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Sweet Birthday Gift (Jesse McCree x Reader)
The setting sun shown a soft hue of orange and pink through the window, illuminating the entire kitchen as _____ hummed a silent song as his hands dug through the fridge. Today was a good day; not only was today his birthday, but it was also the same day that Jesse was supposed to return from one of his many Blackwatch missions.
A soft sigh escaped his lips as he pulled out a few ingredients from the fridge in order to make himself a sweet treat for this joyous day. Laying them out on the table of the kitchen counter of the Overwatch headquarters, he took in a huff of breath as he prepared to start baking. Though sadly, the cake wouldn't be done until late at night, as the day had been filled with the other Overwatch members taking dear little _____ out for his birthday. Afterall, when you're the base favourite, everyone wants to be there for you on such an important day.
Though now that _____ was actually doing something that he needed to, everyone was suddenly too busy to even help!
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Morning Disaster (Jesse McCree x Reader)
The morning had just been hitting the crack of dawn; the golden yellow sun just peeking over the horizon. Shades of orange, gold, and soft blues streaked across the sky as the moon began to fade over the mountain range. Emphasized sound was all but a myth at such a time of day. Even if this had been a small town, the only sounds any could truly hear were the soft calls of birds in the wind, the gentle rustling of leaves, and the soft snoring of a few local animals.
Of which, a small wooden hut had been hidden away in this quiet town, one where the town vigilante had been snoring away his stress. In his arms, however, was his dear significant other, ______, whom had been laying wide awake with a facial expression that expressed how little beauty sleep he had received that night.
"Jess, wake up," ______ urged, attempting to squirm out of the larger mans grip. Though, if anything, his grip only tightened on the male "Jesse, please! I can't sleep with your snoring!"
The American had only a
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Long Time, No See (Kakuzu x Reader)
A soft silence had filled the air of the Land Of Forests. Only the running of the nearby river and gentle chirps of crickets and birds alike were heard, aside from the rare rustling in the treetops. Soft streams of oranges had strewn across the sky, casting warm fading light onto the Autumn leaves of the bustling forests. 
Atop a tree of brown, orange, and red leaves sat ______, a simple Rogue ninja that had been sought by many countries for her high bounty. She had been wanted for her kleptomaniac ways. She had acquired secrets from uncountable Clans, Villages, and people for their forbidden Kinjutsu. Though unfortunately, she still had yet to acquire all of them. Some were still out there that she had not received, such as the Earth Grudge Fear Kinjutsu, one of which she had desired since her early life. 
Whilst sitting silently, the soft echo of a snapping twig and two voices bickering filled the empty forest. With her _(Eye Colour)_ coloured eyes peered down at the origin
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Isn't That Snazzy? (Loki Laufeyson x Reader)
"Loki, I swear on Odin's beard that if you say 'snazzy' one more time, I will punch you in the throat," A strained feminine voice called out, attempting to be as quiet as possible. 
A soft chuckle came from the dark haired man as he leaned down to his significant other and whispered gently into her ear, "Snazzy." 
An annoyed groan irrupted from the young female as she pulled her hand away from her fiancé's hand. The man only chuckled in response as his hand slipped back into hers, intertwining their fingers once more. "Oh, come on. Don't be such a downer, _(Nickname)_," He claimed. "Acting this way isn't very..." 
"Don't you dare say it," _______ warned. "Loki Laufeyson, if you say what I think you're about to say, then I'm going to-"
"...Snazzy," A smirk began to curl onto his face. 
________ soon ripped her hand out of Loki's and picked up a binder of papers she had possessed. She pulled her arms back and flung them forward to hit the God of Mischief on the h
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Drunken Stupor (Bruce Banner x Reader)
The night remained silent and clear, entirely filled with bright lights mixed with various shades of yellows, oranges, reds, pinks, blues, and greens. It was so odd. It seemed as if all the sound in _______'s life had just dissipated but all the lights would just flash in her field of vision. 
_______ had been sitting alone within the bar in the Stark Tower for hours now. There had been so many things on her mind that all she wanted to do was drink away all that prodded at her mind. Although it became painfully obvious that she had drank too much when the bartender had refused to fill her drink once more. Perhaps drinking an entire bottle of Rum herself wasn't really something she should be proud of. 
She silently glared at the well dressed man before her, but refused to protest against him. If she did, she would most likely be kicked out. She did have somewhat of a reputation for being a violent drunk when provoked by the smallest of things. 
Her eyes soon averted thems
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Baked Goods (Wanda Maximoff x Reader)
Today was like no other in recent days; Cold winds harshly shoved everyone and everything out of its way with people scrambling to get home and out of the cold storm brewing outside. A hurricane had been forming for the last couple days and everyone knew it was going to be big. It was pretty easy to tell it would be strong by how long it took for it to form and by how strong all the wind and rain had been even when the hurricane hadn't even hit yet. 
