993 MLP Ruby and Sapphire Marriage :iconokamiryuu1993:OkamiRyuu1993 19 0 MLP White Pearl by OkamiRyuu1993 MLP White Pearl :iconokamiryuu1993:OkamiRyuu1993 14 0 MLP White Diamond by OkamiRyuu1993 MLP White Diamond :iconokamiryuu1993:OkamiRyuu1993 19 0 MLP Max, Neil and Nikki by OkamiRyuu1993 MLP Max, Neil and Nikki :iconokamiryuu1993:OkamiRyuu1993 13 0 Bad Pumyra vs Good Pumyra (Requested) by OkamiRyuu1993 Bad Pumyra vs Good Pumyra (Requested) :iconokamiryuu1993:OkamiRyuu1993 7 2 Mumm-Rana (Requested) by OkamiRyuu1993 Mumm-Rana (Requested) :iconokamiryuu1993:OkamiRyuu1993 4 7


Jasper and Skinny Jasper - Steven Universe by UnicaGem Jasper and Skinny Jasper - Steven Universe :iconunicagem:UnicaGem 271 15 Earthlings by raevenilonka Earthlings :iconraevenilonka:raevenilonka 17 2 Amaterasu by GalaxyArtworks Amaterasu :icongalaxyartworks:GalaxyArtworks 26 4 sun stain by princerivy sun stain :iconprincerivy:princerivy 20 1 oraroao V3 by age3rcm oraroao V3 :iconage3rcm:age3rcm 54 12 Elegant Posing Cayenne by IronM17 Elegant Posing Cayenne :iconironm17:IronM17 29 0 Elegant Posing Citrus Blush by IronM17 Elegant Posing Citrus Blush :iconironm17:IronM17 20 5 (Commission )Chibi YCH: Spoken by kuren247 (Commission )Chibi YCH: Spoken :iconkuren247:kuren247 20 2 Mlp Fim Starlight Glimmer (...) vector #8 by luckreza8 Mlp Fim Starlight Glimmer (...) vector #8 :iconluckreza8:luckreza8 71 8 [COLLAB] Chonken by SINNPLE [COLLAB] Chonken :iconsinnple:SINNPLE 790 71 Rosemary by LYNX3000 Rosemary :iconlynx3000:LYNX3000 179 12 Raffle prizes by LYNX3000 Raffle prizes :iconlynx3000:LYNX3000 115 16 [C] Dancy by LYNX3000 [C] Dancy :iconlynx3000:LYNX3000 200 14 In Thought by dolphin19 In Thought :icondolphin19:dolphin19 4 3 Forrest of Death by SakkaWakka Forrest of Death :iconsakkawakka:SakkaWakka 2 0 Okami Portrait by KatieHofgard Okami Portrait :iconkatiehofgard:KatieHofgard 2,140 50


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Okay forget what I said at the beginning of entry 45, THIS is now the shortest time between journal entries, and with good reason!;D

First off SPOILER WARNING for the episode 'Change Your Mind', go watch right now and come back there's a lot to unpack here.

Just like the title says, there was sooo much happening in this long special episode! I mean seriously where do I even start!? There were new costumes, new fusions (my favourite was definitely Rainbow Quartz 2.0:D), more backstory, HUGE character development and we finally get Jasper back! Even if it was only for a moment I'm so happy just to see her again!:heart::heart::heart: And that little moment she had with Amethyst was just SO adorable!:D:heart: With all these changes in appearances and new fusions it's given me some motivation to go and draw these characters with their new designs along with the fusions:D. Now I just wonder what the future of Steven Universe will be like, I mean up until now Homeworld and the Diamonds have been represented as the main big obstacle to the protagonists, but now that they're on good terms and the corrupted gems have been healed I have to wonder where do we go from here and what could top this season finale? I heard that supposedly the next season will take place after a time-skip from this point in the story, I don't have any problems with this set up in fact it sounds like it'll be interesting, perhaps they'll give us a rundown of the changes that took place between now and then, who knows? As for possible future antagonists for the next season, I have one theory that maybe they will have a run in with other alien races from planets that were colonized by Homeworld who are out for revenge against Gemkind and it'll be up to Steven and the Crystal gems to change their minds. That's just my theory of where the story could go but until then we still have a Steven Universe Movie to look forward to!:excited:

Hope you guys enjoyed that episode as much as I did and have an awesome day!:D:hug:
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