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May 25, 2011
patterned fabrics by *Nagare-Boshi suggested by the following deviants:

=BerryBlu says, "This tutorial is very illustrative and useful because shows how to create a very nice effect in a fabric paint."

~coloradogirl86 says, "This is a great tutorial that is easy to follow and recreate. Little details are what make a great picture and I look forward to trying this technique out."
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patterned fabrics

tutorial request #3

you can add more requests here [link]

there will be one more small tip about textures for patterns
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Beautiful work! In colors I adore!

yehan-666's avatar
Thanks for your helpful tutorial!! :D (Big Grin) 
AnimeFanatic09's avatar
These are beautiful! Thanks for the tutorial! 
celestemare's avatar
Thank you so much for this tutorial! I used it on this illustration:…
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Thank you for being detailed about this and using such a lovely pattern as a sample.

Much appreciated! 
Rune-Sorceress's avatar
This is really beautiful and a great reference work. Thank you for sharing!
torivan6's avatar
wow amazing .. thanks 
KinimiHucashi's avatar
Really helpful, thank you!
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you. are. amazing. my favorite part of drawing is always the little details :)
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Thanks so much forr your tutorial, so amazing. :D
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Thank you for your excellent tutorial, I tried practising it and came up with this:…

It's bit clunky and the fabric doesn't have the same hold as yours, but it's still much better than what I could have made without your help. Thank you <3
very nice work :)
thanks a lot for your sharing.
I waiting for more.
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This makes so much sense. Thanks for this.
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nicely done! 
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Awesome tutorial !
Innfhinithydesigns's avatar
thank you so much for this
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Oh thank you so much for this. This is just great.
Icicle1penguin's avatar
Ah, this helps, thank you. ^_^
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