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Making last call for subscribing / changing pledges if anyone needs before I charge for the workshop today at the end of the day.

workshop package [Character concept - part 1] will include :

- Basic geometry
- Core features
- Difference between character design and costume design
- Game concept art: RPG vs MMO - are they different? if yes - why?
- Importance of stereotypes
- Color association
- Color harmony
- Reinforcement of experience
- detailed examples for each step and more =)

workshop will be accompanied by hi-res pictures and some PSDs

Next workshop will include painting of magical city street, coloring grayscale (part 2), three point perspective, arranging of a million of objects and more :D

also weekly addition for everyone

Thanks everyone who supports me on my page!
This week reward and exclusive Patreon content were uploaded!

Next week - second workshop on coloring of gray scale pictures: illustrative method and using gray as a part of color illusions.

Hope you enjoy it :) (Smile) 
Also, from now on all past workshops are available on Gumroad

Thanks everyone who supports me on my Patreon page!
This week reward was uploaded! Hope you enjoy it :)

In this week' workshop:

:star: Perspective Reinforcement
:star: Horizon line for portraits
:star: Micro Directions
:star: Shape Management
:star: Framing and Shape Interruption
:star: Simple Palette - Less Is More
:star: Color Keys and Overlaps
:star: Shading
:star: Making of a Foxy Creature
:star: Bubble Magic - how to draw bubbles and some properties that let randomize and improve their look and shape 
:star: Concentration of Color
:star: Light Sources and Self-Illuminated Objects

Hey folks!
This week rewards were uploaded and ready to be used :)

I also introduce limited Mentorship 
Package which will be available at the end of each month.
(Last day to subscribe this time - January 30th)
 Patrons will be able to send me one of their pieces they're having troubles with and get a help with a paint-over and suggestions how to improve that image. I will also give a guidance on what may need to be studied/improved  for future self development if needed (and asked for it :) ). 

Thanks for your attention <3
Thanks everyone who supports me on my Patreon page!
Next rewards will be updated Wednesday, January 21.
Those who wants to get this workshop still have 3 days to subscribe =) Workshop is available in Russian and English.
Спасибо всем кто поддерживает меня на Patreon!
Следующие награды будут загружены в эту среду, 21 января.
Все желающие получить этот воркшоп имеют тр дня чтобы подписаться =) уроки доступн на русском и английском.



| |…;|
Thanks everyone who supports me on my Patreon page!
This week reward was uploaded and hope you like the workshop =)

Although I was asked to translate it in Russian by my Russian-speaking followers... which I'm planning to do =) So all tutorials and workshops are going to be in both languages from now on =)
Thank you ^_^
Feel free to ask questions :)


По просьбам русскоговорящей аудитории все уроки начиная со следующей недели будут публиковаться на обоих языках =)
Спасибо за внимание ^_^
не стесняйтесь задавать вопросы :)
So, it happened :) I'm officially going to have Patreon page

But it doesn't mean that I'm going off gallery radars now!!! I'll keep posting illustrations, but you'll be able to get all the extra pictures, unpublished art, PSDs and workshops there from now on!
2015 is a year of hard work on personal projects! :)
Se you next week with my first reward bundle!

Happy new year my friends!
This year was pretty crazy for me, but also very interesting :) Hope you have some good memories about passing year :) And we sure will create new ones next year!!!

On this note I'm coming back full-time to my deviant art page and take a break from contract work to fund and partially complete my personal project started as part of the book "Substrata" =)
Project gets it's new name, tons of artwork is going to be produced.

See you soon!

Substarata characters by oione

Character - Wandering trader by oione   Untitled by oione   Alchemist by oione   Crunchy breakfast by oione   Untitled by oione Substrata - Pigment's pin-up by oione  crystal dwellers alphabet by oione  
Final pages - 01 by oione  Final pages - 02 by oione  Final pages - 03 by oione  Final pages - 04 by oione   Substrata - Crystal Dwellers Shops by oione  Map Rough by oione  Untitled by oione   Final pages - 05 by oione   


Today is officially the first day of our Substrata book being in stores and is already out of stock! ALL SOLD IN FIRST DAY!!! YAY!!!! :D There's going to be more in few days =) you can also find it in other places - online and at your local comicbook stores!

