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Updating my workshop archive =)
and journal entry seems like the best option so far for the main page considering all the options for formatting posts.

All content in updates - original art only.

I was asked about fan-art lately since so many Pareon creators are doing it.
I really like making fan-art, but my Patreon page will never have it because I find making money on someone's ideas or inventions (here: characters/worlds) morally objective :/ 
I work in the game industry and lately people that make fan-art are making more money that me and my friends are actually payed for creating these characters and games...
So I guess it would've feel like I'm stealing form my friends. Just wanted to make it clear =) No fan-art workshops even by request.

Although I DO take requests and suggestions for workshops material from subscribers. 


[all past workshops are also available on ]

detailed descriptions are available in announcement on my Parteon page

Preview - PAINTING: workshop [Contact] by oione Preview -  coloring the grayscale pictures by oione Preview - Making a formal portrait by oione Preview - PAINTING: workshop [The Market Place] by oione Preview - PAINTING: workshop [The Light Hunter] by oione Preview - Character design - part 1 by oione Preview - The sea of light by oione Preview - Character design - part2 by oione
  + upcoming workshops of this month

[patreon only | free bonus for all subscribers]

and more <3

sv-sky Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2015
Amazing tutorials!!! Thank you.Hug +fav I love deviantART! 
oione Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2015
Than you <3
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