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Legacy of Sonic The Hedgehog 1
The Birth of a Hero
{Green Hill}
Sonic: [Dashes and stand on the mound and looks towards the sunset] (thought) My name is Sonic, which everybody calls me. I don’t know my real name nor don’t know where I come from, but I’ll tell you my story about how all these things begin.
Voice: (almost similar to Dr. Robotnik’s from Sonic X) Yes, yes! I am a genius. I did it. I have finally succeeded on the use of those jewels.
[Shows the ground is mounding like someone burrowing from underground. Then it reveals it’s a brown hedgehog dig from underground.]
Hedgehog: [looks around] (Sonic’s voice) Hey! Where the heck am I? [Sees everything] Is this place a lab or something?
Professor: [Out of nowhere] Correct you are! Welcome to my Laboratory. [Kneel down and look at the hedgehog in the eyes with a kind manner.]  I am Dr. Ovi Julian Kintobor, please to meet you young Erinaceus Europaeus*.  [Extent his hand]
Sonic:  [clueless]
:iconokamijubei:OkamiJubei 2 1
New Beginning 'part1'
Pokémon: Journey of the New Generation
Chapter 1: The New Beginning (Part 1)
{Vision: Game boy game}
[Shown Shellders clamping and the camera start to go up and shown the surface of the ocean and then shown a Lapras start to swim along and then it fade and shown a Charizard and breath out a flamethrower.]
[Then it's shown the attack turns real and nearly hit Fortress.]
Host: Whoa! Charizard nearly hit Fortress with his Flamethrower. Is it going to give up?
[Then it's shown a trainer withdrawal Fortress]
Host: Wait!? Is he going to give up?
[Then a trainer send out another pokèball and it's shown he'd send out Onix]
Host: Whoa! It's Onix! Looks like Charizard will have big trouble from that.
Host: (TV) As we see in the Pokémon Stadium. This will be a complicated situation.
Teenage boy: [Watching TV] Yeah! Now it's getting excited.
Narrator: This is Mike, and he's a 14 years old and he have his Pokémon license scene he's 10 but also got a traini
:iconokamijubei:OkamiJubei 4 0

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Hello everyone, I have a great time I have been though these couple of days dispite an annoyance I've gone though today but still doing nice. About this passed 14th day of March, it was my b-day as a couple of days after that, I've gone to a mineral show and I seen plenty of interesting rocks, fossils, precious stones, mineral stones, etc and its great. I even pick up a piece of a Russian meteorite and its pretty unreal. Not only its amazing to hold one but also the weight of it is tremendous. Compare to rocks in my backyard (which is a same size as the meteor) The meteor is like 3x more heavy then the rock itself.

I'll post some pics later just to present the rocks and minerals and even a couple of meteors I have possessed at the moment.


Okami Jubei
United States
Wallpaper of choice: Furry or anime
Favourite cartoon character: grr... so many to say


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