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Starlight Glimmer is such an amazing character. I honestly think that she's my favorite pony. Starlight Glimmer icon 2 
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Damn o_o
This is between creepy and adorable.... creepable? ... adoryble? ....... i guess 50/50 ... an equal split 
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Starlight Glimmer is also one of my favorite ponies along with Sunset SHimmer and Twilight Sparkle. She just looks extra adorable here. I love the closeup portrait, the heart in the eyes is adorable, and the lighting/shading is perfect. Overall a very excellent art of Starly. 
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The shading and details are awsome! Good job!
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So awesome!!!! The details are absolutely beautiful!!!! Did you use a filter on this? I was just wondering about the awesome textures I'm seeing.
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Yes, I used a bit of Watercolor A (from sai) ^^
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Nice!  I love the shading especially!
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Unreasonably pretty! :heart:
Very, very, very well done
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she's got the sparkles in her eyes :3 I love glimglim too <3
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Ton dessin apparaît dans l'article…. Merci pour ce dessin qui a enchanté nos rédacs et nos lecteurs !
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Oh merci, ça me fait vraiment plaisir ! :D
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So being reformed gives ye heart in yer eyes !
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So you are given Contact with heart shapes ?
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It's just how I draw ponies' eyes, it doesn't have to be realist ! :3
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True ! THen it is still loveley !
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This is amazing! Keep it up!
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This is really good. Awesome work!

By the way, I can't seem to find this on your tumblr.

Can you post this on your tumblr? I would love to reblog it.

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I'm sorry, I forgot to post it. It's on my tumblr now, and thank you for reblogging it :D
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Aww! She's my favorite too. Along with Pinkie Pie!
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Can you share your artistic process with me? :D
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