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PPAW - Running of the Bulls, Spain

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"Dear Princess Celestia,

I'm sending you this postcard all the way from Spain! When i arrived, there was a festival occurring, so i thought it was best to indulge in the country's culture by taking part in their festival and events; please tell me never to do that again. there was this race called "The Running of the Bulls" that involved running away from bulls through streets. I nearly got trampled!

Your Faithful Student,

Twilight Sparkle"

(PIRL notes: So, to start off this little mini-series i have here, i have a series of PIRLs that date waaaay back to nearly 2013 that i was going to use for an intro to a channel i had an idea for with another group, but that fell by the wayside. so alot of the shading and shadows are not going to be my best work. this mini-series, called Postcard Ponies Around the World (PPAW) is just something i had an idea to do that i didn't need to spend alot of time on to give my watchers something engaging while i work on my drawing and ask blog. this will be a series of postcards from all different ponies from different areas around our world, with the postcards being sent to different friends, worker mates, relatives, etc. like real postcards.

hope you guys enjoy it. :D)

EDIT: it's been so long i forgot to credit vector artists. oh me oh my....

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