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So everyone... this is my first attempt at returning to my old hobbies.
I have been saying for years that I want to go back to my old interests, but it was first now in 2014 that I found the time.

So here you have my first attempt at a model since I put down my paintbrush back in 2005
Some details are not as good as they could be, so be gentle on me but don't be afraid to give either praise or critique.
As for the idea of my paint scheme it was based (as with many others) on the idea of old Soviet cold war era troops. I have however written my own background for what I call the "Glastnonian SDF". The commisar cape is based on the paint scheme for the rest of the army.

This is the Citadel Finecast series Commisar Lord. The only modification I have made is that I have rotated the left arm down. I just hate those "arms in the air boys, we're winning" poses...

This photo is not avaliable for YOU to copy and use in YOUR own or others works without my written approval. If you wish to use this photo in any way, please contact me. I might be cooperative in this case...

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Great work, I really like the Soviet-style paint scheme, it works well with Imperial Guard. :)
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Maybe my scheme is a little too bright for the rest of my forces (slightly difficult to show now as they are all stuffed away due to me moving soon...), but the idea I am leaning to is that of a late autumn tundra or maybe even a high plateau desert landscape. Primarily a blasted landscape with plenty of dead grass... so uniforms should sort of fit that :P
I'll see what happens once I whip out the others from storage and haw the scheme evolves.
Thanks for the comment and the fav.

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I think that it is good to have a slight variation in army paint-scheme, it will make the army more interesting to look at. Also a brighter scheme will make the HQ's stand out. :)
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Very true indeed.
I have ideas to fluff out the army with some special divisions and such, gradually also some more major vehicle conversions, and hopefully that will make it stand out in a positive way.
I just need to get around to start the overall work.
But I will within not too many weeks.

Thanks a lot for the opinions! :)