_______ knew exactly who would be blamed for this disaster that would hit within a matter of hours. These types of disasters were always blamed on her due to her ability of controlling any type of natural disasters, such as blizzards, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, droughts, floods, hurricanes, and anything that could be considered a natural disaster. But how could she deny this hurricane was her fault? Her mood had been down lately and as soon as she did start feeling upset, a large hurricane began to form due to her emot
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A Free Day (Thor Odinson x Reader)
Today was a beautiful day. The sun had been shining brightly down on the pavement, along with soft winds brushing against all the buildings and people. Birds sang again, children laughed, and everyone smiled. Everything had been so peaceful now that Loki had been sent back to Asgard. Even Thor had been spending this most joyous day outside in the sun for a walk. The soft alerting sound of his phone began to ring gently in the back pocket of his pants. Silently, he slipped out the phone and held it to his ear, hearing a familiar voice on the other end. 
"Thor! Thor! Thory Bear! Thornberry!" The female voice chanted with the sweetest tone her voice always had. "Tony and Bruce are taking me out to the Arcade! Would you like to join us?" 
Thor had been caught off guard by ________, not only calling him, but inviting him somewhere out of nowhere. It came as a surprise, but he let out a soft chuckle as he nodded. "I would very much like that." 
"Awesome! J.A.R.V.I.S. has
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Happy Birthday (Kurt Wagner x Reader)
The dawn had been beginning to settle as the sun began to creep just around the corner. Stars twinkled brightly in the sky, the nebula adding beautiful shades of orange, grey, and blue adorning the sky, and underneath such beauty was a the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, all asleep and snug in their calm day off.
Everyone had been asleep in their shared rooms, but of course, there were still those students who got up early and were deafening about how they went about their business. This had led the amazing ________ to be shaken out of her sleep due to Pietro Maximoff, Quicksilver, slamming the door as he zipped through the room to the tired woman.
"Hey, _(Nickname)_! Wake up, quick!" The silver haired man exclaimed, shaking the female gently.
Her eyes adjusted to the male that had awoken her, leading her to sigh a, "Mornin'. What's up, Quickie?"
A grin had spread across the boys face as he practically bounced in excitement in his shoes. "Come on, birthday girl! I have a present
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Opposites Attract (Ryouta Kise x Reader)
The afternoon had been running cold, dark grey clouds clustered in the sky. The clouds were fully prepared to start pouring soon, leaving most to fear for their items becoming wet in the future downfall.
Most students of Kaijo High had been scrambling past each other to enter to large school to take refuge from the soon-to-fall droplets in their free period. This also meant that people would rush past one another and would shove others out of the way if needed. _______ was one of these people that were pushed down to the ground in the process by multiple people.
Though she had been able to enter the school after a large portion of students sprinted to safety. A soft sigh escaped her lips as she lurked alongside the ends of the corridor, simply examining all the social students surrounding her.
Soon, her attention was stolen at the sound of squealing females. She understood almost instantly. Every female in the school swooned over the model, Ryouta Kise. He was perfect in every way; He
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Perfect Family (Daiki Aomine x Reader)
Silence rang throughout the dead of night, dancing with the dark of the night. Soft flakes of snow had been fluttering gracefully along the soft gusts of wind. The light of the moon shown down on Japan in the softest, most kindest way it could especially with how close it appeared in the sky.
The Aomine family had been resting oh-so silently that night, it was a land of peace, much different than how bustling the household has always been in the day time.
Though as it does every night, something was always there to turn the silence into a echoing cry for attention. It was the cry of a baby, a plea for its mothers affection and care.
A soft groan erupted quietly from the woman who laid in her bed, trying to gain as much sleep as possible. By instinct, her had began groping at the empty space next to her as she attempted to wake her husband. But then it came back to her, he had taken the night shift, and he had already left for work directly after ________ made dinner.
________ sat up in
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Portrait Of The Moon (Kei Tsukishima x Reader)
The day had been cold, dark grey clouds rolling above Karasuno Highschool and blocking out the suns rays. Admittingly, it had been fairly intimidating to look up into the full, angry clouds. The harsh winds had caused the electricity of the school to go out multiple times that day and had been picking up items that flung up against the school building.
It was suspected that a Hurricane had been coming close to the shore of the Miyagi Prefecture, This also meant that the students had to be pulled out of school to be taken to a safe area by their families. One by one, students were called to the front office when their parents arrived.
