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Mild flooding expected

By OjisanPhoto
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I have honestly been too lazy lately...
Too lazy for getting new photos because I feel I have run out of ideas, and I have been too lazy to upload anything...

So lets try now to change that trend.

I spend two weeks on a holiday in the American midwest this summer.
Although I didn't get as many photos as I wanted originally, I got some that had some meaning to me.
We encountered some heavy rains that resulted in the St. Croix river (among others) to decide its banks were too low. So we walked around and were greeted by this sight in Stillwater Minnesota.
To me the scene was interesting enough, now I just wonder what you out there on dA think?

Camera:Canon EOS 5D mark 2
Lens: Canon EF24-70mm F/2.8L USM
Filter: Kenko Zeta 77mm Protection
Tripod: No, photo shot handheld
Additional lighting: No
Flash: No
HDR: Yes, merge from 3 autobracketed photos
Panorama: No
Exposure: 1/250, 1/400, 1/640
Aperture: F/10
Date: 22.06.2014
Location: Stillwater, Minnesota, USA

This photo is not avaliable for YOU to copy and use in YOUR own or others works without my written approval. If you wish to use this photo in any way, please contact me. I might be cooperative...

Image size
3000x1995px 3.27 MB
Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Shutter Speed
1/250 second
Focal Length
24 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
Jun 22, 2014, 9:08:59 PM
Sensor Size
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lluvia-the-wolfgirlHobbyist Writer
I'd consider that a bit more than mild flooding, personally. Lovely photo though! 
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OjisanPhotoHobbyist Photographer
Nah... still call it mild ;)
It was flowing so quietly...

A bad flood however includes new river paths and houses floating away... normally doesn't happen around where I live...

lluvia-the-wolfgirl's avatar
lluvia-the-wolfgirlHobbyist Writer
I'd call that a very bad flood, but good point. Doesn't happen much around here, but water did invade our house a couple times.
OjisanPhoto's avatar
OjisanPhotoHobbyist Photographer
Oh dear, you're a local from around the area?

Thing is that to me a severe flood always means rivers creating new paths and not just invading the houses, but rather bringing along the houses down the river...
But we only get that in the central parts of the country and only maximum once every 10 years or so :P

Anyway, hope your own flooding didn't damage too much.
lluvia-the-wolfgirl's avatar
lluvia-the-wolfgirlHobbyist Writer
Not that state, but still the Midwest. Well, used to be, until we moved. For us it was usually pretty mild, just annoying. Like water sneaking into the houses or not being able to use certain roads. But there was this one time when I was a kid and woke to find there was water in the house up to my knees. Fun times, but it wasn't real bad, not like we had to move or anything.

And it's good that the severe floods only happen around you guys every 10 years or so.
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Princess-AmyHobbyist Photographer
This is lovely.  Those grey clouds stand out beautifully.
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OjisanPhotoHobbyist Photographer
Those were days of rain... lots of rain! :P

Must have been just between the showers so the light started to shine through and that let me capture this effect.

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Princess-AmyHobbyist Photographer
Its nice either way. 
How long did it rain for.
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OjisanPhotoHobbyist Photographer
Actually not so very long... but then again... the 3 hour thunderstorm we encountered dumped a lot of water on us.

I think that talked about that this area had thunderstorms and showers for 2-3 days actually, and they were severe according to the local news...

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Princess-AmyHobbyist Photographer
Ah not too much then but enough to mount up the water
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