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rainy crow v.2

another coloring for
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Awesome in my fav !
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thats neat :) why did you call it rainey crow?
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That's really awesome!!!
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Nice effect with the rain!
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this is almost too cool.
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This is breathtaking!
And I do lean towards this version.
Dhaundre's avatar
I prefer this one ;) Great work!
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I can't help faving your submissions!
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Talk about lookin like she's got her ass kickin boots on, nice!
Maryetten's avatar
Потрясающие цвета, очень понравилось!
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The details of this piece is staggering. Those droplets on the leather suit are AMAZING! :la:
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orange + green. The character stands out from the scene.
yellow + gray. The character and the scenario drawn to harmony.
I prefer this.
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I think this version conveys the mood you were looking for. The green on the other version was a little to "washed out" on the character herself, if that makes sense. Perhaps not as much contrast between her and the background color is what I'm trying to say? I dunno.

I 'effing love this one. In fact, I would love to see more of this character. You are a stunning artist. ^^
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Oh, this is the background on my netbook btw. <3 I haven't had a non-nature themed background on any computer since 2003.
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