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Happy 2nd Anniversary!

Decided to create a postcard-type photo in celebration for today's 2nd anniversary mark of My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic since it's first aired episode! This took approximately 3 hours to finish.

Annnddddddd below is every single vector used! 27 in all!

Luna by Somepony - [link]

Twilight Sparkle (and books) by TheFlutterKnight - [link]

Applejack by LcPsycho - [link]

Berry Punch by Kooner-cz - [link]

Bon Bon by scrimpeh - [link]

Princess Celestia by Santafer - [link]

Colgate by birthofthepheonix - [link]

Discord by stricer555 - [link]

Trixie by Tim015 - [link]

Iron Will by kenrick55 - [link]

Chrysalis by lightningtumble - [link]

Apple Bloom by maxmontezuma - [link]

nightmare moon by Stabzor - [link]

Octavia by NinjamissenDk - [link]

Pinkie Pie by Mihaaaa - [link]

Rainbow Dash by cryocubed - [link]

Rarity by Moonbrony - [link]

Scootaloo by Austiniousi - [link]

Shining Armor by aeroyTechon-X - [link]

Spike by Hawk9mm - [link]

Lyra by Moonbrony - [link]

Sweetie Belle by Nyax - [link]

Princess Cadence by RedPandaPony - [link]

Vinyl Scratch by MoongazePonies - [link]

Fluttershy by Ambassad0r - [link]

Zecora by Parcltaxel - [link]

Derpy hooves by epic-Panda17 - [link]
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