You can order this book online here :


(BookDepository is probably the best price for international customers because of the free worldwide shipping)



We finally have first video on our book aired in Canada!
Big news :D…

Substrata is announced and officially okay to promote!

Thanks a lot UDON for publishing it under their wing <3

Almost 5 month of hard work with all art pals, whole month on formatting and making layouts, 80 artists, 240 pages and endless amount of pure concept art :)
Hope you'll enjoy it <3

Proceeds from the sale of SUBSTRATA will be donated to Gamers For Good

Was dragged to tumblr this week cuz many people told me that it's easier to follow pictures there.
I still will keep doing my facebook sketching page, but if you want to follow me on tumblr - now you can do it :3

Hey fellas!
For those who can't go on conventions but still wants to get my prints and stuff - you can get it here from now on! 

Thanks! <3

Almost done! >_<
Just wanna show some progress for upcoming workshop :)

Finally, I moved to Seattle so can start my work on workshops, as I promised.
This first week will be used for managing info that I already have for you.
Blog already exists, but I'll post the link on it later when current content will be ready.
It might happen that first few post there will appear in Russian first cuz I need to make translation for English version, but don't worry - the rest will appear 1-2 days later. At least you'll be able to have a preview :)

Before making first big tutorial I'll post bunch of random notes about rendering with markers, different technics and tools reviews to make all upcoming information easier for understanding.

Here's the preview for linework for first workshop (format A4)

So... see you soon!
If you have any new questions - you can leave them in this thread.
Dear friends!

So I've got lots of feedbacks on my e-mail aftermy latest journal entry. Thanks for all that. And it's already decided that this blog is definitely going to exist.

What you will find there:
- copics and related tools reviews
- markers and mixed techniques
- workshops
- materials research
- color theory

What you will NOT find there:
- tutorials about how to draw random fruits realistically, babies and flowers for cards
(seriously, NEVER)
- critiques on your works

Original works and tutorials only.

Let's make it clear from the start: I'm not trying to make one of those blogs made for gathering more watchers and followers. I'm going to solve difficult art problems, looks for new and interesting technics and share them with all who's interested in it.
I will take requests, but it doesn't mean that I'm going to follow them. I will interprete them into something interesting or do them as a part of something big.

All the articles are going to be in two languages - Russian and English, made as different posts with tags "RUS" and "ENG".

Hope you will enjoy that coloring adventure and discover new things together.

You can leave your requests at this thread and I'll try to use them for upcoming workshops .

Hi everyone!
I'm going to make tome workshops about using Copic markers and some other tools for making detailed images (anime landscapes mostly) for my friends, but sure thing I can share them. Just interested if anywone here is interested in it. If yes - I can make a blog for all this.

Hi folks!
this year I'm trying lots on new styles and tools, so it's more like year of experiments.
Can't spend here much time, but wanna tell briefly what happens :)

As a plus for all traditional drawing I'm involved into few collaborative projects.
First one is cartooney and called "Urban Mermaids" -personal project about mermaids living in a big city. Tons of characters are coming soon :3

Clubber by oione Hippie by oione DJ by oione

And "Substrata" - dark fantasy/fantasy game concept froject, not for an actual game, but more like to get some awesome ideas from different parts of the world into one artbook for Comic-Con or any other ivent like this. As long as I'm moving to Seattle I'm going to be involved in this kind of activity more often, so here you'll find lots of concept work in my usual style <3

Some early examples:

Page template 1 by oione Survival kit - gas mask by oione
Substrata: Pigment by oione Hair by oione Substrata: Pigment face by oione Substrata: note about colors by oione one more iteration by oione

Also, there will be some new tutorials.
I want to say huge thank you to everyne who left me birthday wishes :)
Unfortunately I wasn't here often lately, so I'm kinda late a little... but I was really happy to get all this :)
Love you folks <3 <3 <3
Seattle, WA deviantMEET at Pratt Fine Arts Center | Mar23

See you there this year :)