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I think I can do come tips and small tutorial while drawing my current pictures, so you can ast me thematics is you want (not anatomy plz - there's plenty of them on DA).
So you ask, I make list and when I meet askeв theme in current picture - I'll make tip like #1 at this list

I'll leave listing on main page so you can review it and add requests if you need

----------------------------------------------------TUTORIALS LIST--------------------------------------------------------------------
1. refraction ("rainbow effect") fav.me/d3fla39 [DONE]
2. liquid flame fav.me/d3fz61a [DONE]
3. patterned fabrics nagare-boshi.deviantart.com/ar… [DONE]
4. coloring: from B&W to color
5. making of step by step
6. water
7. color selection fav.me/d3g1v18 [DONE]
8. skin coloring
9. ice fav.me/d3gi1yf [DONE]
10. fire
11. ocean waves
12. hair
13. plasma  ionized gas
14. huge explosions
15. [none]
       more ...

ухххх ребят... не знаю кто из вас пришел сегодня из ЖЖ, кто уже читал раньше меня тут ... вобщем что я вам должна сказать (как ни печально относится к русскоязычным ребятам)...
ведь специально сделала отдельный тред, повесила его на главной чтоб не искали, линкую с каждого урока чтоб реквесты кидали сюда, а вы продолжаете их мне слать в личку Т_Т
прекращайте плиз. Только я разгребаю все обычные note как тут же ссыпается целая гора одинаковых реквестов и 90% из них - по формообразованию и светотени. Это наверное вторая из немногих тем на которые я никогда не буду делать уроки (первая кстати анатомия). Не из вредности, просто у меня ровно ноль художественного образования. Даже если я что-то рисую, то делаю это чисто интуитивно и во многом даже не могу объяснить почему рисую именно так. И во многом делаю неправильно. Поэтому чтобы не плодить бесполезные туторы я их просто не буду делать Т_Т попросите что-то другое если надо,  и плиз уже сюда а не в личку )))

еще хочу сказать что не по всем реквестам буду делать уроки -  просто на некоторые буду отвечать прямо в коментах если ответ на вопрос умещается в пару фраз и не требует картинок <3
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May I have a request of doing digital blender for gradient?
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Can you make tutorial about some tips how to paint backgrounds? KirbyJoyful 
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I have a list... Sorry I'm a bit selfish. e n e

1) face paints and tattoos
2) feathers
3) teeth, bone, claws, fangs the sort
4) transparent fabrics and lace
5) two or more figures (people) interaction
6) Metals, swords, weaponary, guns
7) Leather
8) Beards and Stubble
9) Light refraction through glass globes etc.
10) Rain
11) Flowers and layering of petals, just that kind of layering stuff
12) Oil - Crude + cooking
13) Horns and wings and tails
14) Effect of movement (like wind or swooshing an arm or something) on fabrics etc.
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can you make more tutorials about color selection in action?
something like "making of" that can allow us to see how this done in action, and the colors chosen are not monochromatic, because working with other schemes (complementary, analogous color scheme...) always gets me frustrated.
also, what about the neutral colors ( black, white, browns, greys....)? when and how are they used with the color scheme?
the tutorial you've already made about color selection helped me to be less confused about colors, and i'd appreciate if you do more ^_^
caradecunha2's avatar
I didn't know if I should post it here... but on your Ice tutorial you didn't explain it's light shining thorough it and hitting the ground. So... if you could do that I'd apreciate.. It might be in "refraction light" but I haven't had a look at that yet...
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heya id really like a tutorial on different kinds of fabrics :D!
deviantART muro drawing Comment Drawing
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Wonderful tutorials <3 thank you!
horsea9's avatar
Добрый день!
А Вы не сможете показать, как меняется освещение на закате?
AJInu-Okami's avatar
Well, I have a request, but I'm not sure if you're still asking for request or not.
I--S's avatar
Hello! Like many others have said, your art is truly amazing. Your tutorials are greatly helpful, and I thank you for putting them--and this--up.

I wonder, though, how do you make those nice glowing effects? It's perfect and sharp...like on the ice in [link] this tutorial, on the bottom left, and on the beautiful figure in [link] this painting of yours.
Phinnegard's avatar
... I really love you for your tutorials uwu
Serahbi's avatar
could you show a tuturial on how to do fog/mist and gas
Lazy-the-King's avatar

Your art is so captivating!

I'm curious though, as to how you do hair.

If ever you get the time, something really simple would suffice!

Please continue drawing.

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I'm not sure if you're still accepting these, but here's another just in case. I'm not sure what to call it, but a tutorial on how to come up with an idea/drawing or how to expand on a simple idea from start to finish.
Colourbrand's avatar
Got a tutorial on rock Nagare?
LeviathanDy's avatar
jewellery drawing and coloring tutorial
Red-Zephyr's avatar
I would like to know which kind of pencils should I used : form, opacity, density, how to create a great one...

I guess that's an important point ^^
DottorFile's avatar
let do BW-Color or show ur technique!
I'm a comic book artist, and I'm experimenting and learning on my own Digital painting...and Tutorials about other artists tecniques r precious for me!
Vocaloid-divA's avatar
lips, noses, or noses if it's not too much trouble
NatePD's avatar
earth tutorial? like ground, dirt etc
Rem-Jericho's avatar
это... смотрю этот вариант (похожий) есть в твоем списке. Но есть желание увидеть небольшой тутор по колору собственно в том воздушно-водянистом стиле, в котором рисуешь. Если это конечно не будет во зло тебе.
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I don't suppose you know how to replicate the magic eye effect by any chance? [link]
Golden-Hill's avatar
I would be eternally grateful if you did a skin coloring T.T
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