Kei had been sitting in his Japanese History class along with her close friend, Tadashi Yamaguchi. The blonde male had been silent when listening to his friends ranting of the hurricane that had been running close.
Soon enough, Kei took notice when Tadashi had excused himself to answer a phone call. He watched as Tadashi paced around the room, talking whil
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Family Meetings (Shizuo Heiwajima x Reader)
The sun had been shining brightly down on Ikebukuro, though consequently, the day had been especially hot compared to the most recent Summer days. Not a single cloud could be spotted in the sky, it was just vast waves of sky with the blinding light of the sun. No one wanted to be out in this heat, however, many had to still go out, whether it be for errands, work, or just for the sake of trying to get out of the house.
Shizuo had been one of these people out. He originally had the day off, but alas, his girlfriend had asked him to come all the way out to her brothers house so that he may meet her family. This had left him in a fairly poor mood.
Why, of all times, did it have to be today? He had to take time out of his day-off just to meet some people related to his girlfriend. This was going to be rough. He was never one who did well when it came to social situations.
He was drawing near to his lovers home. It wouldn't be long until he would meet face-to-face with this family. It made
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Nobility (Josephine Montilyet x Reader)
Slowly, nightfall began to taint the tired evening sky. Everything seemed so peaceful at the time. The Breach was finally closed, Haven was gone, Skyhold wasn't fully done being rebuilt from its ruins, and many people were finally able to rest before any large battles with Corypheus.
Josephine, however, was still buried neck-deep in paperwork. She had so much to do. Nobles wanted help from the Inquisition, refugees simply poured into Skyhold, Templars were running low on Lyrium, Mages were having trouble with the Templars, merchants needed guards for their caches, and so much more. It was difficult to keep track of such problems in Skyhold.
An exhausted sigh pushed itself out of Josephine's perky lips as she leaned back in her seat. Her body began to slump into the cushions, allowing her to relax after her hours of continuous work.
"Why must I be the one to do all this?" She grumbled to herself.
A small cling of a glass on wood soon met her ears though. Upon opening her exhausted eyes,
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Snow Days (Shuzo Nijimura x Reader)
Winter had been rough on Shuzo. With the three foot pile of snow layered above ice and sleet accompanied with harsh winds outside his home, he hadn't been able to visit his ill father in the hospital, nor could he visit his younger siblings, who were currently staying with their aunts home for the weekend.
At the very most, Shuzo had to stay inside his home alone waiting for the winds and snow to die down, but it hadn't done so in three full days. What was he supposed to do? He couldn't go out, he didn't have much money, and no one was with him to help.
No matter what shining part he looked for, there was always something blocking the happiness. It just left him in a depressive state. It felt as though nothing could lighten up his dull mood.
The black haired male sighed quietly as he switched the television on to continue on a marathon of Ghibli Studio movies that had been playing recently. He had to admit though, the Ghibli Studios was actually quite a pleasant change to his current e
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Ice Cream Sundae (Tatsumi x Reader)
Evening had finally arrived. The daylight was fading, the Shiki were waking up, and Tatsumi was left to watch over the meddlesome Shiki.
Tatsumi let out a loud yawn as he slipped himself out of his personal quarters and into the hallway, where he would peer into every room in case one of the Shiki hadn't made themselves out of their hiding area. If he was to see a Shiki still inside, then he was required to pull each other so they wouldn't be forgotten.
Though after searching around for nearly an hour, he came to terms that everyone was safely out. Finally, he could continued on with his regular evening ritual.
He had begun making his way down the halls and into the kitchen, where the bluenette had already fixed himself a hot pot of coffee. Even though he had been a Jinrou, he didn't always have to survive off of blood. Sometimes, human food was good enough for him to go off of from time to time.
Upon pouring the hot coffee into a mug, he had poured in a small amount of milk as well as
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Love Advice (Koki Furihata x Reader)
School had been even more boring than usual, especially with how he had to waste his Saturday at school to make up the work he missed due to the Training Camp he had attended.
Though at least, he wasn't alone. All of the Basketball team members had to make up their classes that day, and he even had a few of them in his current class, Japanese History. Specifically, on the topic of Nobunaga Oda, one of the most famous warlords.
The brunette boy threw out a loud groan as his upper body flopped down onto his desk, creating a loud thud when his skull made contact with the wood.
"Mister Furihata," His teacher called out. "Do you not understand our lesson?"
Koki instantly sat up straight, quaking on his seat at the confrontation of his teacher. "Uh, n-n-no ma'am! I'm sorry, I-I don't!" His voice quivered as he tried to speak.
The teacher let out a soft sigh as he made his way over to his desk, where he picked up the phone and dialed in a number. This left Koki trying to squeak out excuse of
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